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Makeup Obsession: Sensual Skin Fluid Foundation

If you’re set on only one splurge this fall, make it a makeup buy and grab Kevyn Aucoin’s phenomenal new foundation. It’s a game-changer! There’s a reason why everyone is calling Sensual Skin Fluid the “MVP of makeup,” and why we’ve decided it’s our number one fall and winter skin fix. The formula is everything. It feels like cashmere in a bottle, and unlike your traditional foundation, it glides on and stays on like a serum – leaving a lightweight, smooth finish that stands out from the rest. Powered by time-release pigments, it will actually stay put all day and all night without budging…We’re taking 8 hours of continuous, even coverage! The fact that this unique foundation is powder, water, and oil-free must have something to do with that, too. Whatever the secret is, it’s made it an all-time Butterfly fave. Say goodbye to lines and unwanted texture and hello to skin as smooth as liquid!skin fluid Foundation

Ask an expert at your local salon or beauty counter to help match your shade.

New at Butterfly: Amber Sceats Hair Accessories

Introducing Amber Sceats Jewellery – a mother and daughter duo creating a line of timeless jewelry and versatile accessories that include necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, and hair accessories! We are in love with their beautiful crystal headbands to add a simple sophistication to hair and glam up your look for a special occasion. Channel your inner-princess on your next birthday party, dance, shower – or even your big day! Pair it with a classic upstyle or add some elegance to a half-up, half-down ‘do. Butterfly’s Stephanie Johnson took inspiration from the sparkly design to create a stunning wedding hairstyle that is sure to make any bride or bridesmaid look flawless!

ambersceatsheadband1 ambersceatsheadband ambersceatsheadband2

Runway “It” Look: Mara Hoffman’s Mussed Braid

Jill Engelsen put her senior styling skills to work for PopSugar Beauty to bring this inside-out braid right off of Mara Hoffman’s SS15 Runway to life with a step-by-step tutorial. Makeup by master artist Francesca Roman.

Photography: Caroline Voagen Nelson.

Inside-Out-Braid-Tutorial Apply-DryShampoo
1 – Apply Dry Shampoo
This braid is a great style for second-day hair, but you’re going to need to add some texture. Start by spraying dry shampoo section by section through your strands. Start at the root and spritz to the ends.

2 – Blow Dry
Then you want to blow-dry the product into your hair to make sure it’s fully distributed. Use a round brush to blow-dry all your hair toward the back, which will give your roots a little lift.

3 – Create a Middle Part
To get your perfect middle part, you first want to comb all your hair back then locate where the hair naturally starts to divide. Use the tines of the rattail comb to make your part (not the end).

4 – Make Waves
You want to divide your hair into three sections: two in front and one larger section behind the ears. From there, wrap hair around a large, one-inch barrel curling wand in big sections. How do you know when it’s time to let go? “Wait until the thickest amount of hair gets hot, otherwise it’s not going to curl,” Engelsen explained.

To create more texture, curl sections in opposite directions, and make sure the hair is completely cool before you continue or the waves won’t last. This is one occasion where you can totally skip hair spray because the finished look is meant to be soft.

5 – Tease
You want to start teasing the largest section of hair at the crown and continue all the way down to the nape.

6 – Rake
Then, rake your fingers through the sections to smooth down the bouffant for more natural-looking height.

7 – Braid
Now, it’s time for the inside-out braid. The typical plait starts with three sections, and this one does, too. But instead of bringing the outer sections over the middle piece of hair, you want to weave the outside portions underneath.

8 – Deconstruct
Finish off the braid with a black rubber band (or one that complements your hair color). Then pull it apart to get a wider, messier plait.

Inside-Out-Braid-Tutorial Backcomb-Your-Bangs
9 – Backcomb Your Bangs
Now that the back section is braided, it’s time to wrap the side pieces around. First backcomb each side section. Then use the pointed end of a rattail comb to sweep down the teased hair. This will make it smooth, while still maintaining the volume. You can also try Engelsen’s “air frothing” technique, where you just backcomb lightly over the top layers of hair.

