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Technician Makeover Contest: Part 2

Frida Khalo, Rihanna, and fall fashion’s biggest trends – such as coloring blocking and the bold reds we see in now – served as inspiration for the three teams featured below. (For more details on the contest and judging criteria, see “Part 1.”)

Team 1 – Aneesa/Roman

Colorist: Aneesa Dial
Stylist: Roman Kusayev

Model: Amy

(Inspiration) This season’s bold trends in fashion and beauty. We thought about color blocking and incorporated it with fall’s biggest color this year – red.

(Before) Amy had solid black hair color with a grown out pixie cut that hadn’t been cut for a year!

(After) Amy now has a shorter, clean cut. About 4 inches of length was taken off from the back to join it with the front for a sexy bob cut. Deep, cherry red highlights were playfully placed in hair, with the red mostly underneath. Depending on where Amy parts her hair, the look can be conservative with less red on one side or more fun when parted the other way.

Team 2 – Nerik/Angie

Colorist: Nerik Ilyayev
Stylist: Angie Hookumchand

Model: Ania

(Inspiration) We were going for Rihanna’s flirty rock ‘n roll look – with her iconic red hair and short edgy hair style. Among all other colors, red is always statement-making and stands out the most. It says, “Look at me! I’m red and I’m confident!”

(Before) Ania had light brown hair with a one length cut. Her long length covered a section of her hair that had been buzzed off and buried underneath.

(After) Now she’s got an asymmetrical haircut which is short and buzzed on one side, but longer on the other. We chose a beautiful, rich red that could pass for a natural look – but was also bold and daring. The fun color makes the asymmetrical look very easy to wear. Ania loved the drastic, creative look we went for!

Team 3 – Tammy/Margaux

Colorist: Tammy Kopie
Stylist: Margaux Martinez

Model: Sara (redhead)
April (brunette)

(Inspiration) Frida Khalo and the play on masculine and feminine. Also, the inspiring colors of Mexican art.

(Before) Sara: Long, natural red hair that had never been colored, which was almost all one length. Sara was totally open to a new look and gave us no parameters to work within, making her a “dream makeover!”

April: We wanted to go for a big color change with April, and a more subtle styling change. She had been coloring her hair very dark, and with the thickness of her hair combined with the dark hair color, there was no variation in tone.

(After) Sara: Her natural red hair was starting to lose its vibrancy. We enhanced her natural color, giving it back some luster for a more vibrant tone. Her big change was in the length, where we gave her bangs and a shoulder length cut.

April: The color change was drastic – we lightened her hair about 3 shades, bringing it softer in color and more auburn. April wanted to keep her long hair, so a slight change in the way her bangs fell with more layering in her hair now gives it more movement.

Technician Makeover Contest: Part 1

To get our technicians flowing with fresh ideas for the new season, we called for a makeover challenge. Teams pairing one stylist with one colorist were randomly selected. We felt that it would be a fun way to get our assistants inspired too – so, we put the winning team’s fate in their hands. Judging criteria was based on presentation skills, creativity, and overall vision. To choose the best makeover out of nine groups, we evaluated technique, color change, cut change, and the overall image of the makeover – hair, makeup, and clothing style. Serving as inspiration for the first three teams featured below are: Reese Witherspoon, NY street chic, and even Gypsy life!

Team 1 – Joanna/Nicole

Colorist: Joanna Gonzalez
Stylist: Nicole Descoteaux

Model: Alexis

(Inspiration) A 360 degree change, from one extreme to another. Alexis just got a new job, so we wanted to give her a new image. To stay in line with current fashion trends, we were going bold – with shorter hair and less contrast color.

(Before) Alexis had long hair that was too overpowering for her petite figure. She was a natural, dark blonde color with old highlights.

(After) We went with a short cut and used bright, bold color to make her haircut pop. Without the color, the haircut alone may not have turned heads. Instead, her sharp look is ‘New York chic’ that can be both corporate and fun for a night out.

Team 2 – Tracy/Kelly

Colorist: Tracy Madaj
Stylist: Kelly Finneran

Model: Olivia

(Inspiration) “The New Gypsies” photos by Iain McKell. The story is about going from industrial/punk to a very earth-conscious gypsy lifestyle, which lead to our interpretation of an ‘industrial to nature’ look. It even inspired our own photographic journey to admire the similar transition of Highline Park.

(Before) Virgin hair! Olivia had never colored her hair before and her haircut was one length.

