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Kattia’s Mommy Diaries: Paloma’s Big Reveal

It is with great love and joy that my hubby and I proudly announce the arrival of our little Butterfly, Paloma Lina Sabatino! Born into our lives on February 20, 2014 at 6:21pm, she was 6 pounds 3oz and 19.5 inches long. We would like to thank everyone for the encouraging thoughts and warm wishes throughout this unbelievably wonderful and blessed journey. I now understand just how incredible the gift of motherhood truly is and the countless reasons why it’s simply the greatest joy on earth. To every single mom reading this, I offer you my heartfelt congratulations – and to all future moms, prepare for one of life’s most indescribably fulfilling experiences!

baby arrival

I send my gratitude to the amazing Team Butterfly for taking care of all of the little details in my absence. As always, I appreciate the hard work and every beautiful effort made to create the city’s best salon experience. I would also like to mention a personal thank you to my wonderful clients for being so open to new accommodations during my leave. Your support and loyalty are beyond compare.

I look forward to getting back behind the chair and catching up soon!

Love, Kattia

bobby pins

Pin It And Win It (With Short Hair Or A Ponytail)

We’ve got to give it up for Zac Posen. During Fashion Week last year, his runway models unveiled the most brilliantly simple idea for hair accessories. Bobby pins! That’s right – your run-of-the-mill, inexpensive, pharmacy-bought hair pins are now the only thing you’ll need to turn a basic hair style into a glamorous night out look. And what makes this 2014 hair trend even better is that it will only cost you about $3!

sac posen pins

Butterfly senior stylist Nicole Descoteaux says the biggest benefit of working in a few basic bobbies into your look takes all of the fuss out of perfecting your actual ‘do. “The pins save any lack of a styling touch, so you don’t have to worry about the actual look of the hair.” As you can imagine, this is exactly why it’s been a popular pairing for this year’s cropped cuts and shorter hair trends. Be random and playful with your placement or try criss-crossing the pins to create a unique design. Whether you stick to a pack of basic black bobby pins, or spend a little extra for a few embellished options, it’s the easiest to go glam. One of Nicole’s favorite ways to wear this fun hair idea is to pair it with a sleek ponytail, as pictured below.

nicole descoteaux

“This is essentially a sexy pulled back pony where the pins take all of the pressure off of keeping the sides perfect.” Nicole also styled it her pinned ponytail with a chic middle part and a slightly wet look hair texture for an extra cool, sultry look. Here are her tips to recreate it…

Blow dry your hair with body and concentrate mainly on the lengths of the hair. Don’t worry about volume at the roots. Use a gel like “Forme Fatal” by Kerastase and apply the product from roots to about mid-shaft. Spread your fingers apart and literally rake your hair back and away from the face with your hand. Keeping some texture in the hair, pull it back into a low ponytail and fasten. Take your choice of fun bobby pins (Nicole loves shiny black or bronze for a more sophisticated, subdued style) and place, starting above the ears and working all the way back to the beginning of the ponytail. You can create your own design by criss-crossing pins or by using a few oversized pins for a more minimal look. Follow up with a spray like Oribe’s “Shine” light reflecting spray for luster, using it generously to give hair a more mirror-like, wet look finish. The combination creates a style that you can dress up or down and wear out anywhere!

Kattia’s Mommy Diary: Haircare Tips During & After Pregnancy

The changes that we go through with our hair during and after pregnancy is always surprising. As a stylist, I’ve seen it all with my clients and when I experienced it for myself, it was still kind of a “wow” moment. Luckily, it’s a time you can look forward to because most women will notice better hair days while they are pregnant. Higher levels of estrogen result in less shedding, which means you can expect the feeling of thicker and fuller hair. Many women will also see their hair getting curlier or straighter. I will say that the change in hair texture can be a little overwhelming, but the good news is that you can adapt a few tricks for managing your new hair type.

moisture and control

During pregnancy, my already full head of hair became a lot thicker, and my wavy hair moved over to the curly side. That meant I had to work harder on my blow dry and learn how to style for curly hair. I amped up the moisture in my beauty routine by using a deep-conditioning hair mask at least three times a week to every time I would wash my hair. You wouldn’t think so, but the kind of shampoo you are using also plays a crucial role. My favorite is Oribe’s Intense Moisture & Control. It’s very hydrating and really great for taming frizz. I also turned to Oribe for the styling staples I needed to embrace my curly texture while managing the unruly hair. I was using Supershine Moisturizing Cream and Aprè Beach Wave Spray religiously because I loved the feel, smell, and look of my hair. The combination gave my curls a really nice shine with just the right amount of hold and definition.

oily hair shampoo

Some women will find that their hair gets oily at the roots during their term. This is caused by a stimulating hormone called androgen, which increases oil in the hair and skin. You should address this right away by changing your shampoo. I recommend Shu Uemura’s Cleansing Oil shampoo to balance out any impurities. The oil-to-foam formula is very gentle and really works to keep greasy hair away without drying it out. I also like Kerastase Cristalliste for fine hair which is light yet moisturizing. Long hair will love it. Even in the hot summer months, it’s a great option to help rid unwanted oily hair while encouraging a good blow out to last for days. The pretty, feminine scent also helps!

MORE . . .

Hottest Hair Color for Redheads, Blondes, & Brunettes

Expert colorist Faye Goodwin on how to refresh every shade with this year’s color trends and tips for complementing your type to make sure your mane shimmers on…

rachel rose gold
Ravishing Rose & Radiant Reds
Redheads have been seriously downplayed for the past few seasons, but 2014 is making room for all hues of red to make their comeback. If you’re looking for a change but are unsure of where to turn, you can safely default to a red shade to keep you in style throughout the year. Red is always a strong hair color, but that doesn’t mean the actual shade of it has to be. Take rose gold for example. We’ve been seeing it everywhere in fashion, and just like a mirror to a wall – fashion and hair color trends also go hand in hand. Rose gold makes a bold and beautiful hair statement without going overboard. It’s no wonder that we are seeing more and more tastemakers sporting the trend, and why celebrities like Molly Sims and Rachel McAdams are currently wearing this hot, summery hue. To find the right kind of red, keep your skin tone in mind. Stray away from warmth and think cooler and deeper shades if you have a naturally darker base. For lighter hair or more pale complexions, go warmer with coppery, golden reds to really rock your color in 2014.

Icy Hot Blonde
Blondes are cooling it down and bringing back vibrant ice tones with silvery hues. Paving the road for white hot hair color are Hollywood babes like Julianne Hough, Carmen Diaz and Cara Delevigne – who have shown us why it’s the way to go this year. To make this look work for you, ask your hair expert for a customized color combination. That means absolutely no store-bought box color, please! I recommend balayage highlights to achieve the best look. In this case, the freehand coloring technique allows us to get that blend of bright and icy blonde just right – resulting in a perfect mix of color that can flatter even the most pale skin tones. I like to finish the service off with a Dialite Photo Finish (similar to a color gloss) to really “ice” the cake. I say blonde hair isn’t at its best unless it is unique.

Dark With Just A Splash
Brunettes have the most room to experiment and still stay on trend for 2014. We are seeing extremely versatile color options for dark hair. You have everything from iced latte and cappuccino browns (think Mila Kunis) to mahogany based brunettes and everything in between. Then there’s the new ombré -like look that is sweeping the hair color world – it’s called “Sombré.” This effect tones down the former more drastic ombré to a much more subtle ombré, where there is a gradual fluidity from a darker base to brighter ends. Recently, we’ve seen the Kardashian girls variating the look, having predominantly darker hair with subtle light pieces on the ends. Kudos also go out to Natalie Portman, who is totally rocking one of the best sombré looks right now.