10 – Create a “Hair” Band
Take the bang section on the left side and tuck it underneath the braid. Secure it with a bobby pin placed horizontally (vertical is more likely to slip out). Combine any excess ends with the bang portion from the right side. Then bring all the hair over and around the base of the inside-out braid.

11 – Secure
Once you’ve wrapped the hair around a few times, tuck the ends back into the braid. Then secure with a vertically placed bobby pin. Don’t be shy about mussing the plait; it’s going to get even messier in a minute.

12 – Tame Flyaways
This style is all about texture, but you want to have one sleek portion — and that’s around the part. Use a blast of hair spray to tame this area. Then hold your comb there for a moment to make it stick. You can also tame any baby hair around the hairline using hairspray

13 – Muss the Braid
To give the plait even more texture, spritz it with dry shampoo. Then grip the braid and pull up and down, rub you fingers in it, and yank it from the sides, too. The messier the better! You want the final result to be 3D, not too flat.

Finished-Look Finished-Look-1

Become a DIY French Braid Pro And Rock Your Favorite Summer-to-Fall Looks

If you’re trying to cool off during summer’s last days, or if you’re looking for that pre-fall look to hold you over until your next salon visit, a French braid is a perfect way to add function and flair to your hairstyle. Working the ends into a braid is a great option for protecting weakened hair and for keeping hair color vibrant. Pushing your lengths back into a no-part braided look even works like armor for a sensitive scalp whenever you’re outdoors. Braids are also a fool-proof way to cover up a wild mane in a pinch, and wake up with loose, effortless waves without the work (or a beach). At the very least, a braid can be your best friend if you’re looking for a way to pull off headbands, scarves, and hair accessories while showing off your sunnies. Or better yet – while flaunting your new shade of seasonal lipstick!

jenn braid

Step-by-Step Instructions by Jennifer Penny

  • Prep hair by spraying a styling mist or dry shampoo such as Oribe’s “Dry” texture spray at the roots. Take 1 to 2 inch sections and follow all over your head. Use your hands to help the product volumize the root area.
  • Rub one pump of Shu Uemura’s “Essence Absolue” through the ends of your hair to hydrate and add shine.
  • Brush out all tangles.
  • Apply a pea-sized amount of Shu Uemura’s “Touch of Gloss” to the front of your hairline. This melt-in wax is lightweight and will tame all those little hairs for a perfect face frame.

Runway Trend: DIY Blue Mascara & Holographic Eye Makeup

Master makeup artist Francesca Roman teamed up with PopSugar Beauty to show us how to make blue mascara at home, and how to apply glitter makeup on our eyes to recreate Christian Siriano’s runway look from NYFW! Try this backstage beauty trend before Spring 2015 by wearing fun, sparkly eyes to your next party – or make it the secret to your glitzy holiday look! (Don’t miss Francesca’s trick for easy glitter removal below.)

Model hair: Senior stylist Jill Engelsen// Photography: Caroline Voagen Nelson.


Mix Your Glitter 

To get a similar look to the holographic discs used on the Christian Siriano runway, we used a large glitter from the craft store mixed with MAC Reflects Purple Duo glitter ($21). While it’s hard to find chunky cosmetic-grade glitter, it’s better to use something with a circular shape so that the jagged edges won’t injure your eyes (just take our word for it — it’s painful). Contact lens wearers should be extra careful.

Prime-LidsPrime Lids

First, you want to create a clean and even base for this glittery eye makeup look. Roman primed the lids with concealer (or you can use a nude shadow at home). Then cover the area from lash line to crease with Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream ($21).

Apply Glitter

You don’t need to use any tools to apply the glitter. Your finger is enough to grab the flecks, but you can also use a small ball of wax to pick up the tiny product and place them on your lids. Roman recommends staying away from the inner corners of the eye and tear duct (as a safety precaution).


You’re sure to get glitter where you don’t want it with this look, so use a dry mascara wand to get rid of any excess sparkle.

Add More Glitter

Keep layering on the glitter until you get the density you desire.

