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Black Tie Braid: Tips For A Fancy Fishtail

Dress up with a fabulous fishtail and a single statement earring! Set yourself apart from all of the blown out waves in the room with these fishtail braiding tips by stylist Dana Tizzio

1. For a better braiding base, start with textured hair. Use your 1 inch curling wand and set the entire head in small sections.
2. Make sure that your braid stays put all night long by applying a texturizing wave spray such as Oribe’s “Dry.”
3. Decide on your hair part and pull your lengths over to the side it feels most natural to braid on.
4. Split hair in two sections. Put a little pomade on your hands first and run it thru for extra shine. This will help keep your layers inside the braid.
5. Begin your fishtail by taking a little section from behind one half of your parted hair and pull towards the other section. Then take hair from that section (another chunk from behind) and pull it towards the first section. Keep tension in the ENTIRE time or the braid will get loose and fall out.
6. Continue your fishtail braid down to the ends and use a small elastic to tie and secure.
7. Loosen the braid and make it your own by softly pulling at the fishtail with your fingertips. And remember…Undone is the new done up!


Makeup by master artist Francesca Roman

Products Kattia Solano Never Travels Without

Our salon founder and master stylist lists what you should always pack for your holiday away or when you vacation to a beachy resort destination…

Travel Essentials

Travel-size Hair Essentials: Your hair will need as much moisture as it can get when spending time in the sun and exposed to the elements. Leave in hair treatment oil for nourishment, Moisturizing shampoo & conditioner for soft hair (effective enough to treat the hair but not too heavy weight), Beach wave spray for shine and texture, Non-sticky dry shampoo spray for definition, hold, & refreshed volume (skip the hairspray) and a must for curly textures… Curl gloss (non-sticky gel) to enhance the look of wave structure and provide humidity protection to help your curls last without the fuzz.

Mason Pearson Brush for detangling in the shower, smooth styling touches, and upstyle days.

Joanna Vargas Rejuvenating Serum for the face. Fatty acids help fight wrinkles and replenish your skin from sun damage by promoting cell renewal. A must for every day of your trip, morning and night.

Hair ties in different sizes and widths – it’s important to pack a variety for your changing texture and needs during your trip. I always pack options to be one step ahead.

Tinted Moisturizer. Laura Mercier is amazing for that natural, dewy glow!

– A color blush and contour duo (two-in-one for space saving) such as the best-selling NARS palette

– YSL Concealer stick for on-the-go touchups and brightening

– 1 basic black eyeliner and 1 fun colored liner (there is so much you can create with just the combination of the two. Single wear, double up on the same line, alternate top and bottom colors, etc)

– 1 Bright Matte Lip Color (You can also pack a moisturizing, colorless gloss for versatile results and a change in finish)

Lash curler and mascara. Even if I do nothing else I will always at least curl my lashes and apply one mascara coat for a more fresh, awake look.

– An all-natural sunscreen/broad spectrum SPF is a must for full body coverage (hands, feet, chest – everywhere) and hair protection before even stepping foot outdoors. You will most likely be traveling with a mini size so it’s very handy to take with you as you will need to reapply!

-Pack a hair mask treatment however possible for styling and a post-swimming treatment for fatigued, dry hair. Luckily Oribe purse size products offer UVA/UVB filters for lasting sun protection which will help you beat any harsh drying effects on the hair.

Winter Hair Color Idea: Rich Chocolate Brunette

Give your hair a break during the cooler months with an anything-but-boring brunette color! A rich chocolatey brown – similar to the seasonal delicious cup of hot cocoa – is a beautiful choice for winter. “Chocolate brown tones have just the right balance of cool and warm tones to create a brunette hue that mixes depth and richness, so the results won’t ever look flat or hollow,” explains color specialist Faye Coronado. “It’s a very flattering shade for olive complexions.” Our expert colorist created the gorgeous cocoa brown hue pictured, which has a hint of red that gives a gorgeous shimmer when a beam of light strikes the color. It’s just enough to create a subtle yet striking enhancement that does its part to decorate your mane.

faye coronado brunette

Dark locks always look best when the shade is more natural. It should keep people guessing, “Did she or didn’t she?” A unique touch of customization is required to get there, making it somewhat difficult to achieve your best brown shade at home. Faye advises keeping your skin tone and eye color in mind when making your decision… “Dark complexions tend to compliment warmer, richer brunette tones such as the chocolate brown. Lighter skin tones and cooler eyes, such as shades of blue and gray, work nicely with deep neutral browns. And very dark brunettes should stick with an icy undertone.” For color that stays true to tone longer, make sure an extra boost of moisture and shine becomes a daily part of your hair regimen. This is particularly important when it’s cold out, but color is also known to keep better overall on healthy and nourished hair.

brunette makeup

Beautiful brunette also means that you can amp up your makeup game! And if it’s wintertime, you have full range to play with deeper shades. You can feel more confident about pulling off those bolder, darker colors – especially on the lips. Cranberry, plums, and wines are always a favorite during the holiday season. And if you’re not a lipstick statement kind of girl, try similar shades on your lids for a colored smokey eye. You can even get graphic with your liquid liner and create a more striking eye makeup look.

Men’s Hairstyle How-To For The Dapper (Holi)Days

During the holiday season, we all look for ways to shine. Even men seek a hair look that can take their winter wardrobe up a notch. For the Butterfly guys that need to clean up, or for those who want to amp it up, our best hair tip is NOT to shy away from hair product. The right products become particularly important when you want to add volume and keep your hairstyle looking full and fresh. When stylist Jason J Dougherty wants to rock his favorite tie and put his best self forward, he turns to a combination of Oribe haircare essentials to help him suit up and achieve a style that is equal parts cool and sophisticated. Read on to learn Jason’s easy steps for nailing a classic yet modern men’s hairstyle that would get a seal of approval from GQ Magazine. Channel your inner Don Draper and try it yourself to impress during the holidays, and welcome the new year with cool!

Jason Holiday Products

1. Start with clean, just washed hair and comb through before applying product.
Jason Holiday

2. Using a quarter-sized amount of gel serum, emulsify using your hands and apply product throughout hair.
Jason Holiday 1

Jason Holiday 2

3. With a fine tooth comb, comb through front half of hair and blow dry on a low setting. When blow drying the back half of your hair, simply run fingers through as you blow dry.

