Covered! Looks From NYFW Fall/Winter ’15-16

Stylist assistant Deanna Dattolo worked with Oribe products at Sally LaPointe, where ponytails went windswept. And it’s easy enough to try at home!


1. Find centre part, brush hair through. Dampen down with water and apply grandiose comb through and blast dry to create a natural movement, do another application of grandiose and blast through again.
2. Section out hair line and use your flat iron to take out any bends.
3. Take 1″ sections either side of parting and back comb lightly and mist with volumista, Gently iron over each section to create texture on top.
4. Gently brush through, not to distort the texture create, directing hair back to nape. And spray with dry texture spray.
5. Use a wide tooth come to help control the hair, loosen up around front hair line, top of head and side edges. Secure a ponytail.


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