(After) Color: Sectioned into a wide mohawk that tapered to a point at her nape, leaving 3 sections – left, right and mohawk. Left and right formula from scalp to collar bone was INOA 5.12 with 10 volume developer, from collar bone to end was INOA 9.12 with 30 volume developer feathering color at the seam to soften the transition, and on the last 3-4 inches, Platinium lightener with 40 volume developer was applied. The mohawk section was INOA 5.12 with 10 volume developer, roots to ends.

Cut/Style: Maintained the length by cutting seamless flowing layers to take out weight. Styled in a loosely structured, two section updo that can be taken down by just pulling a few pins. The style is then transformed into a soft blow out with a natural look.

Team 3 – Tara/Jill

Colorist: Tara Sookdeo
Stylist: Jill Guzzo

Model: Hesper

(Inspiration) Reese Witherspoon. Blonde, with a really classic look.

(Before) Hesper had very long hair, which was very thick with no shape. Her color was a reddish brown. Hesper mentioned that she wanted to get the red tone out of her hair, so the goal was to get the color as light and blonde as possible.

(After) After lots of thin foils and highlight paneling, Hesper is now a pale blonde. A sexy, sleek razor cut took out weight and shaped the style into a very piecey bob. It’s a manageable look that is easy to blow dry, but it also looks great when worn natural.

Choosing Health with Tata Harper Skincare

Lately we’ve been feeling the love from W Magazine – yet again, we’re thrilled to be featured on their “Most Wanted” list. Managing Editor Regan Solmo was asked to share her beauty secrets, people, places, and products that W readers should know about – and Regan, of course an expert in all things beauty related, was kind enough to recommend the Butterfly Studio Salon Facial, using Tata Harper organic skincare products. We at Butterfly Studio Salon have always been dedicated to the environment, as well as the health of our customers, and we’re ecstatic to be thought of so highly!

Founded on the idea that women no longer have to sacrifice their health to look and feel beautiful, Tata Harper’s products have been gaining a whirlwind of attention lately – recently,, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, Elle, and Oprah have all taken notice of Harper’s skincare line, and you should believe the hype. Her skincare line is 100-percent natural, which means no harmful toxins. 20 percent of the ingredients used are grown in her very own floral and herb beds on her organically certified 1,200 acre farm in Vermont, while the rest are imported from organic, sustainable farms in the Czech Republic, New Zealand, and the Amazon. With its unique texture, the natural ingredients in the products are almost tangible, and unlike most skincare products I’ve used in the past.

And though she emphasizes consumer health, it’s important to note that Harper also focuses on eco-friendly production. She minimizes the use of plastic packaging, uses treeless labels, and buys her electricity from sustainable sources.

I found that the Tata Harper philosophy was ideal for Butterfly, so we’re now offering three different services that include Tata Harper’s products: The 30 minute Tata Harper Express Rejuvenating Facial, the 75 minute Butterfly Signature Skin and Hair Renewal Treatment, and the one hour Tata Harper Signature Facial. As an added touch, we have a customized music playlist for the customer to choose from, as well as a choice of three different kinds of aroma oils to create the perfect setting.

As for myself, after using Harper’s products for the last few months, my skin felt soft, silky, and smooth – and the fresh, floral scent that accompanied my newly rejuvenated skin was an added plus. But perhaps most importantly, not only did I feel great about the freshness and radiance of my skin, I felt secure knowing that I was making a health conscious choice in using Tata Harper’s products.

Butterfly Tulum 2011

These days it has been challenging for small businesses to find ways to reward their team members for their hard work. I am very grateful that I was fortunate enough to reward 8 of my team members for exceeding our goals for 2010!

We began our excursion on Sunday, March 6th arriving in paradise in only 4 ½ hours and drove 1 ½ hours from the airport to arrive at our final destination of Tulum, Mexico. This is by far one of my favorite places to vacation – It’s a bohemian, cool, laid back town with exquisite white sandy beaches.

We stayed at the Coqui Coqui residences where there is a perfumery on-site where you can purchase their variety of intoxicating perfumes, soaps and candles.The combination of orange blossom and coconut scents with the sound of the ocean breeze made this the perfect setting for a relaxing get away.

The next few days were spent enjoying massages, doing a bit of yoga, swimming in the ocean and mostly lounging on the beach. As this past winter in New York was such a rough one, we all worshipped the sun for those few days! At night we hit some of Tulum’s best restaurants, one of them being Posada Margherita . Owned by native Italians, Posada makes the best homemade pastas, bread and also offers delectable seafood dishes using organic ingredients. After our delicious evening our palettes were left longing for more so we decided on Mexican food and headed over to El Tåbano. With it’s eclectic mix of traditional Mexican fare combined with Mediterranean and Caribbean cuisine, El Tabano made us feel just like we were in grandma’s kitchen. The gorgeous open air night sky and refreshing cucumber margaritas made it the perfect night!