Jason Holiday 4 Jason Holiday 5 Jason Holiday 6

4. Spray texturizing spray such as Oribe’s “Dry” to roots at the front for a boost. Your style will thank you later. Sculpt hair with hands.
Jason Holiday 7

5. Apply a styling wax like “Rough Luxury” by Oribe on sides and back of hair for a polished, smooth look. Comb through if desired.
Jason Holiday 3

6. Finish with a medium, more flexible hairspray like Oribe’s non-sticky “Super Fine” throughout for extra shine and hold. If you don’t want to fuss over your hair or worry about it for hours at a time, say yes to hairspray to ensure a put together look that lasts. With Oribe, you also get the bonus of a sexy scent for the win! Jason Final

Party-Ready Ponytail With More Volume And Texture [Video]

Stylist Amanda Colihan recently showed us a bodacious hairstyle that had us smitten and completely mad about mod. Now she shows us another voluminous look that you will be running to try! Sweep your hair back and learn the double ponytail technique – a pro trick that will change the way you pony up. It’s an easy way to create a longer, fuller pony look that’s posh, pretty, and perfect for your next party.

Pony Up Tutorial via

The 10 Minute (No Brush!) Festive Braid

If you’ve made last minute plans to attend a holiday party but find your hair a mess, or if you’re stressing over how to leave the office for a hair appointment in the middle of your crazy holiday schedule…You can still get fancy and fabulous in a flash! Expert stylist and braid specialist Dana Tizzio  suggests a “face forward” DIY ‘do and accent braid to dress up your look for an elegant occasion. What better way to accessorize than with a pretty plait – especially when there’s no time needed to prep your hair for the look? Dana’s life-saving holiday styling tip is something we all need to carry in our back pocket. It’s just as simple to achieve as it is stunning!

Dana Holiday Braid 1ed

Even if the winter weather has made your hair dry, frizzy, or flat – or when you’ve skipped a day since your last shampoo – there’s no reason to let your hair’s condition stop you from getting glam on your time. This quick upstyle is ideal for “last minute” or on-the-go emergencies because you don’t even need a hairbrush to complete this look! All that is required to go from boring-to-black-tie can be placed at the bottom of your bag or clutch: a few pins, hair ties, and a mini/travel-sized version of your favorite dry shampoo/texturizing spray (something we never ever leave the house without anyway!)… And if you’re lucky, a fabulous pair of earrings or a shiny choker necklace is also in your reach to top off the look! (All jewelry on Dana by NYC’s Jaline Design.)

1. Section 1/4 hair from side part to ear, and add Shu Uemura “Texture Wave” spray for volume.
2. Start braid at part, focusing braid at the very front of forehead. Secure end with elastic.
3. Spritz more “Texture Wave” spray throughout hair. This helps enhance texture for easier styling and will keep everything in place better for the long haul.
4. Without brushing, twist all of hair to the side of braid and secure with elastic to create a ponytail.
5. Braid ponytail, including the front braid, and secure ends with an elastic. (It does not need to be tight.)
6. Hold one piece of the braid at the end with one hand. With the other hand, push entire braid upward from the bottom with your fingers to create “rouge” effect. Wrap braid and shape into a knot. Nestle it off to one side for the best look. (You want this to be a focal point!)
7. Secure with bobby pins, and use the hair pins to manage any loose ends. You can either embrace the bobby pins by creating a design to compliment your style, or make sure to place them strategically so that they are hidden.
8. Loosen the front of the braid and work your way back. For results that will beautifully frame your face, widen from the start of the braid and continue to pull hair apart gently on each section. This will create a softer and more romantic, evening-ready braided look.

Dana Holiday Braid 3ed

Winter Hair Update: Refresh Hair Color With Low Maintenance Balayage

“Whether you’re a professional girl or a party girl this is a service that works for everyone…”

Min Kim, master color specialist/L’Oreal Professionnel artist, shows us that there can never be a dull moment for your hair when you choose balayage. Through this customized painting service, Min takes summery gold strands to a more seasonally appropriate snow bunny blonde. Watch how she paints her way through her client’s last balayage service from SEVEN months ago to evolve the tone with newly added low lights and face-framing highlights that are perfect for enhancing anyone’s winter style or special holiday ‘do. With this refreshed and equally low-maintenance look, hair color can stay bright all season long and transition beautifully into 2015!

(Original story at According To Dawn)

Winter Balayage @ Butterfly Studio Salon via Kissi Media.

colorist min kim

Give a Nod To Mod With This Simple, Chic Style [Video]

If you’re all for adding a vintage touch to your layered winter look, or if you’ve got your heart set on going retro glam for the holidays, then you will be excited to try this easy hair idea from stylist Amanda Colihan, which will bring a touch of mod and a whole lot of chic to your styling game!

When we want to add flair, we add volume… But it’s not always easy to determine if we’ve done it right – or if we’ve gone too far into the sixties! Follow these steps to create a sexy style that will give your hair a boost while keeping your look modern and minimalistic. If you can’t get enough of wearing your hair down, the good news is you can stick to your lengths and sexy blow out for this look because this sultry ‘do embraces loose, long strands. All you will need is just a few pins, a little product, and hello, Brigitte Bardot!

Via Butterfly Studio showcases an easy, stylish hair look for the holiday season straight off the runway.

Glacage Thermiques – Your New Blow Dry Weapon

When it comes to beauty, it isn’t too common to hear the term “glaçage.” Most often used in the dessert world, the French term translates to “glaze” or “glazing.” That’s why it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that the new Kérastase Thermiques are like icing on the cake when glazed onto our hair. They are hair primers that should be used as a follow up to your favorite shampoo and conditioner on clean, wet hair. These paraben-free products are lightweight and coat the hair to protect and polish when warmed, so you will need to bring the hot tools out in order to get the best results. Your hair’s surface is protected once heat activates your Thermique’s mojo and then you’re on your way to maximum smoothness, movement, and a glossy finish! And if you need another reason to make it the building block for your blow out routine, then you should know that any one of the three varieties will help cut down your blow dry time and result in 85% less breakage from blowdrying!Thermique

All three stylers fight frizz, add shine, create softness, and offer humidity protection. To customize your hair’s daily needs, go green to give life to weakened hair with Ciment Thermique, replenish dry hair with creamy orange Nectar Thermique, or smooth with pink Keratine Thermique to help tame unmanageable textures.

Style With Edge: ‘Blood Moon Rising’ Red Hair

Color by Joanna Gonzalez. Styling & Quotes by Jason J Dougherty.

Fall in line with autumn’s naturally favorite shade. RED! Or maybe you should leave it to the stars to inspire you with fall’s big color? The total lunar eclipse turned the sky blood red in October, and we took note. When the moon passed completely through Earth’s dark shadow, the moon gradually got darker during this type of eclipse and then took on a rusty, or bloody red hue. This influenced color expert Joanna Gonzalez to partner with stylist Jason J Dougherty and take on a stellar new hairstyle idea straight from mother nature!

fall hair bun

Total Hair Eclipse

Get hot with red copper hair and glow in the moonlight with the “it” color and a rockin’ new cut!

WHY: Add sass to your everyday style with ravishing rouged lengths and ride the new wave with an undone texture or finish with a smooth and straight 60’s feel.