Make Your Own Mascara

Now on to making that colored mascara! First, blend the dry MAC Pigment ($21) in Marine Ultra and Hi-Def Cyan on a piece of foil. Roman’s bold blue hue used two parts of the bright cyan to one part of the darker navy color.

Dip a mascara wand saturated with MAC Prep + Primer Lash Primer ($17) in the powder and stir on a clean section of foil. Keep adding more powder until all the bristles are covered in blue. Apply to lashes the same as you would apply your favorite black mascara.

Add Blush

To balance out the disco-ball eye makeup, Roman added a soft pink blush on the cheeks called Shadore by Kevyn Aucoin ($37).

Apply Lipstick

Although the lip was neutral on the Christian Siriano runway, Roman gave this look added oomph with a bubblegum-pink, glossy lip hue. She mixed three shades to get the perfect color: Kevyn Aucoin Matte Lip Color ($33) in Tenacious and Kevyn Aucoin Lip Gloss ($30) in Cloudaine and Janelline.

Finished Look

The Removal Process
This is important: DO NOT remove glitter with soap and water. That is a sure way to get tiny product particles in your eyes. Instead use a piece of scotch tape to remove all the eye makeup. Just be sure to keep the sharp edges away from your sensitive retinas.

The “Fall-Back” Style For Every Hair Type

Hair & Quotes by Jason J Dougherty | Butterfly Studio Stylist

When Daylight Savings Time ends on Sunday, November 2nd, you might gain an extra hour of sleep, but you still won’t have time to rock a time-lengthy style. This simple chic knot is the perfect go-to when you can’t spend more than a few minutes on a polished look, but you’re still looking for a classic hairstyle with a twist.

fall hair bun

FallBack Bun.

Textured, loose “ballerina during down-time” hairstyle to wear with 90’s Plaid, Office Chic, or Folk/Traditional inspired patterns.

WHAT: Dress up and add sophistication in a time-sensitive, low-maintenance way.

BEST FOR: Girls on the go – who don’t have a lot of time for a complex style, but still want to rock a trend. The Assistant – always concentrating on the boss, but needs to pull a sophisticated look together quickly. The college-girl – leaving for class last minute, or early in the am. The single ladies – when you want to look sexy but not too done for that first date.

fall trends

The “Fallback” bun is an alternative to the classic bun because of its loose texture and effortlessness. The less prefect the better, which makes it great the working woman and full calendar girls.

TRY IT: Brush out the hair and apply a light oil such as Gold Lust by Orive to add moisture and shine, and help with styling ease. Bring hair back to create a low ponytail. Keep it loose on top to keep the texture. Now take sections and work through all of the hair, anchoring with bobby pins. For a more polished look or something different for another day, add some pomade to the hair to make it more sleek. Finish with a little hairspray like Oribe’s Superfine to seal the deal.

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Makeup – Cristina Marroquin // Photography – Edwin Pabon

Introducing the Cezanne Perfect Finish Treatment

(Posted: January 2014)

It’s great! My hair feels healthy – which is the best part – and everyone thinks I look beautiful! I’m excited to give you this feedback, especially considering my hair type. I would highly recommend it to anyone.” -Alison, Butterfly Studio client

cezanne-hair- treatment-nyc(Hair by Nicole Descoteaux, senior stylist)



Finally – a treatment that’s great for everyone and improves every hair type!>

– Kattia Solano, Butterfly Studio Founder

With CEZANNE (pronounced Say-Zan), we now have a 100% formaldehyde free smoothing treatment that makes beautiful strands simple, by creating a texture that makes hair management super easy. We are both happy and relieved to say that the Cezanne Perfect Finish (or CPF) is TOTALLY different from any other keratin smoothing treatments that have ever been available to date because it contains no dangerous chemicals or harmful ingredients. Say goodbye to those foul odors once and for all because no special ventilation or masks are required here…

And did we mention it’s seriously effective? What you get out of one just one service is straighter, smoother hair with those instantly shiny, frizz-free results we’re all looking for. But that’s not even our favorite part…. What we are most excited to report is that the Cezanne treatment will even restore natural shine and improve hair health. If you’re already a Butterfly client, then you already know how important that detail is to us. Healthy hair is number one!

