Gym Hair: 4 Easy Post-Workout Styles


(Image: Harper’s Bazaar)

4. Twist Knot
Use a boar brush to smooth and brush all hair towards the top so that it sits at the middle of the crown area. The trick is to do this with your head upside down to ensure the ponytail will be centered and smooth at any angle. Secure with a thick elastic. If you would like a smooth bun, use a little serum and anti-humidity spray after your ponytail is tied, then wrap the lengths around the base of your pony. To keep your knot in place, add a few closed bobby pins to the bottom section of the bun. Use your U-shaped bobby pins to tuck in any loose ends. Spritz hairspray all over to set. For the curly haired girls, this is a great opportunity to use your texture! For a bun that’s a bit more fun and undone, repeat the above steps without brushing your curls out.

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