BEST FOR: The outspoken girl; when you want to “start fresh;” or the woman who just started landed her dream career. It’s also perfect for anyone looking to make a bold fashion statement.

FASHION INSPIRATION: Mod, rocker chic, femme fatale. She’s come undone but is completely put together!


joanna gonzalez

Color expert Joanna Gonzalez says…”For those who prefer their style a little edgy, this is the perfect way to spice up your hair and bring out your rock and roll personality for fall. Turn warm reds and deeper tones up a notch with a fiery crimson color and add balayage to break up the layers and bring out the movement of the cut. It’s a no-brainer to pair with your fall darks and all black wardrobe and to transform those with fair skin and light complexions. One thing is certain…it will bring out the color of the eyes! To keep your red color looking fresh, Oribe’s Beautiful Color line is a must!”

The winds also pick up this season, causing the leaves to just about come undone from the trees. Make styling in the mornings just as easy with stylist Jason J Dougherty’s simple “undone” hair trick. This combo braiding and flat-iron technique will have you singing Beyonce’s ‘I woke up like this!”
braid trick
1. Blowdry hair smooth with a little Gold Lust Oil from Oribe
2. Now divide hair into about 6 sections and do a 6 quick braids.
3. Spray with a light hairspray (Superfine from Oribe)
4. Take a flatiron and go over braid a few times.
5. Take out braid, Spray with Après Beach from Oribe, use hands and lightly scrunch, keep layering with Spray and using hands to separate.

Follow: @JasonJDougherty and @JoannaGonzalez_colorist

Makeup – Cristina Marroquin // Photography – Edwin Pabon

How-To: Easy, Second Day Hair Solutions

When the last thing you want (or can) do is your hair, make a fast upstyle your go-to. During a recent episode of the Better Show, Butterfly senior stylist Jill Engelsen shared her no-effort styling tips and demonstrated two great base looks that serve as a quick fix for unwashed or unruly hair. Give these chic, quick updo styles a try and say goodbye to the basic, boring ponytail for good!

(Makeup on Jill and models by Kate Plec)


Jill Engelsen’s Updo Step-By-Steps

Image courtesy of Better Show

Image courtesy of Better Show

1. Start with dry shampoo at the roots to take some second-day oil away.

2. Brush out bangs and fan across forehead on a piece manner.

3. Start a 2 strand twist on the side of her head and pin as you go. Repeat the same on the other side. Gather the two twists and twist up and pin in the back center of the head.

4. Finish with a light hairspray.

Image courtesy of Better Show

Image courtesy of Better Show

1. Start with either dry shampoo or dry texturizing spray at her root to give it more volume or to take oil away.

2. Part the hair where desired, and gather into a low ponytail in the back. Then spray the pony tail with dry texturizing spray.

3. Braid the pony tail and secure the end with an elastic. Then pull apart the braid.

4. Spread and place the braid onto the nape area of the head and pin as you go to create a controlled, messy up style. Finish with hairspray, shine spray and pomade (on the part for flyways).

“Fall” In Love With This Bountiful, Beautiful Braid

Hair & Quotes by Jason J Dougherty | Butterfly Studio Stylist

Fall fashion is BIG on volume. It’s also a season to start rocking layered clothing. More is more, so why not add another layer to your hair with a braid that is right in line with abundance and flow? This perfect-for-fall hairstyle offers a delicate balance of both braided statement and swooping effect around the side of the face. The end result mixes flowing feminine hair with a bold braid and an ample supply of volume!

fall hair bun

Bountiful Harvest Braid

A half-up inverted braid with a twist that “harvests” both volume and style!

WHY: Rock this season’s “big” trend in a braid that adds big layers to compliment fall’s layered looks.

BEST FOR: The girl with a lot of hair, texture that is “Too thick for a braid,” and the girl who needs to add some volume to a classic look.

FASHION INSPIRATION: 60’s Folk, The Rocker, The Hippie, The Yogi. Or, make it your weekend look.

fall volume

This braid gives the girl with thick, hard-to-braid hair a break by slitting her hair between a braid and strands that elegantly flow off to the side to balance out the bounty of hair. It also functions for the girl who has less of a “hair-harvest” but wants a fuller hair effect. To get the best look, braid the hair on a side-angle, allowing the remaining hair to create a side swooping element. This adds the illusion of extra volume and an added “layer.”

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Makeup – Cristina Marroquin // Photography – Edwin Pabon

Graphic Eyeliner On Lower Lashline Inspired by Nicholas K

Taking inspiration from the work of Avon’s global makeup artist Lauren Anderson, our very own makeup master Francesca Roman collaborated with POPSugar Beauty to highlight the “dos and don’ts” of layering black eyeliner and rework designer Nicholas K’s smoldering Saharan graphic eyes.

Pushed back hair look by senior stylist Jill Engelsen.
Photography: Caroline Voagen Nelson.


Prime Lids
With such a dramatic eyeliner look, Roman prepped lids with a matte, nude eye shadow. You can also use concealer at home to mask any veins or discoloration.


Line Lower Lashes
Dip an angled eyeliner brush in dark black powder or gel liner. “A brush controls how much powder you’re applying, and you can diffuse the look,” Roman said. “But crayon you have to smudge, which will give you a smoky eye effect.” Start by outlining the tear duct, then follow the lower lash line until you hit the outer edge of the iris. Don’t take it all the way to the corner.


Line Upper Lashes
On the upper lash line, add liner from the inner corner to the middle of the lid.


Extend the Wing
Moving back to the lower lid, draw the wing from the outside in, keeping the line straighter than the average cat-eye flick. Think of it more like an extension of the lower lash line rather than an angular shape.


Return to the Upper Lid
Bring the wing back in on the upper lid, too, leaving a small space liner-free in the center of the upper lash line.


Repeat on the Other Side
You can really vamp up the look by layering liner. “Use liquid liner for full blast,” Roman said. “You can do powder with liquid on top or liquid with powder.” But she does warn that using a felt-tip product will require extra fast motions, so a brush is your best bet.


Clean Up With Moisturizer
Roman used a moisturizer and cotton swabs to clean up any mistakes and give the liner a straight, sharp edge. The lotion (versus makeup remover) reduces redness if you have to do a lot of rubbing.


Conceal Under-Eye Circles
Hide any under-eye circles with concealer. For this look, it’s best to save your foundation for after the eye makeup.


Contour Cheeks
With such a strong eye look, the rest of your makeup should remain neutral. Roman used Kevyn Aucoin Natura Blush ($37) and Nerinese Lip Gloss ($30).

And done!

