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Products Kattia Solano Never Travels Without

Our salon founder and master stylist lists what you should always pack for your holiday away or when you vacation to a beachy resort destination…

Travel Essentials

Travel-size Hair Essentials: Your hair will need as much moisture as it can get when spending time in the sun and exposed to the elements. Leave in hair treatment oil for nourishment, Moisturizing shampoo & conditioner for soft hair (effective enough to treat the hair but not too heavy weight), Beach wave spray for shine and texture, Non-sticky dry shampoo spray for definition, hold, & refreshed volume (skip the hairspray) and a must for curly textures… Curl gloss (non-sticky gel) to enhance the look of wave structure and provide humidity protection to help your curls last without the fuzz.

Mason Pearson Brush for detangling in the shower, smooth styling touches, and upstyle days.

Joanna Vargas Rejuvenating Serum for the face. Fatty acids help fight wrinkles and replenish your skin from sun damage by promoting cell renewal. A must for every day of your trip, morning and night.

Hair ties in different sizes and widths – it’s important to pack a variety for your changing texture and needs during your trip. I always pack options to be one step ahead.

Tinted Moisturizer. Laura Mercier is amazing for that natural, dewy glow!

– A color blush and contour duo (two-in-one for space saving) such as the best-selling NARS palette

– YSL Concealer stick for on-the-go touchups and brightening

– 1 basic black eyeliner and 1 fun colored liner (there is so much you can create with just the combination of the two. Single wear, double up on the same line, alternate top and bottom colors, etc)

– 1 Bright Matte Lip Color (You can also pack a moisturizing, colorless gloss for versatile results and a change in finish)

Lash curler and mascara. Even if I do nothing else I will always at least curl my lashes and apply one mascara coat for a more fresh, awake look.

– An all-natural sunscreen/broad spectrum SPF is a must for full body coverage (hands, feet, chest – everywhere) and hair protection before even stepping foot outdoors. You will most likely be traveling with a mini size so it’s very handy to take with you as you will need to reapply!

-Pack a hair mask treatment however possible for styling and a post-swimming treatment for fatigued, dry hair. Luckily Oribe purse size products offer UVA/UVB filters for lasting sun protection which will help you beat any harsh drying effects on the hair.

Remembering Fashion Legend Oscar de la Renta

A very long time ago, way before there was any social media, I had the privilege of doing hair for the iconic Oscar de la Renta. He was a dream to work for. I will always remember this great moment in my career because it was an opportunity to work with a guru and a beautiful man. He taught us all the definition of elegance and the importance of kindness. He showed us how to appreciate and embrace beauty inside and out. After all, Oscar was a walking example of all these things. From couture hair to runway fashion, to the many ways his legacy will continue to help us look and feel our best, the inspiring and unparalleled Oscar de la Renta will never be forgotten.
— Kattia Solano, Butterfly Studio founder and master stylist

Hair By Kattia Solano for Oscar de la Renta

Hair By Kattia Solano for Oscar de la Renta

Hair By Kattia Solano for Oscar de la Renta

Hair By Kattia Solano for Oscar de la Renta

Kattia’s Mommy Diary: Trunki PaddlePak

It’s no secret that moms love to accessorize their little cuties. That’s why I had to share my enthusiasm for a brilliant kids product that makes on-the-go travel better (and more fashionable) than ever! I haven’t stopped loving this adorable sea-themed “luggage for little people” since Trunki was put on my radar at the Momtrends Trendy Travel event we hosted at Butterfly. What makes this travel essential so great is that it combines high quality children’s gear and a colorful swim bag to give us a line of splash-proof and lightweight backpacks with major cute factor!


Charming characters like “Pinch” the lobster and “Ribbit” the frog make this a fun and functional accessory that both you and your little Butterfly will love! Plus, you can feel good about the price because it won’t put a dent in your budget. At just $25, these durable, water resistant fabric packs are very affordable. In fact, it has become one of my go-to gift ideas for kids birthday parties and a fun baby shower present for that mom-to-be. They are perfect for trips big and small, and you won’t ever want to head to the pool or beach without one! Your Paddlepak can also really come in handy for an unexpected rainy day when you’re outdoors or on the road. No more worries about leaks or splashes…inside or out!

