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February (Valentine’s Day) Promotions

For the month of February, treat yourself to any purchase of 2 or more Kerastase products and receive a complimentary Kerastase Fusio Dose! (a customized hair treatment valued at  $50)  Because nothing says “I love me” like great hair.

Why are all the Butterfly Besties saying TGI… Thursday!?

For every Thursday in February that you and your BFF book a blow dry, you receive a complementary make up application with beauty specialist, Tedrick!

Make sure to book your hair and make up appointments with a client coordinator to get your Galentine’s Day started!

Artwork by Sujean Rim.

Butterfly Holiday



What are the holidays without a little magic?

Turn wants for good hair into great gifts and get your own hair wish granted with a…

Buy 3 full-size products in December and slay for a day in January with our complimentary BUTTERFLY BLOW DRY gift! All limited edition holiday sets from our haircare brands count as 2 products so you’ll only need to add 1+ more full-sized item to qualify for our big blowout deal in 2018. Time to pop *product* bottles and celebrate! Redeemable during the month of January (excluding Fridays and Saturdays).

While supplies last, you can bring home this indulgent scented Chronologiste Candle ($65 value) when you spend $100 or more on Kerastase products! With a burn-time of 50-60 hours, it makes for a memorable gift and way to warm up the mood at a moment’s notice.

It’s thrice as nice to be ORIBE OBSESSED! Receive a complimentary Triple Crown Kit ($30 value) with any $125 Oribe purchase, like a luxe product pairing with a Gold Lust Holiday Collection or Dry Styling Set. Gift kit includes three deluxe samples of Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, sized perfectly for stocking stuffers or holiday travel! Available while supplies last.

We’re extending our fall discount on all NEST candles & trio sets thru December! Keep the mood cozy yet celebratory with iconic Festive Collection home fragrances – Holiday, Birchwood Pine, Hearth and Sugar Cookie – or stock up on this season’s best-selling Pumpkin Chai scent. Holiday mantel goals: COVERED!


Butterfly’s Back on 5th!

Starting Monday, October 9th, you can find us opening a new chapter at our original address at 149 5th Ave, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about coming home to a recharged and ready-to-inspire space that we are truly proud to share!

While we won’t be quite ready for that big reveal just yet, we are really excited about showing off the progress we’ve made with the salon’s shape-up so far. On behalf of our entire team, we’d like to say THANK YOU to our amazing clients for their patience and support through the entire process. We love you so much, Butterfly Babes!

As we dust ourselves off and put the finishing touches on our shiny new studio, we invite you to stop in for a tour and partake in our limited-time promotions!  XOXO



Fall’s product perk is a small token of appreciation for embarking on this journey with us. Pick up the essentials you love from Kerastase, Oribe and Shu Uemura, or make way for a transformation of your own by requesting our recommendation for fall’s best beauty must-haves.


Enter our favorite gifting method: beauty therapy! Treat your special someone to post-pampering bliss with a Butterfly Gift Card and we’ll give you a BONUS VALUE CARD to show yourself love any way you like. Beauty is meant to be shared and that’s why you’ll GET when you GIVE thru November.



Three Life-changing Joanna Vargas Products for Skin

Butterfly is both proud and thrilled to carry JV skincare’s antioxidant rich brand of skin benefiting products created by top NYC facialist and celebrity esthetician Joanna Vargas. Just one run through of the regimen, and we were hooked on the results from this organic and natural line. Our instantly smooth, even skin and bright, glowy complexion spoke for itself – making clear the reasons for her loyal Hollywood following. Read on to discover the salon’s top three favorites for all skin types and why we now can’t live without them!


Always on demand amongst A-list clients like Michelle Williams, this light gel serum is known as the “green juice for the skin!” We’re obsessed because it firms and tightens right away while bringing out a visible glow in your skin. Supplying high levels of vitamins without an oily texture, this revitalizing elixir will nourish the skin on a long-term basis and increase its ability to regenerate and stay youthful. Apply this refreshing chlorophyl-powered gel on irritated skin, and you’ll see inflammation disappear just as fast as you’ll feel the cooling effect. It’s your instant fix for brighter skin, smoother lines, and mega nourishment. Apply a thin layer on cleansed skin day and night before anything else. This stuff’s so good, you can even skip the eye cream!