Cezanne LOGO no text

See our gallery for more images, salon menu for pricing,

or watch this for a look inside what to expect during your service.

Why You Should “Discipline” Your Hair

Whether they have loose curls, tight curls, wavy or straight hair, every woman dreams of the same thing: the perfect blow out and results that last! What we all look for in a smooth and beautiful blow dry is for hair to feel tame, look shiny, and maintain its shape and hold without having a rough texture, or a stiff and rigid appearance. But it’s few and far between that most of us are able to find that perfect balance… Beyond the naturally stubborn nature of most hair types, we regularly subject our hair to all sorts of aggressors. Hair even takes a hit from other harmful environmental effects, making it virtually untamable…Or so we thought!


Finally, with the launch of “Discipline” haircare and in-salon treatment ritual by Kérastase, we have an answer to the common woes and unhappiness that comes with managing the unmanageable – frizzy and undisciplined hair. Unlike most products you’ve heard about before, this newest hair innovation from the offers that long-lasting manageability and control in a chemical-free line that preserves the natural free-flowing movement of your hair. And it doesn’t require hours at the salon or a long-term commitment to try it…nor will it break the bank! It’s a great alternative for those of you who have always been hesitant about keratin smoothing. Last but not least, you get 72 hours of frizz and humidity control with the at home regimen and blow dry time is cut down by a whopping 33% for up to 21 shampoos with the salon treatment service! Who said styling at home should feel like work? Not Kérastase!


To find out more about the line or discuss if this is the right fit for your hair type, call or email us to set up a consultation with a Butterfly expert! 212.253.2100 or

Hair To Wear For NYFW: The Dead-Ringer Ponytail

Hair & Quotes by Jason J Dougherty | Butterfly Studio Stylist

Hit Your fall fashion targets and knock your toughest critics dead with this quick ponytail – highlighted with a twisted ring of hair…


Dead-Ringer Ponytail.

Kill two birds (Function and Fashion) with one stone (The Ponytail)

WHAT: A side-part slicked pony with some texture and twist for the Fashion Forward Girl who has “a lot on her shoulders,” and is being pulled in all directions at once.

WHEN TO WEAR: Perfect for an opening night, gala exhibit or just a night out!

WHY IT’S HOT: It allows the rounded architecture of high-shouldered garments to be featured, yet also gives a unique look to the ponytail with a design that could stand on its own.

Source: Vogue

Source: Vogue

This ponytail is a great compliment to the large “Rounded Shoulders” that are a hot fashion trend in women’s clothing this fall. By pulling your hair back and away from the face and body frame, you are able to create a balance between positive and negative space by accentuating the unique high-rounded architectural shape of this high-shoulder trend and make any onlooker look back twice with adding a unique twist of hair that rings around the pony.

TRY IT: On the bottom half, twist the right and then twist the left into a tight pony. With the top portion, first add volume and then wrap it into a twist around the pony. Tease and spray the pony for texture and volume.

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Makeup – Cristina Marroquin // Photography – Edwin Pabon

The Best Way To Keep Hair Looking Naturally Wavy For Fall

If taking inspiration from Marilyn Monroe’s iconic “Beach Sweater” photoshoot isn’t enough to convince you to keep it beachy for fall, then maybe the ease of the following wavy-haired styling trick by Butterfly’s Jennifer Penny will do it for you…

waves after braids

If you ask us, one of the best things about going into the fall season is less humidity – or at least, humidity levels you can actually work with. Now that we are seeing less polished looks as a common thread for trends this upcoming season, wearing your hair’s natural waves is the best way to ensure you arrive in style.

