Gym Hair: 4 Easy Post-Workout Styles

1. The Side Braid (Done or Undone)
For this look, start by brushing your hair so there are no knots. Then choose a side you want you to part on. Use a hair serum to add shine and make potential frizz minimal. Next braid to one side. Don’t worry if some pieces fall out in the front…This look will go well with a braid that’s purposely messy and slightly undone. If you know how to braid a fishtail, mix it up for a look you can take from day to night. To create a sleek side braid, use some gel from your ponytail down and smooth at your part to tame any fly aways you may have on top. “This is my go-to look after a workout because it embraces imperfections and will only take 5 minutes!” says Dana.

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