Fun Spring & Summer Hairstyle Trends To Try

Now that Spring has sprung, we’re all looking for a new way to shine in the sun! In comes Butterfly’s fashion-savvy stylist Vanessa Fernandez with her list of favorite hair statements to wear this season…


retro quaff
The Retro Quaff
Here’s a way to wear sexy pin up hair in a more modern way. Whether you dress it up or down is up to you. Start with clean, curly hair prepped with either a full blow out or by using your favorite hair-plumping product and styling with a curling iron. Structure a playful swoop with your hand and spray generously for hold. You can also use a pin in the back to secure – just remember to camouflage it. The last step is to break up those coiled curls and loosen them into soft, tousled waves for a nice balance.

Feminine Fly-away Braid
This style can be paired up with almost anything this spring. Start with natural hair or next day hair. Add some texture by using a dry shampoo or texturizing spray like Oribe “Dry” between hair sections to create more tousle. Make your braid (standard or fishtail) on the tighter side and after securing, loosen it up. Add a spritz of hairspray like Shu Uemura’s “Sheer Lacquer” for a matted look. Gently pull out some soft pieces from the front and sides of the face to make it a bit messier.

sleek hair
Sexy, Slick Hair
My favorite this season is the sleek hair look because it exposes the beauty of the female face. If you plan on turning heads, rock this half-done style with a dressier outfit and accent your favorite face feature with bold makeup. Use a small amount of light gel and blow dry. The product is what will help keep the structure and add a shine finish. Push back your hair with your hand to direct your style. Spray in some Oribe Light Reflecting Spray to top it off for an extra shiny look.

sleep ponytail
Smooth, Straight Ponytails
A simple staple for spring and summer that’s still super “in” right now. This year, it’s all about finding a way to glam it up by accessorizing your pony. To perfect the smoothness of the hair, use a combination of soft gels such as Oribe Gel serum with versatile styling oils for shine like Kerastase Elixir Ultime. Accessorize with ponytail cuffs, fabric wraps, or headbands. For basics and cool seasonal choices, check out the options by France Luxe/ L. Erickson (some of which we have on hand at Butterfly).

mermaid waves
Mermaid Waves
We are seeing a lot of full, free-flowing hair and American Hustle inspired bouncy, volume-loving looks on trend. The mermaid wave is an easy go-to. Long, lusty lengths can be achieved by twisting hair sections into two pieces, creating a rope-like look. Blow dry twisted sections and work through your entire head. Let hair cool completely before shaking out. If needed, emphasize random sections with a 1 1/4 ” clip-less iron.

the crop
The Crop
This year’s most requested haircut finally has us in love with the idea of going short. From pixies, bobs, lobs, and choppy, boyish hair – a shorter cut is what’s hot this season. Women are looking for a liberating cropped style that makes them feel edgy yet feminine. Short hair is popular because it’s a bold statement made easy. More and more, we are realizing just how versatile a shorter length actually is by playing with different hair parts, and trying fun and textured styles vs sleek and strong looks. The wet hair look is a top trend right now and it’s one of the most fashionable ways to wear the crop this year.

hair trends spring summer

“Spring” Ahead With These Color Trends

What’s new in beauty by way of coloring for the season ahead? Butterfly master color specialist Min Kim gives the 4-1-1 on two hot, versatile hair trends to try this spring & summer. HINT: Both color options are completely customizable, range in subtlety, and give us plenty of leeway when it comes to upkeep!

balayage nyc

Transformation by Min #butterflybabes


With celebrities like Jessica Biel and Sarah Jessica Parker leading the charge, balayage is sweeping the country… Literally! Balayage is a freehand painting method used to lighten the hair, and it first started as a grass-roots movement in the hair world. Fast forward to today, where celebrity influences have made this artistic and personalized highlighting service something that everyone from IT girls (imagine all those sexy Victoria’s Secret models with their light reflective gorgeous hair color) have made a staple to what the girls next door are asking for. Whether it’s minimal with low-maintenance (tone on tone shades of dark to light chocolate) or more classic like a California Blonde (sunny and warm or bright and icy), the endless options are what makes this service so desirable.

Pro Zone – Loreal Professionnel’s Soho Academy is elevating the industry standard by offering the first Balayage Certification program in the US. These offerings will ensure that every technician that completes this program will have been taught by the best in the industry, including yours truly! (*On her downtime, our expert colorist Min Kim travels as an artist for L’Oreal Professionnel & Soho Academy. Follow @minkimcolorist)

hair chalk color loreal
Watch for Loreal Professionnel’s launch of Hair Chalk, coming to Butterfly in April. We are one of the first salons to offer this product as a quick service (we’re talking minutes!) and selling it as a take home. Think of it as make-up for your hair! The range of colors includes 3 “natural” and 5 “fashion” shades, which give the user plenty to play with. It washes out with shampoo and lasts for approximately 10 washes. It’s a fast add-on service at the salon, great for those who love to play with change or are curious about starting a hair-coloring journey. You can get the effect of hair color – think ombre inspired ends or a few fun pieces to highlight a style – without the chemicals, the damage, or the commitment. And another plus… the hair chalk can also be applied with the balayage method, which gives the artist the freedom to create anything on a particular hairstyle, personalized for the client (just another awesome perk of balayage). Did you see the blue streaks on the ponytails for Herve Leger at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week? Fun! Fun! Fun!

Natural Makeup: Create Eyes That Pop

Eyes are the #1 feature that people first notice on someone else’s face. When you’re trying to get away with less makeup, Butterfly Studio’s master makeup artist Francesca Roman says it’s all about creating subtle yet defined eyes. “To awaken the face in all of the right ways, your eye area is key.” Here are her tricks for faking that fresh, no-make-up look and getting big, bright eyes down.


· One of the most important (but not always thought about) tips for making eyes stand out is to define your brows. Make sure to keep stray hairs tidy as needed with regular waxing or tweezing. For daily grooming, brush your brow hair up and outward. Then fill in the shape with a pencil, brow powder, or eye shadow to match your brow’s hue. If your hair color is warmer than your brows, choose a shade that also has a hint of warmth, and so forth. The trick to natural looking brows is to use a brow brush for control as you’re filling in to diffuse the line of pigment and to blend into the skin and spaces between brow hair. Finish with a brow gel, like the one from Anastasia, to enhance definition and help with hold.

eye primer

· Even out your eyelids with a light layer of creamy, crease-proof shadow or primer such as MAC’s Prep and Prime Eye – or the primer from Paula Dorf. Francis says, “It’s one of the most perfect makeup products ever made!” A small amount goes a long way for creating a nice, clean canvas for eyes.

· Line the inner rim of your waterline on your upper lid with a soft, waterproof brown pencil. This will define your eyes without a harsh line.

chanel pencil

· To get the effect of brighter, bigger eyes, line your lower waterline and inner eye with a beige waterproof pencil – and always a pencil to protect eyes from powder flecks. It’s especially important for contact wearers. For a more natural everyday look, avoid the commonly recommended white pencil which is actually more noticeable. Choose a flesh toned shade that closely matches your skin color.

· Unless you have black hair and lashes naturally, don’t go with a jet-black mascara. Instead, try a dark brown shade for a more natural look. To get convincingly long, lush lashes, wiggle the mascara brush in the roots of your lashes (top only) and separate immediately using a clean mascara wand or eyelash comb.

birdie's big girl hair

Event Photos: Sujean Rim “Birdie” Book Reading

We hope you enjoyed joining us for a day that was…too cute for words! Our book reading event celebrating the release of Birdie’s Big Girl Hair (by amazing artist/author/person Sujean Rim) was endlessly adorable and nonstop fun. Thank you to all the moms, dads, and little Birdies who spent that Sunday sharing the new adventure with us. Special thanks to our amazing stylist team for creating the coolest kid’s ‘dos on all the cuties who came out to play, and also to Sujean for being such a lovable, gracious host!

