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Butterfly’s Back on 5th!

Starting Monday, October 9th, you can find us opening a new chapter at our original address at 149 5th Ave, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about coming home to a recharged and ready-to-inspire space that we are truly proud to share!

While we won’t be quite ready for that big reveal just yet, we are really excited about showing off the progress we’ve made with the salon’s shape-up so far. On behalf of our entire team, we’d like to say THANK YOU to our amazing clients for their patience and support through the entire process. We love you so much, Butterfly Babes!

As we dust ourselves off and put the finishing touches on our shiny new studio, we invite you to stop in for a tour and partake in our limited-time promotions!  XOXO



Fall’s product perk is a small token of appreciation for embarking on this journey with us. Pick up the essentials you love from Kerastase, Oribe and Shu Uemura, or make way for a transformation of your own by requesting our recommendation for fall’s best beauty must-haves.


Enter our favorite gifting method: beauty therapy! Treat your special someone to post-pampering bliss with a Butterfly Gift Card and we’ll give you a BONUS VALUE CARD to show yourself love any way you like. Beauty is meant to be shared and that’s why you’ll GET when you GIVE thru November.



Latest Haircut Transformations by Vanessa Fernandez

The demand for shorter hair is bigger than ever. There are so many varieties of a chic, short cut – be it a pixie, bob, lob, or crop. You get a lot of versatility with a shorter look, and it can be styled to appear softer or stronger. It’s also a great option if you’re someone who likes to request something a little different with each haircut appointment. Butterfly senior stylist Vanessa Fernandez says she loves seeing the hot trend come to life in its own unique way for every client. “They’re already beautiful, but they leave feeling empowered!”

If your hair feels a bit too grown out, and is becoming hard to style – it’s time for a shape up. Here are a few of Vanessa’s recently cropped creations for some inspiration!

long pixie cut vanessa fernandez pixie cut nyc vanessa fernandez short hair nyc vanessa fernandez aline bob stylist vanessa fernandez bob haircut nyc vanessa fernandez

Team Butterfly’s Newest Rock Star Talent

“Every artist was first an amateur.”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson


team butterfly

We are proud to announce the recent promotions of colorist Maisha Cogle and stylists Amanda Colihan and Taylor Brock! These three superstars are familiar faces who have worked hard under the belt of our top stylists as apprentices, and have since shined bright – successfully completing Butterfly’s in-house training program. From countless hair models, to styling celebrities and turning heads with their work at events, these talented technicians have shown meticulous attention to detail, skill, and creative genius. We believe that their new title as NYC hair experts is truly deserved. Congratulations!

Junior stylist rates start at $105 for women’s cuts or single process color. Highlights $157+. Men’s cut $84+.


Jill Engelsen
Senior stylist // Haircut: $157

On the pulse of the New York scene, Jill combines impeccable customer service with an acute attention to detail that is sure to make you feel like an A-lister. Whether your hair is long or short, Jill has an affinity for giving soft layers to enhance any hair type. Specializing in relaxed, easy-to-maintain styles, she will create a look just for you that is chic, yet effortless. Clients say they walk out of the salon with confidence-boosting, sexy hair that turns heads and has everyone asking, “Who does your hair?!”

A little history: Hailing from Minneapolis, Jill’s career began with an Aveda education that led her to a prestigious salon history, including being an educator and platform artist with Ted Gibson. Today, Jill is an exciting new addition to the Butterfly family! Growing up in the industry with a mom who was also a hairdresser, her passion for hair and the love of making a difference in people’s lives stems all the way back to her childhood. For the past seven years (and counting), she’s living her dream as a top NYC stylist and educator/artist with L’Oreal Professionnel. She has been a regular behind the scenes at NYFW with designers Lela Rose, Carmen Marc Valvo, Rachel Roy and Pamela Rolland. Her celebrity roster includes Elizabeth Banks, Gabrielle Union, Jessica Chastain and more. Jill’s continuous thirst for education and innovation drives her passion to deliver a style that is modern and evolving.


The Inspiration behind “Kattia’s Mommy Diaries”

Any day now, I’m due to give birth! I’ve learned that being pregnant inspires new thoughts and ideas like never before. Along the way, you’re told stories from everyone you meet, and you learn that there’s always more to learn… I find myself with a new outlook these days, practicing new habits and thinking differently. And once the baby is born, I know there will be more of everything! Since it’s all so fresh, I feel it’s the perfect time to get personal and share some of the knowledge I’ve discovered about expecting.