Shaping Your Eyebrows


Before: Uneven, unruly brows




Align downward to find the inner starting point for your shape

Angle to determine end point for your outer brow

Use shadow and a brush for softer definition

Or try a pencil for thicker, more defined brows. Fill in lightly from the inside out.

Then, use a brush to blend the shadow in for a more natural look.

We love that this pencil by Kevyn Aucoin is a two-in-one!


Notice the difference between the two? Just don’t try both at once!

Photos by Amelia Alpaugh

Products Used

“The Precision” Brow Pencil by Kevyn Aucoin, “Angle Liner” by Paula Dorf,  Kevyn Aucoin Eyeshadow Single in “Coffee Bean,” and steel tweezers.

How To: Fake a French Twist On Short Hair

Photos by: Rolando Robínson || Makeup: Butterfly artist Francesca Roman

The shorter the hair, the less maintenance. On the flip side, there are less options when it comes to jazzing up your pixie… We’ve admired celebs’ use of styling products—from Jennifer Lawrence‘s rough texture to Anne Hathaway‘s slicked back style—but if you really want to dress it up, it takes a little more creativity. We sought the help of Kattia Solano, hair stylist at NYC’s Butterfly Studio Salon, who showed us how to recreate this gorgeous faux French twist in the Butterfly Studio tutorial room (open to the public in Spring 2014).

Shannon Farrell // Daily Makeover



Step 1:
For a full look, start with texture. Those with fine straight hair can add movement with a curling iron, creating loose ringlets on two-inch sections of hair. Then spray each two-inch section with Oribe Texturizing Spray to build height. For thicker hair, curling isn’t required.

“This style is best on dirty hair or with some texture,” says Solano.

Step 2:
Backcomb each section of hair, holding each piece at the ends between the fingers. By holding the tip, the comb is able to hit the sides as well as tease straight up.

Step 3:
Lightly comb the hair out with fingers or a thin comb.

Step 4:
Place the headband over the head, leaving it along the neck like a necklace. (Solano used the L. Erickson Rock Goddess Headwrap) Start to stretch out the headband, placing it directly on the hairline. Then pull each chain back individually.

Step 5:
Use Oribe Superfine Hairspray on the sides of hair (just below the ears) to make them super sleek. The sleeker the sides, the more exaggerated the “faux French twist.”

Hair Smoothing Makeover: Maisha & Taylor Team Up

(Article highlights from EXAMINER.COM by Andrea Obaez)

The Cezanne (pronounced Say-Zan) smoothing Keratin treatment seems to pick up where the Brazilian keratin treatments went wrong: it contain no harsh chemicals and is actually meant to help improve the overall health of your hair.


“I can’t wait until I get it on my hair,” says Maisha Cogle, who processed the beauty editor’s hair with the Cezanne treatment. “It really is a great product and personally I am very excited.”


“I remember when we first got it, I kept making faces because they were saying the same things we heard when the keratin treatments first debuted. I kept thinking, c’mon, what’s the catch,” says Taylor Brock, stylist at Butterfly studio. “But my girlfriend got the treatment, and her hair is actually healthier now.”


To apply the Cezanne smoothing treatment, the hair has to be washed with a gentle clarifying shampoo to remove buildup. The hair is then dried about 90% of the way, and sectioned off. The product is applied on small sections of the hair, making sure each strand is covered. then left to sit for 30 minutes.


After the treatment was left to sit, Maisha washed it out with warm water. “It’s okay if a little is left in. The hair doesn’t have to be washed clean completely.” She then blow dried and flat ironed my hair straight to seal in the treatment. Then Taylor trimmed off the split ends.


Having the product sit on my hair felt cold. Not like the burning sensation of relaxers or the intensely strong smell of texturizers. The Cezanne smoothing treatment smelled pleasant, and while I could detect the smell of something strong in the treatment, it was nothing like the chemical smell of other processes I’ve used.