Purchase Book )
rim_birdiesbiggirlhair_hc copy

Kattia’s Mommy Diary: Happy Pregnant Feet

The feet are one part of the body that you have to take care of more with pregnancy. Our feet begin feeling all of those extra pounds as we gain weight, and oh how we feel it! Not only is it uncomfortable but it might even make you think that you’re bigger than you really are. Whether it happens early or later in your pregnancy, it is very common for most women to experience swollen feet, ankles, and even hands. The proper term for this is called edema, which is the process of excess fluid collecting in our tissues. We retain more water and changes in our blood’s chemistry also causes fluid to accumulate. The good news? You really shouldn’t let it worry you because it WILL pass. Also, there are things you can do to relieve the sensation and lighten things up. No need to add it to your stress list – here are some easy pregnancy foot care tips that really help!

1. Wear comfortable, wider shoes.
2. Don’t wear anything tight around your ankles.
3. If you’re someone like me that stands all day, change your shoes twice a day.
4. As much as you can, find any way to put your legs up during the day.
5. Drink water, and lot’s of it, throughout the day. You might think it’s overrated, but it’s not!
6. Stay away from too much sodium or white carbs.
7. Drink more water! You will feel so much better if you do, so do yourself a favor and drink up.
8. If your feet are very swollen, take a bath or soak them in warm water as soon as you get home. Apply a gentle message. (Hopefully your husband will give you a foot rub!) Then, lift them up while you rest for about 15 minutes. Do this every day.
9. At home maintenance and callus care. See below for instructions.
10. And finally, what every girl loves to hear… Taking care of your feet means more pedicures more often! When you’re giving so much, it’s a great way to pamper yourself. It will help you feel better in so many ways. I love going to Tenoverten nail spa in Manhattan – they fully pamper you and consistently do a beautiful job. Plus, their technicians love to get creative!

foot file

When you are carrying extra weight, your feet tend to feel tight and build more calluses. You will want to buy a foot file to help remove them. My favorite is by Diamancel, which you can find it at Sephora. (Their brand also makes a good one, by the way.) Address your calluses twice to three times a week on dry feet. You can sit on the toilet and work with one foot at a time – or better yet, stand up and put the foot that you are working on atop the toilet seat. I personally found this to be the most comfortable position. Keep the seat open so the dry skin falls right in. Take your file and gently file your heel, the ball of your foot, and underneath the toes. Especially the big toe. Once you have passed the file a few times, it should start to feel smoother. Rinse with warm water and apply a thick moisturizer like shea butter or coconut oil. Put on some socks right after to hold in the moisture. At this point, your feet will feel 100 times better! Keep up with this method to loosen up the tightness and soothe discomfort. Happy feet equals happy mommy!

Cezanne Smooth! (Before & After Gallery)

Say goodbye to frizz and unruly texture – sleek transformations by way of Butterfly’s new Cezanne Perfect Finish Smoothing service. This effective breakthrough Keratin treatment is safe and 100% formaldehyde-free, allowing hair to become healthier over time. Instant results restore hair’s natural shine, soften waves and create a smoother, more managable hair for every hair type.

Cezanne Logo_1-8-13

Our colorist Patricia Ribeiro tried a Cezanne treatment for the first time with a cut and color service on the same day for a total makeover!

Keratin & Color: Maisha Cogle / Haircut: Stacey Smith
colorist patricia ribeiro

Medium to fine texture – blonde, highlighted hair
Expert: Nicole Descoteaux

Ethnic hair – frizzy, kinky texture
Expert: Taylor Brock


Natural, air-dried results  post treatment on same client pictured above – showing smoother, deep-conditioned hair that can also be styled wavy and have beautiful movement.

Blow dry: Taylor Brock

 Thick and wavy texture – coarse, processed hair
Expert: Nicole Descoteaux

 Short bob haircut – mature hair
Expert: Maisha Cogle

 Fine, wavy texture with medium density. Main issue – frizz hair.
Expert: Maisha Cogle

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Video: “American Hustle” Inspired 70’s Curls

We love BIG hair – so we’ve been extra obsessed with the amazing volume of the seventies and eighties since watching American Hustle! From all of the expressive fashion to the fun and lively hairstyles, the movie is a reminder of just how sexy styles were during the decade of all things groovy. That’s why Kattia decided to take it back and recreate the stunning spirals (which alone are Oscar-worthy!) seen on Amy Adams in the film. To achieve an award-winning look, try the two different curling techniques we use to get a full, bouncy disco ‘do that’s ready to take on the dance floor!

1. This look works best with day-old hair, unless you already have a very oily hair type.
2. Combine Supershine Moisturizing Cream and Rock Hard Gel in your hands and apply to the hair in zig-zag sections.
3. To create the look, you’ll need a 1/4-inch iron to do a traditional spiral set and a 1/3-inch iron to create a rope set. Alternate between the traditional spiral set and rope set until the entire head is curled. “Incorporating two different curl types will create the illusion of natural, slightly imperfect curls,” Kattia says.
4. Let the hair cool.
5. Spray each curl with Après Beach and then break it up with your hands. Repeat for all curls.
6. Gently brush the set out.
7. Use your hands to create your desired shape and level of exaggeration. Finish by adding a comb to one side for a fun and flirty finish.

Surprising Skincare Secret For Your “Girls”

From the face down to the body, we each have a unique process for taking care of our skin. But how often do we remember to take a few extra minutes to care for our most personal areas? More often than not, the truth is that we are neglecting our private zone. We tend to obsess about our skin being as smooth, soft, and clear as possible – and our lady parts should be no exception. A little extra attention for your bits and pieces is required to keep these regions healthy and youthful. It might be thought of as over the top or strange to have a separate skincare routine for your unexposed areas, but skin is skin. Only special maintenance with the right products will help it to stay gorgeous, glowing, and even. It’s a great investment that we can actually take into our own hands.

skin care

Butterfly’s founder Kattia Solano has already shared her best tips for fresh skin, and now she admits to also having a specific regimen for the “ladies.” She recommends gently exfoliating first. Then apply your favorite skin mask directly onto the boobies and chest area and leave on for 5-10 minutes. Kattia uses Joanna Vargas’ exfoliating mask treatment, which she says is excellent because it’s full of enzymes. Follow up with a moisturizing cream or serum. Again, you want to use your choice face product for the “girls” because the results are worth the splurge. Her go-to is the Rejuvenating Serum, also from the JV Skincare line, which Kattia uses on her face and chest after cleansing every day. “I’ve been doing this for some time now, and even though it might get a little expensive, I think it’s worth it. I want them to be happy and look as young as possible!

The same tips apply for “down under.” If you shave or wax regularly, it’s especially important to exfoliate once to a few times a week to minimize bumps and prevent in-grown hair. Remember to be gentle. Skin “downstairs” has a tendency to be more sensitive, so it’s better to skip the exfoliating body scrub and go for an option that’s formulated for the face instead. This is another great way to use our beloved Joanna Vargas mask… Refined beads wash dead skin cells away while key ingredients draw out impurities in the pores and kill germs and bacteria to keep skin clean. To avoid imperfections, it’s also key to make sure the area is well moisturized. Keep it simple by applying a nourishing natural product like shea butter or coconut oil, daily.