Kattia’s New Look: The Curly Side

Did you catch the sleek new haircut Kattia Solano has been sporting lately? As it turns out, the chic cut looks just as good with some texture! Here are Kattia’s easy steps for embracing sexy curls…

To ensure the best results of your style, the first step is to choose the right shampoo and conditioner. Wavy and curly hair (like mine) is always easier to manage when hydrated, so it’s imperative to use a moisturizing haircare line. When you want to embrace more of a flirty look with a full mane of fun curls, be careful not to choose the same products as you would for a sleek look. Instead, cleanse and condition with a lighter formula that’s not as smoothing. I love using Rahua, which gives the right amount of shine and control while promoting natural texture. Make sure to leave a dime size of conditioner in your hair for softness – I know it sounds strange, but it will benefit your curly look!


After the shower, comb through wet hair with a detangling brush (this is where the small dollop of conditioner comes in). The Tangle Teezer is my favorite for detangling strands wet and dry because the teeth are extra gentle on the hair. (This makes it an incredible option for pain-free brushing on kid’s hair, too!) Then, wrap towel around hair to absorb excess moisture for about 10 minutes. Next, gently apply a leave-in conditioner such as Shu Uemura “Essence Absolue Cream” to help nourish and protect hair long after drying.

kattia curly hair

Follow with a styling product that will give a little hold. My go-to for a wavy look is Oribe’s “Cream for Style” to give curls definition and structure. Set with pins to create waves and a huge pin curl. Allow to dry as long as you can naturally. If not, use a hair dryer on the lowest setting. Next comes the fun step! Create a hair part as desired and use a texturizing spray generously from roots to ends. For me, it’s all about “Après Beach” spray by Oribe! Don’t forget to flip your head over and spray the underneath area. Last step is to gently shake your waves out to create more volume. Done!

(PS – I snagged that gorgeous gold necklace over at Jaline Design!)

Kattia’s Mommy Diaries: Paloma’s Big Reveal

It is with great love and joy that my hubby and I proudly announce the arrival of our little Butterfly, Paloma Lina Sabatino! Born into our lives on February 20, 2014 at 6:21pm, she was 6 pounds 3oz and 19.5 inches long. We would like to thank everyone for the encouraging thoughts and warm wishes throughout this unbelievably wonderful and blessed journey. I now understand just how incredible the gift of motherhood truly is and the countless reasons why it’s simply the greatest joy on earth. To every single mom reading this, I offer you my heartfelt congratulations – and to all future moms, prepare for one of life’s most indescribably fulfilling experiences!

baby arrival

I send my gratitude to the amazing Team Butterfly for taking care of all of the little details in my absence. As always, I appreciate the hard work and every beautiful effort made to create the city’s best salon experience. I would also like to mention a personal thank you to my wonderful clients for being so open to new accommodations during my leave. Your support and loyalty are beyond compare.

I look forward to getting back behind the chair and catching up soon!

Love, Kattia

Kattia’s Mommy Diary: Haircare Tips During & After Pregnancy

The changes that we go through with our hair during and after pregnancy is always surprising. As a stylist, I’ve seen it all with my clients and when I experienced it for myself, it was still kind of a “wow” moment. Luckily, it’s a time you can look forward to because most women will notice better hair days while they are pregnant. Higher levels of estrogen result in less shedding, which means you can expect the feeling of thicker and fuller hair. Many women will also see their hair getting curlier or straighter. I will say that the change in hair texture can be a little overwhelming, but the good news is that you can adapt a few tricks for managing your new hair type.

moisture and control

During pregnancy, my already full head of hair became a lot thicker, and my wavy hair moved over to the curly side. That meant I had to work harder on my blow dry and learn how to style for curly hair. I amped up the moisture in my beauty routine by using a deep-conditioning hair mask at least three times a week to every time I would wash my hair. You wouldn’t think so, but the kind of shampoo you are using also plays a crucial role. My favorite is Oribe’s Intense Moisture & Control. It’s very hydrating and really great for taming frizz. I also turned to Oribe for the styling staples I needed to embrace my curly texture while managing the unruly hair. I was using Supershine Moisturizing Cream and Aprè Beach Wave Spray religiously because I loved the feel, smell, and look of my hair. The combination gave my curls a really nice shine with just the right amount of hold and definition.