Makeup Obsession: Sensual Skin Fluid Foundation

If you’re set on only one splurge this fall, make it a makeup buy and grab Kevyn Aucoin’s phenomenal new foundation. It’s a game-changer! There’s a reason why everyone is calling Sensual Skin Fluid the “MVP of makeup,” and why we’ve decided it’s our number one fall and winter skin fix. The formula is everything. It feels like cashmere in a bottle, and unlike your traditional foundation, it glides on and stays on like a serum – leaving a lightweight, smooth finish that stands out from the rest. Powered by time-release pigments, it will actually stay put all day and all night without budging…We’re taking 8 hours of continuous, even coverage! The fact that this unique foundation is powder, water, and oil-free must have something to do with that, too. Whatever the secret is, it’s made it an all-time Butterfly fave. Say goodbye to lines and unwanted texture and hello to skin as smooth as liquid!skin fluid Foundation

Ask an expert at your local salon or beauty counter to help match your shade.

Runway “It” Look: Mara Hoffman’s Mussed Braid

Jill Engelsen put her senior styling skills to work for PopSugar Beauty to bring this inside-out braid right off of Mara Hoffman’s SS15 Runway to life with a step-by-step tutorial. Makeup by master artist Francesca Roman.

Photography: Caroline Voagen Nelson.

Inside-Out-Braid-Tutorial Apply-DryShampoo
1 – Apply Dry Shampoo
This braid is a great style for second-day hair, but you’re going to need to add some texture. Start by spraying dry shampoo section by section through your strands. Start at the root and spritz to the ends.

2 – Blow Dry
Then you want to blow-dry the product into your hair to make sure it’s fully distributed. Use a round brush to blow-dry all your hair toward the back, which will give your roots a little lift.

3 – Create a Middle Part
To get your perfect middle part, you first want to comb all your hair back then locate where the hair naturally starts to divide. Use the tines of the rattail comb to make your part (not the end).

4 – Make Waves
You want to divide your hair into three sections: two in front and one larger section behind the ears. From there, wrap hair around a large, one-inch barrel curling wand in big sections. How do you know when it’s time to let go? “Wait until the thickest amount of hair gets hot, otherwise it’s not going to curl,” Engelsen explained.

To create more texture, curl sections in opposite directions, and make sure the hair is completely cool before you continue or the waves won’t last. This is one occasion where you can totally skip hair spray because the finished look is meant to be soft.

5 – Tease
You want to start teasing the largest section of hair at the crown and continue all the way down to the nape.

6 – Rake
Then, rake your fingers through the sections to smooth down the bouffant for more natural-looking height.

7 – Braid
Now, it’s time for the inside-out braid. The typical plait starts with three sections, and this one does, too. But instead of bringing the outer sections over the middle piece of hair, you want to weave the outside portions underneath.

8 – Deconstruct
Finish off the braid with a black rubber band (or one that complements your hair color). Then pull it apart to get a wider, messier plait.

Inside-Out-Braid-Tutorial Backcomb-Your-Bangs
9 – Backcomb Your Bangs
Now that the back section is braided, it’s time to wrap the side pieces around. First backcomb each side section. Then use the pointed end of a rattail comb to sweep down the teased hair. This will make it smooth, while still maintaining the volume. You can also try Engelsen’s “air frothing” technique, where you just backcomb lightly over the top layers of hair.

10 – Create a “Hair” Band
Take the bang section on the left side and tuck it underneath the braid. Secure it with a bobby pin placed horizontally (vertical is more likely to slip out). Combine any excess ends with the bang portion from the right side. Then bring all the hair over and around the base of the inside-out braid.

11 – Secure
Once you’ve wrapped the hair around a few times, tuck the ends back into the braid. Then secure with a vertically placed bobby pin. Don’t be shy about mussing the plait; it’s going to get even messier in a minute.

12 – Tame Flyaways
This style is all about texture, but you want to have one sleek portion — and that’s around the part. Use a blast of hair spray to tame this area. Then hold your comb there for a moment to make it stick. You can also tame any baby hair around the hairline using hairspray

13 – Muss the Braid
To give the plait even more texture, spritz it with dry shampoo. Then grip the braid and pull up and down, rub you fingers in it, and yank it from the sides, too. The messier the better! You want the final result to be 3D, not too flat.

Finished-Look Finished-Look-1

Runway Trend: DIY Blue Mascara & Holographic Eye Makeup

Master makeup artist Francesca Roman teamed up with PopSugar Beauty to show us how to make blue mascara at home, and how to apply glitter makeup on our eyes to recreate Christian Siriano’s runway look from NYFW! Try this backstage beauty trend before Spring 2015 by wearing fun, sparkly eyes to your next party – or make it the secret to your glitzy holiday look! (Don’t miss Francesca’s trick for easy glitter removal below.)

Model hair: Senior stylist Jill Engelsen// Photography: Caroline Voagen Nelson.


Mix Your Glitter 

To get a similar look to the holographic discs used on the Christian Siriano runway, we used a large glitter from the craft store mixed with MAC Reflects Purple Duo glitter ($21). While it’s hard to find chunky cosmetic-grade glitter, it’s better to use something with a circular shape so that the jagged edges won’t injure your eyes (just take our word for it — it’s painful). Contact lens wearers should be extra careful.

Prime-LidsPrime Lids

First, you want to create a clean and even base for this glittery eye makeup look. Roman primed the lids with concealer (or you can use a nude shadow at home). Then cover the area from lash line to crease with Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream ($21).

Apply Glitter

You don’t need to use any tools to apply the glitter. Your finger is enough to grab the flecks, but you can also use a small ball of wax to pick up the tiny product and place them on your lids. Roman recommends staying away from the inner corners of the eye and tear duct (as a safety precaution).


You’re sure to get glitter where you don’t want it with this look, so use a dry mascara wand to get rid of any excess sparkle.

Add More Glitter

Keep layering on the glitter until you get the density you desire.

Make Your Own Mascara

Now on to making that colored mascara! First, blend the dry MAC Pigment ($21) in Marine Ultra and Hi-Def Cyan on a piece of foil. Roman’s bold blue hue used two parts of the bright cyan to one part of the darker navy color.

Dip a mascara wand saturated with MAC Prep + Primer Lash Primer ($17) in the powder and stir on a clean section of foil. Keep adding more powder until all the bristles are covered in blue. Apply to lashes the same as you would apply your favorite black mascara.

Add Blush

To balance out the disco-ball eye makeup, Roman added a soft pink blush on the cheeks called Shadore by Kevyn Aucoin ($37).

Apply Lipstick

Although the lip was neutral on the Christian Siriano runway, Roman gave this look added oomph with a bubblegum-pink, glossy lip hue. She mixed three shades to get the perfect color: Kevyn Aucoin Matte Lip Color ($33) in Tenacious and Kevyn Aucoin Lip Gloss ($30) in Cloudaine and Janelline.

Finished Look

The Removal Process
This is important: DO NOT remove glitter with soap and water. That is a sure way to get tiny product particles in your eyes. Instead use a piece of scotch tape to remove all the eye makeup. Just be sure to keep the sharp edges away from your sensitive retinas.