Exclusive Video: Kate Moss for Kérastase

Celebrating 50+ years of leading the industry of luxury haircare, Kérastase announced that they would be bringing on the one and only Kate Moss as their new muse. The latest venture to join these two iconic forces is a televised commercial running overseas, posted on YouTube earlier this week by the brand’s UK extension. This advertisement is “kind of a big deal” because a TV campaign is actually a first for Kérastase! In the video, the gorgeous Kate is flaunting the styling benefits of Elixir Ultime – a versatile beautifying oil that also doubles as an essential treatment for shiny, healthy hair – and her supermodel mane looks as spectacular as gold. We know the product as one of Butterfly’s best-sellers, and the video also points out that the “hairdresser’s icon” was voted “#1 Hair Oil” in the UK. Kate is totally the perfect face to redefine the line, and we wouldn’t mind seeing more eye candy from the two K’s of beauty. Perhaps we will soon see the duo team up for a stunning hair ad in the states, too?

5 Keratin Hair Transformations by Taylor Brock

Long or short – dry, wavy, curly, ethnic, damaged, or combination hair types all have one thing in common: Frizz! Sometimes you can point the finger at genetics, but in most cases, years of improper haircare or over-processed, chemically treated hair is really to blame for the unmanageable texture. In comes Cezanne Perfect Finish to the rescue! It’s the Keratin treatment that blows all the others out of the water because it restores your hair’s natural shine and promotes hair health – meaning frizz-free, great hair days for all! Take it from Butterfly stylist and Cezanne treatment expert Taylor Brock who says, “Whether you’re a hot-tools-and-blow-dry girl or you are more low-maintenance and prefer to air dry your hair, the easy smoothness will change your life!”

cezanne perfect finish cezanne perfect finish cezanne perfect finish cezanne perfect finish IMG_9591

Getting Dreamy at Oribe’s Hair Workshop

Have you been waiting for a reason to bring a little fantasy into styling? Time to have some fun! Ramona Eschbach, editorial stylist and lead educator for Oribe Haircare, taught us how to take hair to a place of dreams and extremes at the brand’s last pro workshop. To show us the range of what hair can do with the right products, Butterfly stylist Jason Dougherty let his imagination run, and produced two fashion-forward looks that are ready for the pages of a high fashion magazine spread. So if you’re feeling daring enough, follow Jason’s pointers and get experimental by recreating one or both of these bold, on-trend styles for spring.

Runways and red carpets have opened the doors for embracing grunge with glamour this year via the wet look. Start by prepping hair with a priming product combination of Royal Blowout and Foundation Mist. Section hair in front of the ear and apply generously – spraying to literally get hair wet. Sculpt the hair to contour the face, and then very closely spray with Superfine hairspray for a sexy, “piecey” look. In the back, slick your hair smooth. Now for the surprising step. Take a sewing needle with elastic thread and anchor hair sections to the head. This allows you to create a more constructed, wet-looking style. Finish with hairspray all over for hold.

Straight out of fairyland, full curls were fantastically frizzed out for an ethereal look. Prep the hair with Foundation Mist, a weightless primer that conditions strands while providing thermal protection, and create a center part. Next, remove some of the hair’s mass and make a French braid along the occipital bone. Apply a hairspray or styling spray like Impermeable on the remaining hair sections and create figure-eights inside large hair pins around the head. Set with a flatiron to heat and seal the curl. Take out pins and slowly brush up and out using Dry texture spray. Back-comb anywhere you want some tease to achieve a textured afro and use a little bit of a light control spray to hold it all together. Now that’s volume!

What is Balayage? Min Kim Explains! [Video]

Butterfly master color specialist & L’Oreal Professionnel artist Min Kim (@minkimcolorist on social) says balayage is a popular hair color service that is “definitely for everybody,” allowing colorists such as herself to “step outside of the box” and “paint the town happy” with their technique! Dating back a few decades, balayage takes on an artistic approach to highlighting hair of all types and styles – creating “natural movement” and enhancing looks with a more modern, “less is more” effect. Watch Min talk about why balayage is not just a celebrity-powered, chic trend but a customized highlighting method that will NOT be going anywhere…

[UPDATE: Click here to fast forward to over six months later!]

Thank you to Kissi Media/According to Dawn for the great video story!

Oscars 2014 – Best Dressed & Best Hair

Images via Entertainment Weekly

Namoi Watts
Right on point with the new trend for spring this year, Naomi sported the wet look in a chic yet wearable way. Her hair was just wet enough to work as the right kind of hand-combed, slicked back style while still contributing a very clean and glamorous effect to her outfit overall. Her straighter, sleeker strands added a nice surprise to compliment the sophistication of her Calvin Klein dress.

Lupita Nyong'o
This fairy tale still has us all teary eyed! Lupita took home the award for “Best Actress” in a supporting role and also won us over for the best look of the night. She dared to be different by accessorizing her short hair with earrings and a headband, which transformed her into a stunning Cinderella in her flowing dress. The heavenly blue color of her gown was so beautiful with her tone, and her fresh skin and rosy makeup was just the right match. Youthful, elegant, and memorable – this star just shined!

Jennifer Lawrence
The pushed-back hair look was cool and effortless. To appear longer and fuller, J-Law’s pixie cut was teased and textured in the front. The style was worn perfectly with enough movement and softness to give it the feeling of an updo. A brilliant pairing with her ultra bright and feminine low peplum Dior gown. She was glowing (and not from the embarrassment after her fall)!

Cate Blanchett
What a wow moment! Cate exudes total elegance gliding down in this exquisite yet relaxed ensemble. She scored again in an Armani Prive design – a skin-toned gown embellished with intricate textures. The special dress makes us all wish we had a reason to wear something like it one day. We wouldn’t be surprised if we saw the option charm an unconventional bride, either! The nude dress palette and down-played makeup brought out Cate’s gorgeous golden colored hair, which had just enough of a wave to transform her bob cut into the perfect behind-the-ear style.

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie
And the award for best couple goes to…Brangelina! As always, these two are flawless. We love seeing them both look as chic as they are in love, and they’ve never looked better. The coordinated pair keep it classy yet ooze with hotness! PS – If we could, we would ask the Academy to give Angie’s beaded gown an award!

Kate Hudson
This blonde bombshell was a sight in a unique, creamy number by Versace. From sweet side-swept hair to a mesmerizing silhouette and silky draped dress cape, it was hard to keep your eyes off of her! She pulled together old-school glamour – channeling both the sexy Jessica Rabbit and vintage Veronica Lake – and updated the look with a plunging v-neck, simple accessories, and short loose waves. Simply lovely!

Charlize Theron
With grace and good taste, Charlize is one person who always looks like a walking advertisement. Keeping things clean and simple, her style is the definition of modern classic. From her hair to her Dior dress, she looks neat and shaped while strutting along editorial lines with a striking neckline, cut to show off a dripping diamond necklace. In fashion, just as in hair, you can never go wrong with the combination of long, black, and luxurious.

Introducing: Sujean Rim – An Illustrative Stylist

“ Birdie’s Big Girl Hair, like both other books, have all come from random personal memories and once I knew I was going to tackle Hair, I knew I would include Butterfly in some way. The whole salon spread is completely inspired by the studio’s space! ” – Sujean on the idea behind the adorable interior layout of the hair salon featured in her newest children’s book.
Sujean Rim_Author Photo


We believe that there is a difference between a hair “dresser” and a hair “stylist.” A stylist sees hair as an art that’s directly tied to fashion, expression, and the individual. Every hair session – having its own unique canvas, story and emotion – requires as much heart in the details of the technique as it does talent. In that way, brilliant artist Sujean Rim is an absolute stylist in her field. When she spoke to us about how her drawings materialized into a series of books for kids, she shared a similar spirit about her approach to creativity.