oily hair shampoo

Some women will find that their hair gets oily at the roots during their term. This is caused by a stimulating hormone called androgen, which increases oil in the hair and skin. You should address this right away by changing your shampoo. I recommend Shu Uemura’s Cleansing Oil shampoo to balance out any impurities. The oil-to-foam formula is very gentle and really works to keep greasy hair away without drying it out. I also like Kerastase Cristalliste for fine hair which is light yet moisturizing. Long hair will love it. Even in the hot summer months, it’s a great option to help rid unwanted oily hair while encouraging a good blow out to last for days. The pretty, feminine scent also helps!

MORE . . .

Kattia’s Mommy Diary: Happy Pregnant Feet

The feet are one part of the body that you have to take care of more with pregnancy. Our feet begin feeling all of those extra pounds as we gain weight, and oh how we feel it! Not only is it uncomfortable but it might even make you think that you’re bigger than you really are. Whether it happens early or later in your pregnancy, it is very common for most women to experience swollen feet, ankles, and even hands. The proper term for this is called edema, which is the process of excess fluid collecting in our tissues. We retain more water and changes in our blood’s chemistry also causes fluid to accumulate. The good news? You really shouldn’t let it worry you because it WILL pass. Also, there are things you can do to relieve the sensation and lighten things up. No need to add it to your stress list – here are some easy pregnancy foot care tips that really help!

1. Wear comfortable, wider shoes.
2. Don’t wear anything tight around your ankles.
3. If you’re someone like me that stands all day, change your shoes twice a day.
4. As much as you can, find any way to put your legs up during the day.
5. Drink water, and lot’s of it, throughout the day. You might think it’s overrated, but it’s not!
6. Stay away from too much sodium or white carbs.
7. Drink more water! You will feel so much better if you do, so do yourself a favor and drink up.
8. If your feet are very swollen, take a bath or soak them in warm water as soon as you get home. Apply a gentle message. (Hopefully your husband will give you a foot rub!) Then, lift them up while you rest for about 15 minutes. Do this every day.
9. At home maintenance and callus care. See below for instructions.
10. And finally, what every girl loves to hear… Taking care of your feet means more pedicures more often! When you’re giving so much, it’s a great way to pamper yourself. It will help you feel better in so many ways. I love going to Tenoverten nail spa in Manhattan – they fully pamper you and consistently do a beautiful job. Plus, their technicians love to get creative!

foot file

When you are carrying extra weight, your feet tend to feel tight and build more calluses. You will want to buy a foot file to help remove them. My favorite is by Diamancel, which you can find it at Sephora. (Their brand also makes a good one, by the way.) Address your calluses twice to three times a week on dry feet. You can sit on the toilet and work with one foot at a time – or better yet, stand up and put the foot that you are working on atop the toilet seat. I personally found this to be the most comfortable position. Keep the seat open so the dry skin falls right in. Take your file and gently file your heel, the ball of your foot, and underneath the toes. Especially the big toe. Once you have passed the file a few times, it should start to feel smoother. Rinse with warm water and apply a thick moisturizer like shea butter or coconut oil. Put on some socks right after to hold in the moisture. At this point, your feet will feel 100 times better! Keep up with this method to loosen up the tightness and soothe discomfort. Happy feet equals happy mommy!

Kattia’s Mommy Diary: The “Go Bag”

Well, this is a new term for me! Packing a “To-Go Bag” for the hospital was the last thing on my mind, despite the reminders I would often get from my husband about thinking ahead for a smooth delivery day. This is when I love him even more… He is always prepared and mindful of every little detail, even when I’m not! Eventually, I caved in to the thoughtful pressure and did a little research. I began reading many of the different lists out there, and when I started thinking about it in real terms, I felt overwhelmed. My hubby was right! Why didn’t I think about it sooner?!

When clarity finally came to me, it was simple. Choose items that will make you feel good. What I’m packing are the essentials that help me feel comfortable and pretty – and now that bag is starting to look more like a suitcase!! With less than two weeks to go, I’ve learned that having the perfect “Go Bag” is important, and that it requires some thought. I understand now why most people recommend getting a bag together when you are about 8 months along. It’s so you’re always ready, even if you deliver early. Another thing you should know – you will not only need a bag for yourself, but also for your partner and your baby!