Being in the beauty industry, we always come prepared with “equipment”; blow dryer, styling products, the works but being that Coqui Coqui is an Eco-friendly hotel, we decided to go au naturelle and skip on the blow dryers and hairsprays. Our hotel bathing water was actually sea water and with the combination of the ocean air we all had beautiful beach waves day and night. The best way to achieve this look is by always adding extra moisture to your hair with a leave-in conditioner of your choice. My Assistant Manager ,Yasmin used the perfumery’s own hair conditioner as she loved the aromatic scent of orange blossom every time the wind blew in her hair. My favorite conditioner/styling product was the coconut oil – It’s great to tame any frizz and conditions dry or sunburned skin. Our trip to Tulum was such a team building and bonding experience that we will never forget.

A Day at the Circus

We at Butterfly Studio are constantly looking to improve ourselves. We always set up an annual outing that will offer us a new experience and leave us feeling inspired. This year I chose to take the team to the Trapeze School of New York. There were feelings of excitement and fear.
I shared with my team that when you overcome your fears and get out of your comfort zone, you can discover something new about yourself; as well as an inner strength that you didn’t know you had. This can applied to any aspect of your life, which is why I made the decision to bring the team to trapeze school. It was the perfect opportunity to try something new, face challenges, and build further trust within the team.

That day were we faced with challenging and very exciting activities. Everyone put all of their effort towards each task. Some of the more challenging activities were back flipping on the trampoline and walking the tight rope. I would say the most challenging of all was climbing up the 23ft. high ladder, holding on to a bar overlooking the entire school and knowing that you are about to leap into the air. The one thing that gave everyone confidence was hearing the team below cheering you on and shouting words of encouragement.

I was so proud of my team. Everyone did it! By the end of the day we had all conquered our fears, had an amazing time and it brought our team closer together. We realized that in order to be successful, it truly takes team effort and dedication to make it all happen.

These are some of the experiences the team had at TSNY:

“I conquered my fear of heights and I don’t think I could’ve done it without the support of my team when I could’ve just given up.” -Dana Tizzio

“It was great to feel like a kid again. It gave me the feeling of being at the playground with my fellow butterflies.” – Margaux Martinez

“It was exhilarating. Something I’ve always wanted to do. I can check flying off of my list now.” – Amanda Rodriguez

“I did what I never thought I would do. Let alone could do. I learned to face my fears head on and the importance of stepping out of my comfort zone.” – Yasmin Ismael

“It was such a great experience. I felt so accomplished. I never imagined the opportunity to do something like this. Highly recommend this!” – Joanna Gonzalez

“Unbelievable! -To say the least. It should be on everyone’s bucket list.” – Maritza Mieles

Haute Holiday Looks: Charlize Theron

Holiday parties are the perfect excuse to buy a new dress! Of course, it’s also the perfect time to try a new makeup or hair look. We’ve chosen a few of our favorite celebrity looks that you can try for your own holiday festivities! With our Haute Holiday Looks series, we’ll feature celebrity looks we feel are great to channel during the holiday season.



Charlize Theron always has a signature shimmery look – similar to the way Marilyn Monroe wore makeup. It’s sultry, glamorous and doesn’t make you look like you’re wearing a ton of products. Fresh-faced and glowing!
How to get it:
Use a luminous finish foundation and highlighter for that perfect dewy/shimmery complexion.
We highly recommend scheduling an airbrush makeup appointment with our very own Francesca Roman. You’re guaranteed a flawless look with instant glow.
Charlize’s hair also pays homage to Marilyn yet again with her wavy bob. Simple and effortlessly glamorous!
How to get it:
Use a volumizing spray or mousse on wet hair – applying from the root to the tip
Do a rough blow dry – using your hands (*for a more dramatic look, do a low part on one side)
Create five separate sections and using a medium sized curling iron or hot rollers, curl away from the face
Set for about 10-20 minutes then brush out curls and spray with medium hold hairspray
Want some extra glam? Add a piece of hair jewelry!

Haute Holiday Looks: Megan Fox

In 2010, getting lash extensions was as common as a manicure or pedicure. One of our favorite lash-lovers is Megan Fox! Her au natural look has an extra oomph of sexy due to her lengthy lashes.

At Butterfly you can step up your look with a “double strip” of lashes that will add extra glam to those eyes and your overall look. If you really want your look to last through New Year’s , we recommend making an appointment with our Christina Marroquin for a full set of Eyelash extenstions.

Color Theory 101

Come visit Butterfly Studio Salon to receive a free lesson on how to apply makeup and style your hair for a special evening! Complimentary drinks and sample products will be handed out. Registration required.