” I don’t consider myself an author. I’m really just an illustrator who can write a little something about things I know, whether it’s from a personal experience or just something I’m passionate about. “


You might have noticed Sujean’s signature watercolor art without knowing it. From doodling the most gorgeous Butterfly girls ever (images we are eternally in love with and grateful for!) to her commissioned illustrations for numerous high profile clients (a seriously impressive list that covers pretty much everything from Barney’s NY to Daily Candy) – Sujean always delivers a stylish, charming vision with equal parts fun and sophistication. These days, she’s thrilled about having just released Birdie’s Big-Girl Hair, the third delightful addition to her splendid reading adventure for kids.

It all started with Birdie’s Big-Girl Shoes – a simple but personal little story that came from Sujean’s history of being a shoe designer for 10 years and having many of her own memories with shoes growing up. “I had no idea that Birdie would become a series, but I’m having so much fun with her,” she says. Sujean tells us that her new book about Birdie also pulls from her own past of hair-spirational stories – and even the experiences and styles she’s had at Butterfly over the last decade:

“Hair has always been a big thing with me. From really wanting to have long flipped or feathered hair like Farrah or Heather Locklear to being tortured in my teenage years with a home perm (a very tight home perm) – to now, having a beautiful four year old son who has this amazing head of hair, which Kattia has totally blessed by giving him his first haircut at 4 months. I’ve been going to Butterfly for about 13 years, and I can’t imagine life without all of my genius Butterfly babes!”


Meet Sujean!
Join us for “Styling & Storytime” at Butterfly on March 2nd. image-2

Kattia’s Mommy Diary: Baby Bump Style

When I got pregnant, I wanted to hold on to wearing as much of my regular clothes as I could – for as long as I could. I went shopping for stretchy tights and loose clothing when I went up a full size, but I still stayed away from the maternity section. As I continued to grow, I wore my pre-pregnancy pants open with the support of belly bands to keep them up. I was even able to squeeze into my leather pants by rolling down the waist until almost the very end (when it eventually cut my circulation)! Somewhere down the line, you realize that it’s finally time to go shopping for maternity apparel because you just want to be comfortable. Let’s be honest, there will also be different occasions on your nine month calendar that you will want to look and feel good for!

The thought of maternity shopping was both scary and thrilling. Believe it or not, the scary part was finding out that there is more bad fashion out there than good. The thrilling side was being able to embrace each step of this new life moment with fashion and flaunt my belly pride in style. My best outfit advice is to keep your articles of clothing basic – but accessorize to the max! Splurge on bold jewelry, fun shoes, and new bags because you will get use out of them after your delivery. I recommend asking around about where to shop from the fashion forward moms in your life. Bookmark their website suggestions because shopping online will make finding better quality and more variety much simpler…


Go-to sites for dressing your belly

  • For your “everything” search, start by browsing Destination Maternity. Note to self – stay true to your size! I always thought that I had to go up a number but ended up with returns because I was floating under a huge fit.
  • I lived in dresses and tights from my favorite mommy fashion designer, Isabella Oliver. I found her clothes comfortable, well made, and very fashionable. The images within this post are all hers. Love!
  • HATCH Collection is another great site for very cozy, comfy clothes. I bought the “Hatch-to-Hospital” box by Cosabella to include in my Mommy GO Bag. It might sound like a bit much at first, but the items are so comfortable and well thought out for a hospital stay. This is a fantastic gift idea for a baby shower, or if you just want to treat a mommy-to-be!
  • Browse your staple designers like Alexander Wang for great tops, Helmut Lang, Vince, Phillip Lim, and Rick Owen’s “DRKSHDW” line.  As long as you have a little patience to search, you will always find pieces that are worth it in a high fashion collection. I like CALYPSO, too – especially if you are going on vacation.
  • For cool jeans, check out Shop Bop.

Bad Weather, Great Hat Tips

Hat season is in full effect. Hats shield our hair from inclement weather, and help us preserve our hair color longer by protecting our processed locks from fading fast. They are, of course, an accessory staple. A cute hat is a great starting point for pulling an outfit together, and our favorite hat will always be the first thing we turn to in case of an emergency. Bad hair days aside let’s not forget that a hat can also be an easy styling solution for a cool look anytime. With the right tips, you can use a hat to control your hair and even prep it for a better style later. Whether you’re a snow bunny, floppy hat fan, fedora girl, or a top hat babe – our tips are coming to rescue you from the cold, in style!

winter beanie

Basic hat trick.
The perfect simple hat covers your ears and keeps you warm. To make it more stylish, take your hair to one side and create a loose braid. Apply a light hold hairspray on the braided section to set it. If you have a favorite beach spray, that will work, too. When you take off the hat, loosen the braid to reveal a slight wave in your hair with a nice texture and body.

winter hat

Go with the flow.
Flowing locks with an “undone” effect will spruce up your look on a dry, cold day. We love this choice because all you have to do is apply a dry shampoo or texturizing spray on unwashed hair to create texture. We’re hooked on “Dry” by Oribe because it offers hold while giving all hair types that sexy, texturized appearance. Remember that you want your ends a little messy, and not so perfect. Put on your choice of pommed, print, floppy, or slightly accented hat option to add in a little bit of fun while protecting your head and ears – and you’re out the door!

slouchy hat

We vouch for the slouch.
The over-sized beanie is best for thick, long hair or a curly texture. It helps to choose a hat made from a thicker, more chunky material. Take a little conditioning cream or nourishing oil to hydrate the ends before tucking the hair loosely into the hat. You can loosely scrunch your curls when placing them inside, or twist long hair in loosely for straight and wavy hair types. Once you remove the hat, simply shake out to get the fullness back.

hat and bangs

Rock out with your fringe out.
This is a great style for a wet, wintery day. Make one or two loose buns with your hair and tuck under the hat to keep the volume in. Leave your bangs outside of your hat so that the look is softer and more feminine. You can also pull out a few short pieces of hair around your face to maximize your fringe, and feeling more stylish. Those with wavy or curly hair can use a curling iron to enhance their bang look. When you remove the hat, you can easily touch up your fringe to make them lay better. Use your hand and quickly shake your bangs to the right and to the left. Take the buns out then flip your head over and shake for more volume. Always carry a light hairspray in your bag (or pack your favorite Oribe purse size option) to use before and after this step for smoothness and finish. This is the go-to option, sans knots, for pixie cuts and short crops that have some length in the bang area.

nyfw hat trend

2014’s “It” Hat.
If you’re looking to sport this year’s hot brimmed style hat, the same rules and tips above apply. We’re liking this new trend – it’s kind of a hybrid between street or safari top hat with exaggerated fedora. The large rim on these hats can conceal your hair, and give your face a good amount of coverage to protect your skin and makeup. This hat is also fabulous if you want to show off your lengths! For ways to wear the “It” hat, browse the latest collection from Kenneth Cole.


Magic under the hat.
To avoid “hat hair” and promote even prettier hair post-hat, our best secret is to spray the inside of your hat with hair spray. This prevents frizz, static, and will keep hair smooth and shaped. We recommend a product with flexible hold, and if it has the added feature of anti-humidity protection built in, it’s a keeper! For all of your hat-wearing purposes (and beyond), our pick is Oribe’s “Impermeable.” It’s an ideal substitute whenever a step calls for hairspray, such as for the braided look we mentioned. Another important tip is to apply this type of spray onto your scarf, whenever you’re wearing one. It will give hair protection and anti-static benefits. Besides, you never know when your scarf will come in handy and save you from a stormy day.