The “Fall-Back” Style For Every Hair Type

Hair & Quotes by Jason J Dougherty | Butterfly Studio Stylist

When Daylight Savings Time ends on Sunday, November 2nd, you might gain an extra hour of sleep, but you still won’t have time to rock a time-lengthy style. This simple chic knot is the perfect go-to when you can’t spend more than a few minutes on a polished look, but you’re still looking for a classic hairstyle with a twist.

fall hair bun

FallBack Bun.

Textured, loose “ballerina during down-time” hairstyle to wear with 90’s Plaid, Office Chic, or Folk/Traditional inspired patterns.

WHAT: Dress up and add sophistication in a time-sensitive, low-maintenance way.

BEST FOR: Girls on the go – who don’t have a lot of time for a complex style, but still want to rock a trend. The Assistant – always concentrating on the boss, but needs to pull a sophisticated look together quickly. The college-girl – leaving for class last minute, or early in the am. The single ladies – when you want to look sexy but not too done for that first date.

fall trends

The “Fallback” bun is an alternative to the classic bun because of its loose texture and effortlessness. The less prefect the better, which makes it great the working woman and full calendar girls.

TRY IT: Brush out the hair and apply a light oil such as Gold Lust by Orive to add moisture and shine, and help with styling ease. Bring hair back to create a low ponytail. Keep it loose on top to keep the texture. Now take sections and work through all of the hair, anchoring with bobby pins. For a more polished look or something different for another day, add some pomade to the hair to make it more sleek. Finish with a little hairspray like Oribe’s Superfine to seal the deal.

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Makeup – Cristina Marroquin // Photography – Edwin Pabon

Why You Should “Discipline” Your Hair

Whether they have loose curls, tight curls, wavy or straight hair, every woman dreams of the same thing: the perfect blow out and results that last! What we all look for in a smooth and beautiful blow dry is for hair to feel tame, look shiny, and maintain its shape and hold without having a rough texture, or a stiff and rigid appearance. But it’s few and far between that most of us are able to find that perfect balance… Beyond the naturally stubborn nature of most hair types, we regularly subject our hair to all sorts of aggressors. Hair even takes a hit from other harmful environmental effects, making it virtually untamable…Or so we thought!


Finally, with the launch of “Discipline” haircare and in-salon treatment ritual by Kérastase, we have an answer to the common woes and unhappiness that comes with managing the unmanageable – frizzy and undisciplined hair. Unlike most products you’ve heard about before, this newest hair innovation from the offers that long-lasting manageability and control in a chemical-free line that preserves the natural free-flowing movement of your hair. And it doesn’t require hours at the salon or a long-term commitment to try it…nor will it break the bank! It’s a great alternative for those of you who have always been hesitant about keratin smoothing. Last but not least, you get 72 hours of frizz and humidity control with the at home regimen and blow dry time is cut down by a whopping 33% for up to 21 shampoos with the salon treatment service! Who said styling at home should feel like work? Not Kérastase!


To find out more about the line or discuss if this is the right fit for your hair type, call or email us to set up a consultation with a Butterfly expert! 212.253.2100 or

Hair To Wear For NYFW: The Dead-Ringer Ponytail

Hair & Quotes by Jason J Dougherty | Butterfly Studio Stylist

Hit Your fall fashion targets and knock your toughest critics dead with this quick ponytail – highlighted with a twisted ring of hair…


Dead-Ringer Ponytail.

Kill two birds (Function and Fashion) with one stone (The Ponytail)

WHAT: A side-part slicked pony with some texture and twist for the Fashion Forward Girl who has “a lot on her shoulders,” and is being pulled in all directions at once.

WHEN TO WEAR: Perfect for an opening night, gala exhibit or just a night out!

WHY IT’S HOT: It allows the rounded architecture of high-shouldered garments to be featured, yet also gives a unique look to the ponytail with a design that could stand on its own.

Source: Vogue

Source: Vogue

This ponytail is a great compliment to the large “Rounded Shoulders” that are a hot fashion trend in women’s clothing this fall. By pulling your hair back and away from the face and body frame, you are able to create a balance between positive and negative space by accentuating the unique high-rounded architectural shape of this high-shoulder trend and make any onlooker look back twice with adding a unique twist of hair that rings around the pony.

TRY IT: On the bottom half, twist the right and then twist the left into a tight pony. With the top portion, first add volume and then wrap it into a twist around the pony. Tease and spray the pony for texture and volume.

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Makeup – Cristina Marroquin // Photography – Edwin Pabon

The Best Way To Keep Hair Looking Naturally Wavy For Fall

If taking inspiration from Marilyn Monroe’s iconic “Beach Sweater” photoshoot isn’t enough to convince you to keep it beachy for fall, then maybe the ease of the following wavy-haired styling trick by Butterfly’s Jennifer Penny will do it for you…

waves after braids

If you ask us, one of the best things about going into the fall season is less humidity – or at least, humidity levels you can actually work with. Now that we are seeing less polished looks as a common thread for trends this upcoming season, wearing your hair’s natural waves is the best way to ensure you arrive in style.

“Braiding your hair damp will result in those beachy waves we all crave without having to spend the time and effort using a curling iron,” says Jennifer. After washing your hair, towel dry your lengths really well or let hair air dry until it feels slighty or somewhat damp to the touch. From roots to ends, comb through your favorite product for moisture and flexible hold, such Oribe’s “Gel Serum.” Follow the basic steps for creating a French braid (or learn from Jenn’s how-to tutorial) and then sleep on it! The next morning, when your hair is dry, take out the braid and comb through the texture with your fingers. Hit any unruly strands with the hair dryer for a few seconds, and if you need a little extra shine or if you want to enhance the wave, apply a beach spray such as “Après Beach” by Oribe for that extra touch.

Get The Look: Naked “No Makeup” Skin

(Original story at Hey Hey Gorgeous. Photos by Avital Glibiky)

Because skin should be bare and beautiful, master makeup artist Francesca Roman breaks down her steps for achieving “less is more” face makeup. Now you can get away with saying “I just woke up like this” wherever you go!



1 eyebrow-shaping1-386x580

1. Touch up on your brows, removing any stray hair with a tweezer before applying anything else. Sculpted brows are actually an important part of this look.

3 adding-consealer1-869x580

2. Prep the face by cleansing with Joanna Vargas Skincare Vitamin C Wash and then apply the magic combination of Daily Serum with Rejuvenating serum to nourish skin and create a smooth, supple base for makeup.