For 20 years I’ve been behind a chair, listening to the wonderful advice of women and their experience with being a mother. These are stories of life, struggle and of joy – including some details I might not have needed to hear. One thing I can say with certainty is that we all have different bodies and therefore unique experiences; from our skin, hairs, internal processes – and let’s not forget the hormones! We all react differently. At the end of our journey, we have one special thing in common, motherhood. Even when the baby is not yet born, feelings from mental to physical begin to materialize. You learn to see things in a different light from the strong bond that’s created and it really connects you with the meaning of being protective. We develop the desire to want to learn better ways of taking care of ourselves and how to protect our families.

What I strongly feel is that you should never, ever neglect yourself throughout the journey. The better you feel, the better everyone around you feels. I’ve found that a great pregnancy has everything to do with feeling happy and having the right attitude, as it does with making healthy, safe choices. My story is that of a woman in her 40’s, who is feeling truly lucky to live out the blessing of having a baby – and I’m telling it through a series of posts and tips called, “Kattia’s Mommy Diaries.” Because taking care of yourself starts with the small things…

IMG_1810 small

Image Expert Erika Chloe Gets a Color Makeover by Keith Bocklet

Keith Bocklet, one of our salon’s beloved top colorists, gave a personal stylist (and Butterfly regular) a hair transformation, motivating us not to fear changing it up every once in a while through their makeover experience – no matter how fashionable we already are!


Being the CEO of
My Image Expert – an image and fashion consulting firm with offices in most US cities – I am constantly helping people change and upgrade their personal and professional image. Every week, I probably average about 3 makeovers which includes a change of hair color and style. It was time for me to orchestrate my own personal makeover and Butterfly helped me achieve my look! After being a blonde for seven years, I noticed that the texture of my hair was becoming very dry and brittle. Maintaining the roots every 3 months was not an issue but I started to wonder what my natural hair color actually looked like. When I arrived at Butterfly to see Keith, I brought a photo to show him exactly what I wanted to do with my color. It was a drastic change that I was more than ready to embrace. Keith has been my colorist for the past 3 years so when I showed him the photo, he was a bit shocked. He explained a few things and after some deliberation, he came up with a plan of attack. Several hours later, I was a brunette/honey blonde. Keith did such an amazing job implementing my look and took his time to focus on all the details. It was such a big change for me and I was a little nervous but I could not have been any happier with the results.

– Erika Chloe, Personal Stylist / My Image Expert CEO


” Erika was determined about a dramatic change. At first, I was reluctant and wanted to just add lowlights to bring more dimension and depth to her blonde hue. I was concerned for the integrity of her hair, so I explained the commitment this change would require as far as “living with it,” if she didn’t love the new look. If Erika ended up unhappy, we would have to gradually work back to her blonde. However, the disappointed gaze staring back at me after I shared the safe idea motivated me to rethink my course of action. Undeterred, off we went… I kept it simple. I used LUO color by L’Oreal Professional in shade numbers 5 and 5.3 with 15 volume on her roots. After, I added added LUO 6.3 with 10 volume to the remaining root formula and painted dimension through her ends. After shampooing with Kérastase Bain Chroma Captive – a sulfate-free protective shampoo for color-treated hair – we dried the hair and added a few balayage highlights to the front. Erika felt we nailed it and her excited reaction to the new look made me so glad we went for it after all! Creating a natural-looking, deeper blonde color proved change a good thing – and that’s exactly what this image consultant orders! ”

– Keith Bocklet, Butterfly Studio Senior Colorist

Try It: Cool Styling “Twists” on the Ponytail



Start with next day hair. Spray from roots to ends with a dry shampoo spray like Oribe’s Dry to create a grip in the hair and absorb oils. If you prefer to start with clean hair, apply a volume-enhancing product at the root area like Lift Vertige and a styling product that helps with keeping structure like Forme Fatale (both by Kérastase) from lengths to ends and blow dry damp hair using a round brush.

Divide the hair into two sections. First is a triangular, “Mohawk” section on top of the head. For your second section, create a tight ponytail in the middle back of the head as your second. Take your mohawk and set crown area with a large curling iron or pin curl set, spraying each section with hairspray for hold. Once set is ready, tease each section with a comb from roots to ends, thinking “high and wild” for body. But don’t worry – next you brush the top softly to smooth and create your shape, choosing your desired height and fullness here. Or, play with twisting the hair away from the face and back towards ponytail base.