Experts Nicole & Patricia on Transforming a Fashionista

In town for Fashion Week, San Francisco based beauty and fashion blogger Flor de Maria Rivera turned to Butterfly for a hair update. She was ready to go brighter for Spring, and was willing to lose a lot of length in the process. Two salon visits later, Flor now has a chic, short (but not too short) haircut created by senior stylist Nicole Descoteaux, and glowing blonde hair color perfected by Butterfly expert Patricia Ribeiro. Here’s how our technicians worked through the gorgeous makeover…


Before Shot

Stylist Nicole Descoteaux on choosing the right length:

“Flor’s haircut had no layers or angling, which contributed to a heavy and lifeless feeling for her hair. Her original thought was to go above the shoulders with a short, bob-length cut. As a stylist, I often hear my clients consider going for that drastic change, and I usually agree in favor of the bob. However, the structure of Flor’s long haircut just wasn’t at its maximum potential in this case. I felt that we didn’t have to go so short to get a light bounce back into Flor’s style, and her hair could do so much more with a new shape. At the end, we said goodbye to five inches and Flor was very happy to have been guided in a way that preserved length. She was so sweet, and a lot of fun to work with – utilizing everything a makeover can offer with a big change in cut, color and makeup. It was a complete Butterfly transformation, and that’s what we do best!”

short blonde hair nyc

Colorist Patricia Ribeiro on getting the right shade of blonde:

“Ombre is on its way out, so Flor felt it was time to part with the trend and aim for a fresh hair look that read more up-to-date ‘Kardashian.’ Latinas will usually get brassy when going for a lighter tone, so we worked on getting the burnt copper hues out first. I used a balayage highlighting method in order to achieve a beautiful blonde color with perfectly golden results. It gave her a much more natural and flattering shade of hair color!”


March Event – Kids Styling & Story Time!

It’s time for Birdie’s very first haircut, and the miniature fashionista yearns for more than just a simple trim. Should she choose an updo, a perm, or a ballerina bun? She looks through pictures, books, lots of magazines – even Mommy’s yearbook – to find the best new look, and she and Mommy head to the salon. Her haircut looks fantastic, but begins to sag later on at the playground… because Birdie doesn’t just love fashion – she likes to run and jump and play! In the end, Mommy reminds her that the most perfect Birdie look is the one that lets her be herself.

Sujean Rim’s beautiful watercolor and fabric collages will have fashionistas of every age giggling as she showcases Birdie with iconic hairstyles from decades past. Another delightful adventure in the Birdie series that offers a playful balance of fashion, fun, and heart! (Purchase Book)

Birdie Butterfly invite RSVP

Bring in your little Butterfly for a day of Sunday FUN on March 2nd! We are hosting a special reading of adorable new children’s book, Birdie’s Big Girl Hair – and author/illustrator Sujean Rim will be in house to bring her playful story to life! The experts at Butterfly Studio will be offering complimentary kids hair styling during the event, and treats will be served. Kindly RSVP to attend at

Oribe Look – Create Classic, Romantic Waves

Be a total “Betty!” Create soft, sexy waves for your date with a little help from Butterfly Studio founder Kattia Solano, Oribe products, and some hot rollers. Yes, hot rollers! Trust us – they make it very easy to nail the right kind of curl for that really glamorous, classic look.

What You’ll Need:

Oribe Products
Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse
Soft Lacquer
Dry Texturizing Spray
Superfine Hair Spray
Côte d’Azur (for a little something extra)

Flat Brush
Hot Rollers

Follow These Steps:

1. Wash hair with a lightweight yet moisturizing shampoo and conditioner (Kattia suggests Oribe Signature Shampoo and Conditioner).

2. Apply Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse at the root and work towards the end. Use a comb to distribute evenly.

3. Rough dry the hair with your hands.

4. Create a side part and then separate hair into five sections with clips: top, sides (taken from 1 inch behind the ear) and two in the back.

5. Spray each section with Soft Lacquer, concentrating on the ends, then start rolling the hair. Use two to three rollers in each section. On the heavier hair side, roll forward. On the oppsosite side, roll back.

6. Let cool and do makeup. Give lips and cheeks a pop of color.

7. Take rollers out and spray Dry Texturizing Spray on each curl for texture and to maintain shape.

8. Use a flat boar bristle brush to gently brush out curls.

9. Use Superfine Hair Spray where needed for hold.

10. Spray a little Côte d’Azur for a sexy scent to carry you through your Valentine’s Day date.

Hair Tips for Valentine’s Day – Or Before Any Date Night

balayage by min kim colorist ny

WHAT TO DO FOR YOUR HAIR COLOR – by master color specialist Min Kim

Got a hot date? Every woman feels sexier with some subtle highlights enhancing her haircut or style… Balayage is a super easy, low maintenance way to soften up a drab hue and infuse your hair color – such as that dull brown with a gorgeous caramel to make sure you shine all day and sparkle at night. Add a few soft highlights around your face to brighten up the winter blues and keep your date wondering why you’re glowing.

One of the most important things people don’t think of planning for is remembering to cover up those pesky white hairs! Touch up grays with a single process using L’oreal’s INOA – an oil-based permanent hair color product that can actually improve texture and make styling a snap. You walk away with hair that is soft to the touch and has a very pretty, mirror-like shine. The color choices in the line are gorgeous, and especially a wonder for red heads!

If you’re short on time, ask for Butterfly’s signature Photo Finish service. This is an express color treatment (similar to a gloss application) that enhances shine, and can add a subtle tone boost to your hair color that gradually washes away. It has an instant conditioning effect on the hair, making it silky, sleek, and very touch-worthy.

(Pictured work by Min Kim)

Kattia’s Mommy Diary: The “Go Bag”

Well, this is a new term for me! Packing a “To-Go Bag” for the hospital was the last thing on my mind, despite the reminders I would often get from my husband about thinking ahead for a smooth delivery day. This is when I love him even more… He is always prepared and mindful of every little detail, even when I’m not! Eventually, I caved in to the thoughtful pressure and did a little research. I began reading many of the different lists out there, and when I started thinking about it in real terms, I felt overwhelmed. My hubby was right! Why didn’t I think about it sooner?!

When clarity finally came to me, it was simple. Choose items that will make you feel good. What I’m packing are the essentials that help me feel comfortable and pretty – and now that bag is starting to look more like a suitcase!! With less than two weeks to go, I’ve learned that having the perfect “Go Bag” is important, and that it requires some thought. I understand now why most people recommend getting a bag together when you are about 8 months along. It’s so you’re always ready, even if you deliver early. Another thing you should know – you will not only need a bag for yourself, but also for your partner and your baby!

Read on for Kattia’s beauty list and what to pack for your delivery >>

Last Minute Ideas for Valentine’s Day Hair

Still need a look for Valentine’s Day?

Here are some quick and easy tips for pulling together a last minute style.

blake lively ponytail
Start with a messy or natural wavy hair texture. Make the look more romantic by clipping the sides into a loose twist and pin. Use a large curling iron to set the hair. Then apply a styling spray like Oribe’s Dry for hold with a little extra texture and volume. Taking the sides, twist back and downward. Secure with pins. Spray a light hair spray to keep the sides tamed.

volume side part
This romantic and sophisticated style is super simple. Start with a voluminous blow dry using products that give hair more fullness, such as a volumizing spray, or apply a mousse from roots to ends. Then, simply create a low hair part on one side and pull the hair back. Tuck the section behind the ears and secure with one bobby pin right behind the ear so that it is unseen. Then, push all of your hair to one side and secure the very bottom with another hair pin near the lower hairline.

jessica alba updo
Start with the most texture you can for this very soft, loose twist. We don’t recommend recently washed hair because you don’t want to work with hair that’s too soft. The first step is to tease your entire mane with a brush. Then, go over every section from roots to ends with hair spray. Using your hands, begin to create your shape by pulling hair back as if you were doing a ponytail. Instead, complete the process by making a loose bun or classic twist. Secure with poppy pins. To give the style more detail, separate hair with your fingers and spray to achieve that effortless look.

The classic – romantic waves! Watch Kattia Solano demostrate how to create the best waves for a sexy date night out in our Oribe hair tutorial.

