Surprising Skincare Secret For Your “Girls”

From the face down to the body, we each have a unique process for taking care of our skin. But how often do we remember to take a few extra minutes to care for our most personal areas? More often than not, the truth is that we are neglecting our private zone. We tend to obsess about our skin being as smooth, soft, and clear as possible – and our lady parts should be no exception. A little extra attention for your bits and pieces is required to keep these regions healthy and youthful. It might be thought of as over the top or strange to have a separate skincare routine for your unexposed areas, but skin is skin. Only special maintenance with the right products will help it to stay gorgeous, glowing, and even. It’s a great investment that we can actually take into our own hands.

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Butterfly’s founder Kattia Solano has already shared her best tips for fresh skin, and now she admits to also having a specific regimen for the “ladies.” She recommends gently exfoliating first. Then apply your favorite skin mask directly onto the boobies and chest area and leave on for 5-10 minutes. Kattia uses Joanna Vargas’ exfoliating mask treatment, which she says is excellent because it’s full of enzymes. Follow up with a moisturizing cream or serum. Again, you want to use your choice face product for the “girls” because the results are worth the splurge. Her go-to is the Rejuvenating Serum, also from the JV Skincare line, which Kattia uses on her face and chest after cleansing every day. “I’ve been doing this for some time now, and even though it might get a little expensive, I think it’s worth it. I want them to be happy and look as young as possible!

The same tips apply for “down under.” If you shave or wax regularly, it’s especially important to exfoliate once to a few times a week to minimize bumps and prevent in-grown hair. Remember to be gentle. Skin “downstairs” has a tendency to be more sensitive, so it’s better to skip the exfoliating body scrub and go for an option that’s formulated for the face instead. This is another great way to use our beloved Joanna Vargas mask… Refined beads wash dead skin cells away while key ingredients draw out impurities in the pores and kill germs and bacteria to keep skin clean. To avoid imperfections, it’s also key to make sure the area is well moisturized. Keep it simple by applying a nourishing natural product like shea butter or coconut oil, daily.

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