“Braiding your hair damp will result in those beachy waves we all crave without having to spend the time and effort using a curling iron,” says Jennifer. After washing your hair, towel dry your lengths really well or let hair air dry until it feels slighty or somewhat damp to the touch. From roots to ends, comb through your favorite product for moisture and flexible hold, such Oribe’s “Gel Serum.” Follow the basic steps for creating a French braid (or learn from Jenn’s how-to tutorial) and then sleep on it! The next morning, when your hair is dry, take out the braid and comb through the texture with your fingers. Hit any unruly strands with the hair dryer for a few seconds, and if you need a little extra shine or if you want to enhance the wave, apply a beach spray such as “Après Beach” by Oribe for that extra touch.

Get The Look: Naked “No Makeup” Skin

(Original story at Hey Hey Gorgeous. Photos by Avital Glibiky)

Because skin should be bare and beautiful, master makeup artist Francesca Roman breaks down her steps for achieving “less is more” face makeup. Now you can get away with saying “I just woke up like this” wherever you go!



1 eyebrow-shaping1-386x580

1. Touch up on your brows, removing any stray hair with a tweezer before applying anything else. Sculpted brows are actually an important part of this look.

3 adding-consealer1-869x580

2. Prep the face by cleansing with Joanna Vargas Skincare Vitamin C Wash and then apply the magic combination of Daily Serum with Rejuvenating serum to nourish skin and create a smooth, supple base for makeup.


3. Apply a primer for skin and apply foundation. Kevyn Aucoin’s “The Primed Skin developer” for normal to dry works and combine two different shades of Kevyn Aucoin’s ‘The Sensual Skin Enhancer’ to customize a seamlessly perfect skin tone shade to correct her skin’s hue.

illuminatorbronzer1-869x580 4 adding-consealer22-869x580

4. TIP: (Hint: Use both a brush to swipe on product and makeup sponge to help apply and blend in foundation. The sponge is ideal for pushing in foundation on dry skin to conceal without a cakey look. This is especially useful under the eye area to stretch out the product and keep the smooth look long lasting. Apply makeup on the face with a method of an inside out application, starting with the eye area, moving to apples of the cheeks and around.)

illuminatorbronzer2-869x580 5 bronzerapplication11-869x580

5. Next, add in a healthy glow with NARS multi-use illuminator in “super orgasm” and “laguna” to create contour. Concentrate on eye area and cheeks.

6 eyebrowliner1second-869x580

6. Defining the eyebrows are a must. Use an eye pencil like Shu Uemura’s to fill in your brow shape.

7 brushingeyebrow2-869x580

7. Then use a brow brush, brushing outward, to blend for a softer effect. Bold brows are the secret to shaping and defining the face, reducing the need for much makeup.


8. Because the skin around your eyes is not naturally pale, you want to apply a little color to your lids. Use a little bit of your blush or bronzer for a more natural, blended tone. Mascara is optional…forego the product by applying a quick pinch with your lash curler before you go out the door. You can even go for a soft swipe of dark pigment along the lash line using an angle brush for a more defined eye area.

8 lipgloss-applicationsecond-869x580

9. Take your look out on the street by finishing with Kevyn Aucoin’s “The Lip Gloss” in a bronzy but natural shade, which is moisturizing but never greasy or slippery and gives a subtle color with a shimmery finish.


Best (Balayage-Inspired) Haircuts & Styling Tips

You’ve watched senior stylist Vanessa Fernandez turn three girls into effortlessly glamorous Butterfly babes… Now Vanessa gives her pointers for accentuating the sexy sweep of your highlights at each hair length with specific tips for polishing your at-home styling routine.

vanessa fernandez cuts


The Crop (versatile, short haircut)

To style a fun crop as seen above on our bold balayage blonde, you can get a great look at home with an easy blow out…
• Use a dime-sized amount of Oribe “Creme for Style” and apply mid-shaft to ends after towel drying.
• The key to the right blow dry technique for this length is to use your hands. Follow the shape of your head to work through until dry, pushing the hair side to side and back and forth to create lift at the root.
• When dry, it’s time to have some fun by using a dime-sized amount of pomade. Try Oribe “Original Pomade” to create texture and put those piecey final touches on this playful look. It’s all about the little details!
bronde long layers