3. Apply a primer for skin and apply foundation. Kevyn Aucoin’s “The Primed Skin developer” for normal to dry works and combine two different shades of Kevyn Aucoin’s ‘The Sensual Skin Enhancer’ to customize a seamlessly perfect skin tone shade to correct her skin’s hue.

illuminatorbronzer1-869x580 4 adding-consealer22-869x580

4. TIP: (Hint: Use both a brush to swipe on product and makeup sponge to help apply and blend in foundation. The sponge is ideal for pushing in foundation on dry skin to conceal without a cakey look. This is especially useful under the eye area to stretch out the product and keep the smooth look long lasting. Apply makeup on the face with a method of an inside out application, starting with the eye area, moving to apples of the cheeks and around.)

illuminatorbronzer2-869x580 5 bronzerapplication11-869x580

5. Next, add in a healthy glow with NARS multi-use illuminator in “super orgasm” and “laguna” to create contour. Concentrate on eye area and cheeks.

6 eyebrowliner1second-869x580

6. Defining the eyebrows are a must. Use an eye pencil like Shu Uemura’s to fill in your brow shape.

7 brushingeyebrow2-869x580

7. Then use a brow brush, brushing outward, to blend for a softer effect. Bold brows are the secret to shaping and defining the face, reducing the need for much makeup.


8. Because the skin around your eyes is not naturally pale, you want to apply a little color to your lids. Use a little bit of your blush or bronzer for a more natural, blended tone. Mascara is optional…forego the product by applying a quick pinch with your lash curler before you go out the door. You can even go for a soft swipe of dark pigment along the lash line using an angle brush for a more defined eye area.

8 lipgloss-applicationsecond-869x580

9. Take your look out on the street by finishing with Kevyn Aucoin’s “The Lip Gloss” in a bronzy but natural shade, which is moisturizing but never greasy or slippery and gives a subtle color with a shimmery finish.


Best (Balayage-Inspired) Haircuts & Styling Tips

You’ve watched senior stylist Vanessa Fernandez turn three girls into effortlessly glamorous Butterfly babes… Now Vanessa gives her pointers for accentuating the sexy sweep of your highlights at each hair length with specific tips for polishing your at-home styling routine.

vanessa fernandez cuts


The Crop (versatile, short haircut)

To style a fun crop as seen above on our bold balayage blonde, you can get a great look at home with an easy blow out…
• Use a dime-sized amount of Oribe “Creme for Style” and apply mid-shaft to ends after towel drying.
• The key to the right blow dry technique for this length is to use your hands. Follow the shape of your head to work through until dry, pushing the hair side to side and back and forth to create lift at the root.
• When dry, it’s time to have some fun by using a dime-sized amount of pomade. Try Oribe “Original Pomade” to create texture and put those piecey final touches on this playful look. It’s all about the little details!
bronde long layers

Long Layers (beachy, bombshell lengths)

• On towel-dried hair, apply 1/4 sized amount of a leave-in conditioner, such as Kerastase “Elixir Ultime Creme,” for easier styling and to protect ends from heat.
• Pre-dry the hair by rough drying with your blow dryer, making sure to remove about 75% of the excess moisture.
• Using the heat from the blow dryer and a small brush, create waves by twisting and turning the brush. Take 1″ vertical sections and continue all around the head, keeping in mind that all pieces should curl going away from the face.
• Shake out the sections when youre all done and apply a texturizing wave spray such as Après Beach by Oribe to emphasize the look.
natural highlights lob

Lob (easy and care-free mid-length style)

• Towel dry hair.
• Apply 1/4 sized amplifying gel serum with light hold, roots to ends.
• Use hands to pre-dry hair without heat.
• When hair is 90% dry, use the heat from the blowdryer and a small to medium brush to smooth out a few pieces here and there. You can even put some bend into it by twisting a few especially around the hairline and crown area to create movement.
• Shake and piece out your strands by using a small amount (approximately dime-size) of pomade like Oribe’s “Rough luxury.”


All before and after color by balayage expert Min Kim!

Girl On-The-Go: “Weekend” Braid & Easy Updo Trick

 Hair – Jason J Dougherty // Makeup – Cristina Marroquin // Photography – Edwin Pabon

Wear this fun and relaxed braid out to brunch with friends, shopping, a day outdoors, or a weekend stroll. To make sure your look stays put together, stylist Jason J Dougherty suggests creating an inverted braid instead of just pulling your hair into a side pony. Then glam it up for those dinner plans with a quick pull, tuck, and pin to transition the style. Here’s how!

inspiration sidebraid

“The Weekend Braid is my variation on the side ponytail or braid. Perfect for any summer weekend outing, it’s easy and undone in a functional way. I did an inverted braid from the left and worked it into the side-braid pony, then pinned up. With just three bobby pins you can completely transform this into a sophisticated evening style.” -Jason J Dougherty


Start Tutorial…

Trend 101 – Time To Get BRONDE!

Trend Report by master color specialist Min Kim
We may still be in the middle of summer (and in case you forgot, just step outside and feel all that wonderful humid air ruining that lovely blowout) but, alas, all good things must come to an end. That’s why it’s never too early to start thinking about your fall hair, which really means thinking about one thing… Balayage! It’s the hair color option that’s truly for everyone. There is no doubting balayage and all of the reasons why it’s the way to go now or next season. Choose from the placement of a few accent pieces, a softer overall result, or something more fun like…(drum roll please)…the BRONDE!
bronde balayage

For the ever-changing #butterflybabes out there (or the ladies who want to be), a BRONDE look is an easy way to try a completely different color while still keeping what you were born with. Or not! Because the lightest pieces are on the ends, you can push the limits with color while still maintaining the natural tones closest to your face. For most of us who are always at work, our hair color doesn’t even come close to looking any different than it did in February. (Even after that weekend in Fire Island.) Thankfully, we now have the BRONDE technique… It’s a great way to lighten up those ends and give your strands a FAKE-a-tion with that sun-kissed look you’ve longed for since you had summers off.


Just take a look at Chrissy Teigen’s hair color evolution recently, or our gorgeous founder Kattia Solano… Total BRONDE Babe Alert! If you are more daring, then you can just as easily pull off the same look with an edge by adjusting your natural base to something darker or more red (such as a dark chocolate or mocha for brunettes), warmer or cooler (strawberry or sand for blondes) – and if you really like to play, try pastels or super vivid toned ends. Always remember that with this extension of the balayage trend, your options are truly endless. Have fun and happy BRONDEing!