We Tried It: Khe-Yo in Tribeca

Khe-Yo currently tops our list of where to eat in NYC, and food you’ve just got to try right now. It’s another amazing restaurant by Marc Forgione, who partnered up with Chef Soulayphet “Phet” Schwader to bring their fresh culinary vision to Manhattan. This recent newcomer serves up Laotian-inspired South Asian cuisine that is so, SO good! You will fully appreciate their tasty dishes if you’re a fan of spicy and flavorful food. The staff is super friendly while the atmosphere is cool and cozy. (Coming from us, you can consider that a great compliment!) Giving the space that classic TriBeCa touch, you’ll find exposed brick walls and simple contemporary decor. We really love the elephant mural that’s featured within the setting, too…


A must have at Khe-yo is the sticky rice. You eat it with your hands after dipping the rice into their spicy, and very addictive “Bang Bang” sauce. It’s seriously better than ANY bread basket! Then, try the Roasted Kabocha Squash (laap-eu). Our first thought was, we’ve never had anything like it! It has the perfect combination of textures and flavors that surprise you. We also recommend the Crunchy Coconut Rice. Served with spicy Kaffir lime sausage and baby iceberg lettuce, the entree is delicious, and filling without giving you that heavy feeling. The downside (if we had to consider one) is that their current menu is small, with just a few specials that change daily – and so, we say that only because we want more. We absolutely LOVE this place!

Pulling Together Your Wedding Look – By Colorist Faye Goodwin

Bridal season is just around the corner, and being a bride myself, I understand the many factors we need to consider for pulling that dream look together in time. First and foremost, you need to say “Yes to the dress!” Once you have found the perfect dress, everything else will fall into place. I suggest checking out Jenny Packham’s gowns at Mark Ingram Atelier in Manhattan, which is who I chose for the big day. My number one rule for selecting your dress is to make sure the gown compliments your venue and the time of year. For example, I am getting married in June, inside of a yoga temple in the Dominican Republic. The ideal dress for me had to balance elegance with a lightweight fabric – so that I would not melt away in the heat of the tropical oasis!


When it comes to accessories, a bold dress is best accented by going more subtle with your adornments. On the other hand, a simple dress can really be embellished by playing up a few statement pieces. I chose simple diamond stud earrings and an extremely bold Jenny Packham headpiece to compliment my completely embellished gown (pictured above). As for hair and makeup, be YOU – just a more elegant version. You want to choose a look you will feel comfortable wearing all day, without having to think about it. But don’t settle! Speak up and make sure your beauty team knows exactly what you are going for. I am bringing my Butterflies along with me for my destination wedding – a dream team of Francesca Roman for flawless makeup and bridal hair expert Vanessa Fernandez to create my gorgeous style. As a colorist, my biggest recommendation for any bride is not to do anything drastic before the big day. Thirty years from now, no bride wants to look back and ask herself, “What was I thinking?” To ensure a radiant, glowing look on your big day, try subtle face framing highlights. For me, a plan for natural balayage is in order. Congratulations fellow brides!

Men’s Haircuts by Taylor Brock

The go-to request from most men is “longer on top, shorter on the sides and back.” Recently, we’ve seen many guys embracing a more gentlemanly, “Mad Men” type of haircut, which has a vintage influence to it. However, they’re also asking for a more updated version of the style. That’s when men opt for a more edgy, buzzed look for their shorter hair sections – some will even go for a mohawk effect towards the back. Our male clients say they love the contrast in the combination because hair looks better longer, and getting that extra time before their next cut is a huge plus. Overall, they love that it just feels a little more rock n roll!

IMG_9671 IMG_9677 IMG_5330 IMG_9299

(The last image is a great boyish crop for anyone looking for a softer look with a little bit of length or bang. This is a great choice for someone with a slight wave to the hair.)

Latest Haircut Transformations by Vanessa Fernandez

The demand for shorter hair is bigger than ever. There are so many varieties of a chic, short cut – be it a pixie, bob, lob, or crop. You get a lot of versatility with a shorter look, and it can be styled to appear softer or stronger. It’s also a great option if you’re someone who likes to request something a little different with each haircut appointment. Butterfly senior stylist Vanessa Fernandez says she loves seeing the hot trend come to life in its own unique way for every client. “They’re already beautiful, but they leave feeling empowered!”

If your hair feels a bit too grown out, and is becoming hard to style – it’s time for a shape up. Here are a few of Vanessa’s recently cropped creations for some inspiration!

long pixie cut vanessa fernandez pixie cut nyc vanessa fernandez short hair nyc vanessa fernandez aline bob stylist vanessa fernandez bob haircut nyc vanessa fernandez

Team Butterfly’s Newest Rock Star Talent

“Every artist was first an amateur.”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson


team butterfly

We are proud to announce the recent promotions of colorist Maisha Cogle and stylists Amanda Colihan and Taylor Brock! These three superstars are familiar faces who have worked hard under the belt of our top stylists as apprentices, and have since shined bright – successfully completing Butterfly’s in-house training program. From countless hair models, to styling celebrities and turning heads with their work at events, these talented technicians have shown meticulous attention to detail, skill, and creative genius. We believe that their new title as NYC hair experts is truly deserved. Congratulations!

Junior stylist rates start at $105 for women’s cuts or single process color. Highlights $157+. Men’s cut $84+.


Jill Engelsen
Senior stylist // Haircut: $157

On the pulse of the New York scene, Jill combines impeccable customer service with an acute attention to detail that is sure to make you feel like an A-lister. Whether your hair is long or short, Jill has an affinity for giving soft layers to enhance any hair type. Specializing in relaxed, easy-to-maintain styles, she will create a look just for you that is chic, yet effortless. Clients say they walk out of the salon with confidence-boosting, sexy hair that turns heads and has everyone asking, “Who does your hair?!”

A little history: Hailing from Minneapolis, Jill’s career began with an Aveda education that led her to a prestigious salon history, including being an educator and platform artist with Ted Gibson. Today, Jill is an exciting new addition to the Butterfly family! Growing up in the industry with a mom who was also a hairdresser, her passion for hair and the love of making a difference in people’s lives stems all the way back to her childhood. For the past seven years (and counting), she’s living her dream as a top NYC stylist and educator/artist with L’Oreal Professionnel. She has been a regular behind the scenes at NYFW with designers Lela Rose, Carmen Marc Valvo, Rachel Roy and Pamela Rolland. Her celebrity roster includes Elizabeth Banks, Gabrielle Union, Jessica Chastain and more. Jill’s continuous thirst for education and innovation drives her passion to deliver a style that is modern and evolving.


Cezanne Perfect Finish Service – What To Expect [Video]

One of the best things about the Cezanne Perfect Finish is that the treatment is safe to use the same day as coloring and/or cutting your hair – allowing you to book your services in one shot. You’ll leave the salon fully transformed, and feeling like a knockout!

The Inspiration behind “Kattia’s Mommy Diaries”

Any day now, I’m due to give birth! I’ve learned that being pregnant inspires new thoughts and ideas like never before. Along the way, you’re told stories from everyone you meet, and you learn that there’s always more to learn… I find myself with a new outlook these days, practicing new habits and thinking differently. And once the baby is born, I know there will be more of everything! Since it’s all so fresh, I feel it’s the perfect time to get personal and share some of the knowledge I’ve discovered about expecting.

For 20 years I’ve been behind a chair, listening to the wonderful advice of women and their experience with being a mother. These are stories of life, struggle and of joy – including some details I might not have needed to hear. One thing I can say with certainty is that we all have different bodies and therefore unique experiences; from our skin, hairs, internal processes – and let’s not forget the hormones! We all react differently. At the end of our journey, we have one special thing in common, motherhood. Even when the baby is not yet born, feelings from mental to physical begin to materialize. You learn to see things in a different light from the strong bond that’s created and it really connects you with the meaning of being protective. We develop the desire to want to learn better ways of taking care of ourselves and how to protect our families.