Long Layers (beachy, bombshell lengths)

• On towel-dried hair, apply 1/4 sized amount of a leave-in conditioner, such as Kerastase “Elixir Ultime Creme,” for easier styling and to protect ends from heat.
• Pre-dry the hair by rough drying with your blow dryer, making sure to remove about 75% of the excess moisture.
• Using the heat from the blow dryer and a small brush, create waves by twisting and turning the brush. Take 1″ vertical sections and continue all around the head, keeping in mind that all pieces should curl going away from the face.
• Shake out the sections when youre all done and apply a texturizing wave spray such as Après Beach by Oribe to emphasize the look.
natural highlights lob

Lob (easy and care-free mid-length style)

• Towel dry hair.
• Apply 1/4 sized amplifying gel serum with light hold, roots to ends.
• Use hands to pre-dry hair without heat.
• When hair is 90% dry, use the heat from the blowdryer and a small to medium brush to smooth out a few pieces here and there. You can even put some bend into it by twisting a few especially around the hairline and crown area to create movement.
• Shake and piece out your strands by using a small amount (approximately dime-size) of pomade like Oribe’s “Rough luxury.”


All before and after color by balayage expert Min Kim!

Best Hair Products for Men

For the Butterfly Guys…

mens hair products

With men requesting shorter styles to help them keep cool (and look cool), our recommendation for best men’s hair products for summer include Oribe’s Signature Shampoo and Conditioner to give you a great start to your hair day. This best-seller gives you a healthy, shiny hair look with a nice light feel and full texture. Then, we suggest you put aside all your usual hair products and try our one go-to – Surfcomber, a waxy mousse by Oribe that is better than a pomade. In hot, humid weather a paste will melt and not hold the style but Surfcomber gives hair more control. “It stays put even on the hottest day, so it’s a product you can feel confident about!” says our salon owner and master stylist Kattia Solano.

taylor brock mens cut

Stylist Taylor Brock says, “Surfcomber is a personal favorite for styling men’s hair…A little goes a long way and you can apply wet or dry. Because the name hints more towards a beachy bed-head look, it’s perfect for adding a cool texture yet also serves as a great product for the well-manicured business man because it keeps everything in place. It’s always there when you need to look on point and ensures that your style stays fresh all day!”

Keep Skin Beautiful Year-Round With Natural Suncreen

Summer isn’t the only time to think about sunscreen. Whether it’s hot or cold out, protecting your skin is a daily practice, and should be as routine as it is for the sun to rise every day! Even on cloudy days, we are exposed to the aging effects of the sun’s rays, which is even more reason to get serious about SPF. First off, not all sunscreen is created equal. We recommend choosing a mineral-based sunscreen because it has less chemicals and is gentle on the skin. They don’t leave the skin with a chalky residue, and are great for those of us with sensitive skin types. They are even better for the environment, including being more safe for the oceans we swim in!


One of the most surprising ways to find a better sunscreen option is to look in the baby supplies aisle. That’s where Butterfly founder and master stylist Kattia Solano discovered TrueBaby “Everyday Play” – an all-natural mineral sunscreen with SPF30+ strength. Kattia says, “I loved the way it smelled when I was using it on my baby girl, and it was so easy to apply. I also started using it myself because if it’s good for her, I know it’s good for me, too!” With organic ingredients like pomegranate juice and jojoba oil, the zinc oxide formula is perfect for year-round protection (without hurting the environment). Another important feature is that it offers “broad spectrum” protection. You always want to look for a product that will block both UVA and UVB rays.


Most of us know to always apply sunscreen on the face, neck, and chest. “Brands like TrueBaby and La Roche-Posay – another favorite of mine – do not cause my skin to break out and they are light enough to apply makeup over,” says Kattia. Don’t forget to also apply on your hands and feet, especially during sandal season or when wearing open-toed shoes – or even when you’re running errands in a pair of flip-flops. We want to keep all of these areas protected from getting winkles and other blemishes. What you can see is not often all there is to see!

