Transformed! Rock & Roll Red Color

For years, Butterfly stylist Amanda Colihan has turned to her trusty tube of jet black hair color to fit her “boho-chic meets rock & roll” fashion sense. That’s why it came as a total shock when she decided to go for a vibrant coppery red, a la Ariel from The Little Mermaid! After countless applications of black tones on her hair, Amanda’s main concern was not to damage her naturally dark blonde curls through the corrective process. To safely approach removing years of color build up, expert colorist Faye Goodwin suggested that Amanda let her hair run its natural oxidation course to see where she would end up after several weeks. Fast track to about nine weeks later, after a complete regimen of Kérastase Chronologiste restorative treatments… Amanda’s hair was on course for the next step! Her dark hue had faded a good amount into a blackish brown but most importantly, her mane was now much stronger and more moisturized after the routine deep-conditioning. Our stylist was finally ready for that drastic change to a rad red!

red hair color

Service specifics by color specialist Faye Goodwin:
“We began with a sulfur based color remover called Satin. This strips permanent color and is not as damaging as bleaching the hair, which is why it was the best choice for preserving Amanda’s curly texture. We then did a quick bleach removal using Majimeche (an ammonia-free lightener) to pre-lighten her hair so we could get the brightest copper-based red possible. After each step, we used Shu Uemura’s Ultimate Remedy extreme restoration shampoo and hair mask, which proved to be an ultimate life-saver! It’s an absolute must and played a significant role in protecting the health of Amanda’s hair throughout the entire process. Once I achieved an even copper tone from mid shafts to ends, we decided to use L’Oreal’s INOA permanent color to achieve maximum vibrancy for her red hue and maintain the integrity of her beautiful curls.”

red hair color

Faye recommends at-home maintenance…
Alternate between Ultimate Remedy by Shu Uemura for strength and moisture and Oribe’s Beautiful Color haircare to stop fading right in its tracks and ensure that your radiant red color will last through the summer months. To get the most out of your hair color, make sure to wash with lukewarm to cool water, which will help prevent the color from washing down the drain each time you shampoo. Vibrant colors such as red need to be touched up every 4-6 weeks to maintain the shiniest, most fabulous shade possible!

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