What I strongly feel is that you should never, ever neglect yourself throughout the journey. The better you feel, the better everyone around you feels. I’ve found that a great pregnancy has everything to do with feeling happy and having the right attitude, as it does with making healthy, safe choices. My story is that of a woman in her 40’s, who is feeling truly lucky to live out the blessing of having a baby – and I’m telling it through a series of posts and tips called, “Kattia’s Mommy Diaries.” Because taking care of yourself starts with the small things…

IMG_1810 small

Tips for Better Skin From Head to Toe

(Featuring Kattia Solano’s special methods)

Be better about taking care of your skin: Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate…
There is little that beats the refreshing feeling of cleansed skin and a full body pampering. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, and Springtime next on the map – here’s how we’re glowing everywhere and radiating confidence with that “new skin” feeling.


Exfoliate your face about 2-3 times a week.
We know that the hardest part of following a skin routine can simply be remembering to do it. That’s why we recommend keeping an exfoliating product in the shower to help remind you. For a brighter and softer complexion, using an exfoliant on your face is truly number one. An exfoliating face scrub will cleanse away dead skin cells and remove impurities, such as dull skin and clogged pores. A lot of us at Butterfly have been using the Exfoliating Mask by Joanna Vargas – religiously. The bonus about this product is that it’s both a facial exfoliator and a skin treatment. Apply a thin layer and scrub gently for about a minute, then rinse. To use it as a mask, leave on for about 15 minutes, one to two times a week.

Kattia says: “It’s hard to recreate the special touch of a pro facialist like Cristina Marroquin when she applies her technique during Butterfly’s ‘Skin Perfecting Treatment’ – but for more of a spa-quality result at home, pair with a Clarisonic cleansing brush to see smooth, clear, and glowing skin consistently!”

Kattia’s Mommy Diary: Staying fit with The Bar Method

Working out has always been part of my life. And if you get the OK from your doctor, I’ve found that staying active is one of the best things you can do for yourself during pregnancy. For the past two years, I’ve been a regular at The Bar Method – a studio space featuring classes based on their signature ballet bar workout. For me, it’s all about sculpting your core, legs, and booty! Designed under the guidance of physical therapists, The Bar Method focuses on effectiveness, safety, and body awareness to stretch, strengthen, and reshape your body. This type of workout is unique because it’s gentle (and typically even sweat-free!) while still targeting and visibly toning the full body. When I got pregnant, I wondered if my beloved Bar classes were a safe option for staying in my best (baby)shape.

barmethod2Bar Method SOHO

After a helpful chat with the teachers at The Bar Method, I was thrilled to find out that I could continue worry-free, pre and post baby! I just had to consider making a few modifications to my routine. They even have a pregnancy workout DVD available – great for mommies who might not have easy access to a location. Since then, I’ve kept up with going a few times a week. I joke that it’s the only “bar” I’m able to enjoy lately. But I don’t mind much, each session leaves me feeling so good! When I first started Bar, I saw my body tone up quickly. Even now, I’m impressed with my ab work out – being most surprised by how much muscle tone you can still have around your waist and belly. I feel really strong and healthy from head to toe. I love how it gives me just the right amount of energy, but also allows a release. It leaves me feeling more connected and in tune with my body, and my baby. I think it’s a great workout for any woman, and the best for moms-to-be!



The Bar Method and Pregnancy…
With the proper modifications, The Bar Method is a highly safe and effective form of exercise for women throughout all stages of pregnancy. And as studies have shown…regular exercise during pregnancy decreases backaches and discomfort due to swollen feet, makes women less likely to gain excessive weight, decreases the risk of diabetes, and improves mood and self-esteem. Bar Method classes can make pregnancy a better experience overall both mentally and physically. And overall, Bar Method students who classes regularly are leaner, calmer and generally healthier at birth (and after).


Client Makeover: Goodbye, Rapunzel Length Hair

As stylists, we love the opportunity to be the captain – steering ship to an exciting new frontier. That’s why Amanda Colihan, a Butterfly junior stylist, jumped on the chance to perform a mega makeover on a haircut model who came in sporting straight, long lengths worthy of a role in a fantasy movie or fairy tale. “She loves it…THE END!” Amanda joked after there was only a sea of hair left to sweep up. The results could turn a boat over… 12 inches of hair gone on our real life Rapunzel to reveal an entirely new gorgeous girl! (And a charitable one at that – part of her plan was to donate the foot of hair that was cut off. We love that!)


Her hair type is thick and has a little wave to it. She’d been growing it for years, without any layering whatsoever. Her hair was actually looking thin and dead straight from all the weight. It had been so long since she could get a wave in her hair or create any type of movement. That’s why Amanda decided to dive right into it with a short, versatile haircut containing many layers, and also give her client some face-defining bangs to play around with.


“For someone so fun and young,” Amanda adds, “it was important to make sure the change would reflect her true personality and style.” Can we all agree on the fact that hair is one of the defining factors for what gives us our signature? That’s why we urge leaving sad looks and fictional characters for the storybooks, and encourage making yourself a walking expression of the real you. Because the real you – is HOT!


2014 Golden Globes Beauty Recap

margotbobbieglobes2014 Best Overall Look – Margot Robbie

From her stunning silver screen looks in “Wolf of Wall Street” to her windswept hair on the recent cover of Manhattan Magazine, this beauty has recently become one of our favorites in the celeb realm. One one hand, her white Gucci gown can be considered revealing. Instead, the softness in her style and the effortless way in which she wore her look that night made her appear poised and ladylike. Margot’s fresh makeup with side-swept bangs and simple chignon was a great choice in showing a side of classic beauty while toning down the sexiness. Embellishing her were the glistening diamond and green jewels cut into her dress, which helped contrast Margot’s blonde hair color, and flatter those great arms and trim waistline. We totally loved the pretty pair of emerald Louboutins peeping through the slit of her dress (and matching its accents) – the perfect touch for making Margot most memorable.


hairgoldenglobes2014 Red Carpet Hairstyle Trend – The Bob

Going shorter is the big trend for 2014! From newly cropped haircut debuts to the elegant faux bob – short hair falling between the varieties of lobs and crops ruled the red carpet this year. With so many jumping on the chop wagon, it shows just how versatile a cut in the bob family really is because it works for any age and face shape. And because it can be styled in so many ways – any occasion, too! Whether it be soft and wavy, sleek and straight, wet and slicked back, or retro glamorous… there’s a bob style for everyone. Find the right option with special details to compliment you and this cut promises to always look stylish. The commitment is a little product and styling time daily, as well as keeping up with frequent trim appointments to keep the shape just right.


cateandemmaglobes2014 Best Dresses

For surprising us in their own way, Cate Blanchett and Emma Watson get the kudos for best dress decisions. We always love the talented Cate, however she’s not typically an icon in fashion news. That’s why she especially floored us during the awards with this cheeky black lace number. The Armani Prive selection was a total hit – and not her first from the line (you might remember seeing her previously, looking chic in a structured, bold red sequined dress). Although we’ve got to say, we weren’t crazy about the hair this time. We wish she had gone for something a bit more messy and modern. Then there’s the Emma Watson dress. Emma defined the words “couture” and “contemporary” with an unexpected statement dress, featuring a cut out back – over pants! Somehow, it did not come as a surprise to find out the garment was a Chistian Dior design. We loved the simplicity of her hair and makeup with this look. One part traditional and sophisticated with one part fun and avant-garde, this is a fashionable collaboration that only Emma and Dior could pull off!