Butterfly Studio’s Holiday Gems & Steals


​9. ​Impermeable​ Anti-humidity Spray shields and protects styles, rain or shine. Keep your look in tact with extra shine and a flexible hold, all while keeping locks light & touchable.
​10. ​Dry​ Texturizing Spray
​adds oomph to all hair types, giving manes an instant upgrade with buildable tousle and fuller, thicker-feeling results.​
​​11. Airbrush ​Root Touch-Up instantly ​conceals grays ​with an easy-to-apply spray. It’s a chic hack to ex​tend your​​ color for an additional week!
​12. ​Matte Waves​ Texture Lotion
is perfect for​ styling​ wet or dry ​hair and creating​ lived-in texture without ever feeling greasy​.​ ​

From home to the office, to the company party, and everywhere between… There’s a lot that can get in the way of your pretty ‘do before you reach your destination. Here’s how to protect your blow dry in the wintertime and arrive in style! Check out our on-the-go tips.


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