You can use more dry shampoo spray as you’re working for a tactile texture. Lightly brush back and pull the top teased section over to one side. Spray with hairspray for secure hold. Drag the second half over to the opposite side and spray. Take the two sections and go under your ponytail, wrapping around the ponytail until you’re left with just the ends of the hair. An easy way to secure these ends is to tie with a clear plastic band under your ponytail. Finish off the sides of your head – or anywhere you’d like more smoothness – with a serum like Kérastase Touch Finale for extra shine.

glam ponytail how to

The Pageboy – Fall 2013’s Edgy & Editorial Haircut

Top: Ad for CÉLINE
Bottom: Karen O & Dorothy Hamill

While women have been requesting the “Michelle Williams” or “Nicole Kidman” makeover left and right, the “Pageboy” is currently another one of our favorite shapes to try for fall. This is a change that’s gorgeous for any rich shade of hair color.
The English inspired haircut is very editorial – a perfectly fashion forward fit with all the leather looks and edgy, 90’s grunge trends we’re seeing in store fronts. It’s a fun alternative to a long bob for anyone looking to make a powerful statement – one that can also translate to soft and feminine with the right outfit coordinating (Hello, do you see those boots?!). Be ready to get noticed because when the cut is done right, it really allows for your facial features to shine! Complimenting pretty eyes, perfect cheeks, and killer jaw lines alike, this hairstyle is for all the women out there who both adored and wanted to be Dorothy Hamill (wasn’t she just the coolest?). Or for those of you hoping to channel the sexy, fiery energy of modern day rocker Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs – a fashion risk taker who has made the hairdo iconic over the years through slightly different varieties and bold personal style with which she’s sported the look. Take a hint from the glossy pages we’re seeing for CÉLINE’s new line and pair accordingly with a soft but powerful ensemble to never fear uttering the words “bowl haircut” again!

Fall Fashion Statement: Rose Colored Clothes

Kattia Solano, Butterfly founder and master stylist, on being most surprised by this fall trend:

In such a good way, it’s so unexpected to see beautiful bouquets of rosy pinks on the runway, in magazines, and now sprouting through crowds all over New York City. I find it so refreshing to see this beautiful blush tone brightening up our fall wardrobes! We’re always ready to embrace those grays and deep jewel tones during the fall and winter months, and now we get to add the seasonal addition of a pretty pink hue to soften things up. Just picture the foliage of beautiful fall day and you are wearing a wonderful tone of rose – how chic! Or a dull, winter day and under your coat you have on a dusty, petal pink dress – so very fashionable! The contrast is fabulous and I’m loving the overall more feminine and sophisticated style of the season this year. I like to compliment the shade with hair that is very clean and polished. A sleek ponytail or a smooth blow dry with lot’s of shine should do just the trick!

Stylist Vanessa Fernandez says Bobs, Lobs, & Bangs are Fall’s New Go-To

Every time I turn around lately, there’s another bold woman cutting her locks off – mimicking that “in” haircut that we’re seeing on everyone in the limelight. My favorite is on actress Nicole Kidman, who we’ve seen in the latest Jimmy Choo ad, sporting a sharp new textured bob with a slight fringe. For a stylist, this is one of the most exciting seasons because we kind of live for those big changes – that is, when our clients are ready to make them! Nicole Kidman’s sexy cut inspired a decision I made with our own senior colorist Min Kim to chop away at her hair and create a similar look. We wanted to do something just a little bit different to suit her, as she’s always one to be stylish yet unique. Min’s hair is thick but versatile to style so I used a razor along with a pair of scissors to both remove weight and create playful, bold lines that angle her face. Now our trendsetting colorist can either go polished with a smoother, straight look or wave it up with lots of texture. The great thing about bobs is that they really can be customized to compliment texture and face shape – so there IS a bob or lob out there for you! You can always count on products to help change the appearance of the style, and they can especially be a godsend when you’re looking for more movement and texture. For example, on Min we used the Shu Uemura Volume Maker. It’s a dry shampoo formula in a special powder stick, designed like a bronzer brush, that helps strand by strand application on both roots and ends to create body. It doesn’t flake, or leave any white residue on the hair, and the best part is it easily fits in any purse for a perfect texturizer on-the-go! The change even inspired me to bravely cut a new pair of bangs into my own long locks…and I’m currently obsessed!