Watch this video to see what our skin (and using sunscreen) really looks like under the sun!

Three Life-changing Joanna Vargas Products for Skin

Butterfly is both proud and thrilled to carry JV skincare’s antioxidant rich brand of skin benefiting products created by top NYC facialist and celebrity esthetician Joanna Vargas. Just one run through of the regimen, and we were hooked on the results from this organic and natural line. Our instantly smooth, even skin and bright, glowy complexion spoke for itself – making clear the reasons for her loyal Hollywood following. Read on to discover the salon’s top three favorites for all skin types and why we now can’t live without them!


Always on demand amongst A-list clients like Michelle Williams, this light gel serum is known as the “green juice for the skin!” We’re obsessed because it firms and tightens right away while bringing out a visible glow in your skin. Supplying high levels of vitamins without an oily texture, this revitalizing elixir will nourish the skin on a long-term basis and increase its ability to regenerate and stay youthful. Apply this refreshing chlorophyl-powered gel on irritated skin, and you’ll see inflammation disappear just as fast as you’ll feel the cooling effect. It’s your instant fix for brighter skin, smoother lines, and mega nourishment. Apply a thin layer on cleansed skin day and night before anything else. This stuff’s so good, you can even skip the eye cream!

Treatment Room Kérastase Rituals



Express Deep-Conditioning:
Introduction to the Ultimate Experience
Custom prescribed Kerastase Fusio-Dose elixir treatment to instantly rejuvenate hair
$45-55 (add-on to any haircare service)

Spa Experience:
More Exploration to Optimize the Benefits & Integrity of the Hair
Customized hair therapy option to address hair and scalp concerns with neck & shoulder massage. Includes blow dry.

Chronologiste Treatment:
“The treatment of all hair treatments” for restructuring dry, damaged, weakened, and rebellious hair. Combining an all-in-one treatment complex to give you the ultimate feel of shiny, silky-smooth new hair. Blow dry included.

Two Awesome New Products for Dry Hair by Kérastase

With the relaunch of the new and improved Nutritive line by Kérastase, come two new products to stop the feeling of “2nd day hair.” Have you noticed the feeling of dryness reappear “too soon” after your beauty routine? Well, your hair deserves to shine for more than a few hours… Now there’s something you can use to make sure your strands stays hydrated – whether you’re getting a blow out at the salon or styling at home. We always like to say that the perfect blow dry is one that makes hair look even better the next day. Here’s why these just-launched products, using the “Iris Royal Complex,” can help you get there.


TOUCHE PERFECTION – “The most addictive addition”

The first on-the-go nourishment for dry ends, that’s not meant to be left at home. Apply on wet hair to give hair nutrition from roots to ends before styling. As a finishing touch on dry hair, it shields the ends of the hair any time of the day, just like a lip balm. Its formula combines the “Iris Royal Complex” with a polymer to enhance manageability and keep ends under control. As a bonus, it contains UV-filters against sun exposure. (You always want to make sure your leave-in conditioner offers protection!)

Technique: Warm up a small amount between your fingers. Gently apply to ends, allowing the natural heat from your hands to soften and smooth hair whenever, wherever. Repeat anytime to wrap hair with nourishment and tame ends for instant strand-satisfaction.


IMMERSION NUTRITIVE: “The most replenishing nutrition”

Extreme dryness now has a new enemy – a pre-shampoo treatment to replenish dry, parched hair. Pre-cleansing your hair before the shampoo is a new ritual to try in your regimen for fast, effective nourishing care. This product pre-treats the hair, preparing it to be more “receptive,” and therefore makes products that follow work better. We recommend choosing a moisturizing haircare line for best results.

Technique: Apply on dry or slightly damp hair only. Use your hands to gently apply the product onto the entire length of the hair and saturate. You will feel the infusion melt onto the fiber of your hair – as though hugging it, and giving it that much needed TLC! Rinse off and shampoo (apply a little conditioner on the ends, only if needed to help brush through). With its sorbet-like texture, your strands will feel relaxed, supple, and replenished.