Read on for Kattia’s beauty list and what to pack for your delivery >>

Last Minute Ideas for Valentine’s Day Hair

Still need a look for Valentine’s Day?

Here are some quick and easy tips for pulling together a last minute style.

blake lively ponytail
Start with a messy or natural wavy hair texture. Make the look more romantic by clipping the sides into a loose twist and pin. Use a large curling iron to set the hair. Then apply a styling spray like Oribe’s Dry for hold with a little extra texture and volume. Taking the sides, twist back and downward. Secure with pins. Spray a light hair spray to keep the sides tamed.

volume side part
This romantic and sophisticated style is super simple. Start with a voluminous blow dry using products that give hair more fullness, such as a volumizing spray, or apply a mousse from roots to ends. Then, simply create a low hair part on one side and pull the hair back. Tuck the section behind the ears and secure with one bobby pin right behind the ear so that it is unseen. Then, push all of your hair to one side and secure the very bottom with another hair pin near the lower hairline.

jessica alba updo
Start with the most texture you can for this very soft, loose twist. We don’t recommend recently washed hair because you don’t want to work with hair that’s too soft. The first step is to tease your entire mane with a brush. Then, go over every section from roots to ends with hair spray. Using your hands, begin to create your shape by pulling hair back as if you were doing a ponytail. Instead, complete the process by making a loose bun or classic twist. Secure with poppy pins. To give the style more detail, separate hair with your fingers and spray to achieve that effortless look.

The classic – romantic waves! Watch Kattia Solano demostrate how to create the best waves for a sexy date night out in our Oribe hair tutorial.

Kattia’s Mommy Diary: Staying fit with The Bar Method

Working out has always been part of my life. And if you get the OK from your doctor, I’ve found that staying active is one of the best things you can do for yourself during pregnancy. For the past two years, I’ve been a regular at The Bar Method – a studio space featuring classes based on their signature ballet bar workout. For me, it’s all about sculpting your core, legs, and booty! Designed under the guidance of physical therapists, The Bar Method focuses on effectiveness, safety, and body awareness to stretch, strengthen, and reshape your body. This type of workout is unique because it’s gentle (and typically even sweat-free!) while still targeting and visibly toning the full body. When I got pregnant, I wondered if my beloved Bar classes were a safe option for staying in my best (baby)shape.

barmethod2Bar Method SOHO

After a helpful chat with the teachers at The Bar Method, I was thrilled to find out that I could continue worry-free, pre and post baby! I just had to consider making a few modifications to my routine. They even have a pregnancy workout DVD available – great for mommies who might not have easy access to a location. Since then, I’ve kept up with going a few times a week. I joke that it’s the only “bar” I’m able to enjoy lately. But I don’t mind much, each session leaves me feeling so good! When I first started Bar, I saw my body tone up quickly. Even now, I’m impressed with my ab work out – being most surprised by how much muscle tone you can still have around your waist and belly. I feel really strong and healthy from head to toe. I love how it gives me just the right amount of energy, but also allows a release. It leaves me feeling more connected and in tune with my body, and my baby. I think it’s a great workout for any woman, and the best for moms-to-be!



The Bar Method and Pregnancy…
With the proper modifications, The Bar Method is a highly safe and effective form of exercise for women throughout all stages of pregnancy. And as studies have shown…regular exercise during pregnancy decreases backaches and discomfort due to swollen feet, makes women less likely to gain excessive weight, decreases the risk of diabetes, and improves mood and self-esteem. Bar Method classes can make pregnancy a better experience overall both mentally and physically. And overall, Bar Method students who classes regularly are leaner, calmer and generally healthier at birth (and after).


Kattia Solano on Travel Hair Essentials

When I’m on vacation, or I find myself away long enough to have to pack a part of my hair regimen, choosing hair products and tools that are multifunctional are a must. I make sure to bring items that are versatile in their benefits and the way they can be used (even the functionality of when they are used should be considered), making sure they go along with the conditions of where I’m going and how exactly I’m getting there. Recently I took a road trip along California’s Pacific Coast Highway and found the following picks to be most handy, and among my very favorite essentials for traveling…