Trend Report ft Kattia Solano: Oribe Talks Spring 2014 Runways

Getting right down to Spring’s must-have styles for your hair next year, Butterfly founder and master stylist Kattia Solano helps explain the trends we’ve seen during NYFW in this great 2014 Fashion Show Guide by Oribe Haircare! Find out what products to use for the modern kind of wet look, how to embrace the natural wave in your hair, and how to best incorporate accessories for next year’s sunny season.

(For more hair trends, nails, and makeup, read the full article at

Hair Expert Vanessa Fernandez talks Rebecca Minkoff

Butterfly Studio senior stylist, Vanessa Fernandez:
With great pleasure and so much excitement, I had the opportunity to chop SIX inches of hair off off one of my most favorite clients – fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff! Rebecca had worn her strands long and maintained the look a good amount of time, so we both decided she needed a fresh, fashion forward length that would take her to new territories for the fall and fit right in at NYFW. The long bob that I created for Rebecca suited her effortless, boho chic look and complimented her always awesome style. She is a sexy woman who can rock anything, and she instantly carried her new lob just the same. For Rebecca’s somewhat wavy texture, a cut is best with minimal layers and weight removal using scissors. No razor allowed for her hair type!! A cut like Rebecca’s can be worn styled straight with a flat-iron (as she often prefers) or smooth with a stretched out wave. We all know she likes to keep things clean, simple, and beautiful (just like her designs), and so the same goes with hair products. I only apply one or two, such as Shu Uemura’s Essence Absolue oil for conditioning and extra shine or a light finishing spray like the Oribe’s fine hair spray for any unwanted frizz or flyaways. She, like many other NYC women, embraces change… So get inspired, be daring, and chop chop – say “goodbye, long hair” and “HELLO sexy!”

NEW Kevyn Aucoin Mascara You Have To Try

Get iconic lashes with our fave new mascara - just launched September 15th!
Apply one coat starting at the base of the lash wiggling your way to the tips.
One application is perfect, two if you dare to be dramatic.


The Essential Mascara delivers seductively glamorous lashes you’ve always wanted! This plush, multifunctional mascara delivers the look of two coats of mascara in one easy application. Defining, dramatically lengthening and curling.


•The rich cream formula contains microspheres of Black Cellulo Beads that enhance the depth of the black pigment for the blackest black to achieve the perfectly defined eye.

•This innovative formula contains ultra-soft flexible fibers that are sensually smooth, lightweight and melt into every lash. The custom crescent shaped mascara brush applies the formula generously without touching the lid or clumping the lashes.

•The curved shape allows a precise application, lifting the lash from the base, and makes curling an instinctive reaction.


Must-have! We didn’t think Kevyn Aucoin mascara could get any better but this wand is perfection! For those of you opting for more of the false, fluttery lash look – each and every lash is coated, plumped, and defined for eyes that will not go unnoticed!

NY Fashion Week: Rebecca Minkoff Braids, Spring 2014

One of the Spring 2014 runways we were most excited for was that of Rebecca Minkoff – and it did not disappoint! But before we even mention the style and hair, we’ve just got to say how much we loved Janelle Monae’s performance. She rocked it out! Her playful sound and retro-infused signature look made for a perfect partnership with Minkoff’s stylish and fresh collection – inspired by the energy of colorful icon Frida Kahlo this year. Only Minkoff can combine mesh and florals and have it translate as modern, classic, and clean. The manes of the catwalk were decorated by halos of braids – a trend that doesn’t seem to stop lately – bringing more of that youthful, flirty feel to the clothes. We’re completely behind the look! Braids were done just right with a nice softness to the shape and the right amount of texture. They were angelic without an age limit and had the versatility to be worn dressed up or down, making them really wearable. Our tip is to embrace a little bit of imperfection with the look, wearing your braided style a bit undone and welcoming a few flyways throughout to enhance texture. Adjust this with your fingers once you’ve finished your braid, or use the skinny end of a comb to pull out some height around the root area. Not a braid expert? It’s easier than you may think… Master the look with an appointment for a Butterfly tutorial, add any one of the awesome RM dresses we saw at show’s end, and suddenly you’re runway ready! PS – Don’t forget the handbag!!