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Balayage Highlights… The Hair Color Trend For Everyone! [Video]

Before haircuts & post-color styling: Vanessa Fernandez
Highlights and hair color: Min Kim
Makeup: Francesca Roman

Balayage is…
the art of hair color
unique to every hair type
a customized technique
soft – or bold
for blondes, reds, & brunettes
playful and fun
like blush or bronzer for the hair
a way to try “Sombré”
a way to send your hair on a “FAKE-ation” with “Bronde”
a start to your fall style

Bold Summer Strokes – Going Platinum A Different Way

Everyone wants to go bolder and look brighter during the summer. So, why not get there with your hair color? In 2014, more people have embraced a platinum hue than in any other year – and now that we’re all finally getting a taste of the warm weather, the trend is only growing stronger. Even natural blondes are putting in requests to go lighter and asking for something new to make their locks sparkle! What many people find surprising about platinum is that the color isn’t just packaged as one universal shade of white blonde. You can choose anything from an ultra white to pale blonde, dusty gray to silver, beige to soft gold, etc. What’s even better is that you can also achieve this highly coveted look by having “a little bit of this and a bit of that.” And for the record, there’s no need to get scared off by the term “bleach out” because there are other, gentler ways of getting the effect!

bold stokes

For those of you who prefer a little bit of contrast or if you’re interested in a less dramatic version of a hot platinum look, we have come up with a happy medium! We recommend using the balayage highlighting method to create more customized results by mixing together a combination of platinum and golden tones. It’s also a more delicate approach, which is a particularly great option for fine haired blondes. Butterfly’s salon founder and master stylist Kattia Solano says, “This color is about enhancing the right pieces to help create movement and add nice definition to a haircut. The punchy blonde pieces are brilliantly bold but still blend well around the face.”

gold and platinum blonde

It might appear as though we’re taking out a chunky hair piece during color application but as we work through the technique, it’s more about covering a larger section with different strokes to blend the boldness through the length. It’s an amazing way to bring out longer styles. It even makes waves and braids look extra stunning! If you’ve been looking for a low-maintenance hair color that can easily get you through to the fall season without a touch-up, look no further. Ask for a light golden blonde with shiny hits of platinum to revamp your shade!


Girl On-The-Go: “Date Night” Braid

 Hair – Jason J Dougherty // Makeup – Cristina Marroquin // Photography – Edwin Pabon

We all want to look great for our date. In the summer, the excitement of getting ready often gets replaced with concerns about controlling our hair frizz. Luckily, the solution is as simple as a braided ‘do. Braids offer a fun way to accessorize your features, your makeup, your earrings, or your outfit. The benefits of pulling up your hair into a braid are practical, too. A style such as Jason’s half crown braid, half loose side knot is fast to create and it wears well. It’s something you can feel comfortable in AND confident about all night!

inspiration date night

“I created a more versatile take on the crown braid by pairing a textured, sexy braid with a messy bun. It’s a less polished version, which is a lot more flirty and stylish without appearing overdone. What makes this pulled back braid a perfect choice for a night out is its added texture. This transforms the hairstyle into a much more effortless yet romantic look, and you will also find that it helps in making it easier to achieve. In short, we’re combining two braids, teasing, and then tucking the hair into a loose shape. To get the right kind of textured look, don’t forget to rub the braid with your hands for that undone finish.” -Jason J Dougherty



Short Hair Chic: Dry to Sleek Flipped Sidepart

Senior stylist Vanessa Fernandez gives easy how-to tips to help transform a grown out pixie, crop, or shoulder length haircut!

dry to sleek hair

1. Prep hair with a styling cream like Oribe’s Creme for Style. I love Creme because it holds and moisturizes the hair, creating an ideal base for the firmer gel product which will be applied later. This will allow some leeway in the structure to achieve that softer wet look we’re going for.

2. Blow hair back away from the face with low elevation. That means your aim is to maintain the brush closer to the scalp and not so far away from the head as you blow dry.

3. When dry, apply Rock Hard Gel by Oribe and choose your hair part. Don’t be afraid to go low and create a deep side part. It’s always a bit more fashion forward and will help your hairstyle look more sexy and feminine. Use a comb to help you distribute the product evenly until hair is moldable.

* If you’re trying this look on wet hair, it is better to start with a straight to slightly wavy hair texture. Apply an oil first and then saturate the hair with gel before finding a side part and combing it through. If you have curly hair, the wet look requires an extra step. Before going in with the products, you should help tame it down first. The best practice is to blow out your hair into a smoother look before beginning Step 1.

5. Last step is to apply a shiny finish to your mane’s surface by using hair spray. My pick is Shine Reflecting Spray by Oribe. It gives hair an excellent reflective effect and provides a protective veil to keep your style lasting.

*Make your look even more uniquely you by adding in a fun hair accessory. Criss-cross two wide bobby pins for a stylish and minimal way to accentuate your smooth side part. It will help hold the look, too!

sleek wet with part

Makeup Tutorial: Glitter Smoky Eyes For Summer

(Photos & Content by Emely Tavaras)

Francesca Roman, master makeup artist of the New York based Butterfly Studio Salon, shares her fresh and lively “alternative to the smokey eye,” a look ready to be featured during long summer days and nights. This versatile look will bring new life to all outfits. Make your mark this summer by following these easy and simple steps! – – – via Hooked at Hey Hey Gorgeous

summer eye makeup



Before getting started, prep face with Kevyn Aucoin Skin Perfecting Primer, Sensual Skin Enhancer, and Liquid Airbrush Foundation. Priming a face before applying makeup will make colors vibrant and last longer.


Using the Kevyn Aucoin Single Powder in “Bronze,” brush on a base on both eyelids.


Brush on a second layer of Kevyn Aucoin Loose Shimmer Pigment Eyeshadow in “Jade” and blend in.


With steady hands, brush a thin line along the outer edge of each eyelid with Urban Decay Liquid Eyeliner in “El Dorado.” Repeat under the eye, this time from the tear duct to the corner, shaping the eyeshadow and creating a “cat eye” effect.


Bring the volume to your lashes by applying Kevyn Aucoin Volume Mascara in “Pitch Black.”


TIP: For a fuller look, use individual lashes to add in an extra flirtatious touch and volume across the eye but still give the appearance of a natural, fluttery look. Secure false lashes by lightly pressing down on the top and bottom lashes.


Apply and contour Nars “Laguna” Bronzer and “Super Orgasm” Blush to cheeks to illuminate the eye area and bring out the shades of silver and gold.


As a final touch, add your favorite light colored gloss to lips. This will brighten up the look and pull everything together!

summer makeup

Daenerys DIY: Two Tiered Braids from Game of Thrones

Hair by Butterfly stylist Dana Tizzio  |  Photos by Caroline Voagen Nelson

(View original article at

“We’ve already shared our admiration for Daenerys’s plaited platinum locks, but this intricate weave is truly on a throne of its own! Just in time for the Game of Thrones finale, we asked hairstylist Dana Tizzio of Butterfly Studio Salon to break down all the steps ahead for getting this two-tiered inside-out french braid ourselves. Trust us — you’ll no longer want to hide away in exile with this style that demands to be seen (and respected).” – POPSUGAR

After blow-drying hair into soft waves, draw a middle part and spray Shu Uemura Sheer Lacquer ($41) to add shine and eliminate flyaways.