I got to touch my hair right after the treatment had been washed out, and it was definitely softer and the curls felt looser. I also noticed that it took Maisha a lot less time to blow dry my hair, and did not have that burned hair smell I’ve gotten so used to after a visit to the salon. The Cezanne treatment has all the markings of an intense deep conditioner, and doesn’t not alter the hair in the long term.


I was left with was with the straightest, smoothest hair I’ve ever had.


Though the Cezanne smoothing treatment is not available for at-home use, it does give curly-haired gals a viable alternative to chemical treatments that alter the hair shaft. It also provides a level of moisture that curly hair often lacks, and it’s working on improving the hair, not break it or damage it in some way.


I’ve used relaxers, texturizers, hot combs, press and curls, and used flat irons that have burned my hair in sections. This has been the first product I’ve used that has actually attempted to improve my hair, not the other way around, and that in itself is a huge deal. It has only been a week, but I am in love with my hair.

Fun Idea: Gold Hair + Braided Chignon

Hair: Kattia Solano  |  Photos: Amelia Alpaugh

Is “sparkle” the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a party or the holidays? Okay, we know it’s really “drinks” or “sweets,” but who doesn’t love a little glitter to evoke the spirit of the season?! We’ve got a festive and creative way to introduce wearing gold in your hair this year and make an updo more fancy with lux shimmer and playful loops…



Start with hair that is not so clean and has some body to it… Ask any stylist and we’ll all tell you that we prefer working with a dirty mane when styling hair for a special event. That way, you get the most out of your hair products plus lasting structure. A sleek look (like the one we’re creating here) is always a great option for managing next day hair when you’ve got somewhere to be but no time for a salon visit. With the right style, you can really make hair shine by using days of product and natural hair oil to your advantage.

Messy, Sexy Ponytail

That effortless, pulled back hair look is just 10 easy steps away. . . Because we all need to have a sexy updo up our sleeves for those “you never know” days!


Products You’ll Need:

ORIBE Haircare’s “Gold Lust” nourishing hair oil, and “Dry” texturizing hairspray.



Step 1 – Separate and pin the crown section out of the way.

Step 2 – Take the hair and brush back using tension to create a basic pony tail in the middle of the head.

Step 3 – Use a large curling iron to set the crown in a basic set for volume.

Step 4 – Taking about 3 to 4 inch hair sections, apply a hairspray for hold and pin.

Allow to set for a few minutes.

Step 5 – Brush out gently.

Step 6 – Spray each section with Oribe “Dry” spray to create texture. The product absorbs oils in the hair to give a longer lasting tease.

Step 7 – Tease hair section by section with a comb. Using a fine tooth comb with small teeth is best.

Step 8 – Start to lightly comb or brush the shape in. Use your hands to adjust as desired. But remember – it doesn’t have to be perfect!

Step 9 – Bring hair back towards your ponytail using your hands. Lightly spray with “Dry” again to get a better hold, and wrap around the pony’s base.

Step 10 – Secure with a bobby pin.

All done!

Add a little more fun to your look by going for a brighter lip!

Photos by Amelia Alpaugh

Take Hair from Day to Night with an Updo

Unless you keep a plethora of hair styling tools at your desk, you may have trouble transitioning your hairstyle from day to night. We sought the help of Kattia Solano, hair stylist at NYC’s Butterfly Studio Salon, who showed us how to transform gorgeous waves into a stunning textured updo in just six simple steps.
– Shannon Farrell // Daily Makeover

Stylist: Kattia Solano || Makeup artist: Francesca Roman

Photos by: Rolando Robínson 

Party Hair: Soft Updo & DIY Bobby Pin Design

Hair: Kattia Solano | Photos: Amelia Alpaugh

We appreciate a classic and clean look as much as the next girl – but doesn’t elegant hair deserve an update, too? That’s exactly why we were inspired to give the winter updo a more modern and decorative approach. We started with the concept of pulled back hair wrapped up in a twist, and added flirty, feminine movement. Then, we took the most simple accessory – the bobby pin – and found a cool way to wear this staple so that it translates to fancy and fabulous! Our model is sporting day 2 of her Butterfly blow out in the before shot because unwashed, second day hair is usually best. For step #1, we’re working with that slight wave to create a windswept texture…