After blow-drying hair into soft waves, draw a middle part and spray Shu Uemura Sheer Lacquer ($41) to add shine and eliminate flyaways.

Next, section off the top one-fourth of hair, and tie away the rest with an elastic or clip.

Next, section off the top one-fourth of hair, and tie away the rest with an elastic or clip.

Work a dollop of Shu Uemura Shape Paste ($45) through your hands, and rub each section of hair into your palms as you grab them to add hold to the braid. Start out with three pieces of hair, just as you would a typical french braid.

Work a dollop of Shu Uemura Shape Paste ($45) through your hands, and rub each section of hair into your palms as you grab them to add hold to the braid. Start out with three pieces of hair, just as you would a typical french braid.

Create the inside-out french braid (aka dutch braid) by crossing each section under the center strand, instead of over. This will make the braid appear to be sitting on top of the head rather than embedded within the hair.

Create the inside-out french braid (aka dutch braid) by crossing each section under the center strand, instead of over. This will make the braid appear to be sitting on top of the head rather than embedded within the hair.

"Keep your hands as close to the scalp as possible to keep the braid tight," advised Tizzio. Also, make sure to weave so that the top sections stretch all the way to the edge of the braided zone, instead of allowing the braid to sit directly in the middle of it.

“Keep your hands as close to the scalp as possible to keep the braid tight,” advised Tizzio. Also, make sure to weave so that the top sections stretch all the way to the edge of the braided zone, instead of allowing the braid to sit directly in the middle of it.

Continue to dutch braid till you reach the back of the head; then form a short traditional braid at the end to hold everything in place, and clip it off.

Continue to dutch braid till you reach the back of the head; then form a short traditional braid at the end to hold everything in place, and clip it off.

Repeat this inside-out braid on the other side of the head.

Repeat this inside-out braid on the other side of the head.

Again, weave till you reach the back of the scalp, form a few rows of a traditional braid to hold your work in place and give yourself some extra length, then connect the two sides together with a clear elastic at the base of the head.

Again, weave till you reach the back of the scalp, form a few rows of a traditional braid to hold your work in place and give yourself some extra length, then connect the two sides together with a clear elastic at the base of the head.

Take a section from the bottom of the ponytail, spritz it with hair spray, and comb it through so it's smooth and the hair spray gets evenly distributed. Then, wrap it around the elastic.

Take a section from the bottom of the ponytail, spritz it with hair spray, and comb it through so it’s smooth and the hair spray gets evenly distributed. Then, wrap it around the elastic.

Instead of securing the wrap with a traditional pin, Tizzio created a "liquid bobby pin" by blasting the ends of the strand with hair spray and running over it with a curling iron to seal it in place!

Instead of securing the wrap with a traditional pin, Tizzio created a “liquid bobby pin” by blasting the ends of the strand with hair spray and running over it with a curling iron to seal it in place!

This is what the style should look like after the first braided tier is complete.

This is what the style should look like after the first braided tier is complete.

Next, create the second tier by grabbing a horizontal section of hair from the top of the ear. Clip the remaining hair away.

Next, create the second tier by grabbing a horizontal section of hair from the top of the ear. Clip the remaining hair away.

Repeat the dutch braid technique by weaving under instead of over. Again, be sure the top sections stretch all the way to the end of the braided zone so that the braid sits on top of the ear instead of at the temple in the middle.

Repeat the dutch braid technique by weaving under instead of over. Again, be sure the top sections stretch all the way to the end of the braided zone so that the braid sits on top of the ear instead of at the temple in the middle.

Dutch braid to the back of the head, form a traditional braid to hold it all in place and add some length, and tie it off with a clip or elastic.

Dutch braid to the back of the head, form a traditional braid to hold it all in place and add some length, and tie it off with a clip or elastic.

Repeat this inside-out braid again on the other side.

Repeat this inside-out braid again on the other side.

Once the weave hits the back of the head, start another short traditional braid, and tie it off.

Once the weave hits the back of the head, start another short traditional braid, and tie it off.

Gather the top section and both bottom braids together, and secure the entire bundle with an elastic about two or three inches down from the first ponytail.

Gather the top section and both bottom braids together, and secure the entire bundle with an elastic about two or three inches down from the first ponytail.

Take another small section of hair from underneath the ponytail, spritz on some hair spray, comb it through, and wrap it around the base.

Take another small section of hair from underneath the ponytail, spritz on some hair spray, comb it through, and wrap it around the base.

Create a second "liquid bobby pin" by dousing the ends of the strand in hair spray and running a curling iron over it to lock the wrap in place. If you need to further reinforce this thicker ponytail wrap, Tizzio said to feel free to use a traditional pin.

Create a second “liquid bobby pin” by dousing the ends of the strand in hair spray and running a curling iron over it to lock the wrap in place. If you need to further reinforce this thicker ponytail wrap, Tizzio said to feel free to use a traditional pin.

Finally, pull on the outer sides of each braided section to make the weave wider. "This gives the style a more modern look," Tizzio explained.

Finally, pull on the outer sides of each braided section to make the weave wider. “This gives the style a more modern look,” Tizzio explained.

Final-Look-Side-View Game-Thrones-Braid-Tutorial

How To Get Summer’s Slick Wet Look

This year’s wet look has finally made the trend a lot more wearable. It’s the classic wet hair concept we’ve always seen on the catwalk without being too extreme or pushed back. What makes it new is the combination of wet on top with a gradually less dry texture through the ends. This part-grunge, part-glossy, part- dry look gives it more of a modern, carefree feeling that is perfect for the low-maintenance season. We love how it creates a wide range of versatility to play up both hard and soft appearances. It’s also great not to have to have to worry about keeping the ends too straight or having to wear a style that feels stiff all day, which means it opens up the door for an easy day-to-night transition!

how to wet look

Getting The Sleek Look Down – by master stylist Nicole Descoteaux

For a simple slicked back look (and not necessarily a really wet look), blow it back while keeping some movement in the hair. Then apply a light gel like Forme Fatal by Kérastase for some hold and work back the product with your hands. Start with a smaller amount and experiment with adding more until you’ve reached your desired look. Note that you do want the product to be visible in the hair to add a nice sheen throughout. Follow with a lightweight styling spray like Oribe’s Supershine Light to make the hair more piecey. Use a rat tail comb to define the pleats and add more detail.

slicked back hair tips

For a step up and some variation for a different day, choose from a range of texture – from a beachy style to sleek, easy waves or straighter hair with some bend to it. Starting at the bottom and working up, slightly “wet” down your hair by spraying each section with Foundation Mist from Oribe. Then layer the next product – go over the same section in the same way but a little more heavily with Oribe’s Royal Blowout. This product is ideal because it has the ability to re-wet hair with an oil base. It also facilitates drying time, so when it is sprayed in hair alone, it will dry. Then use Gold Lust by Oribe and work through the same way. This layering will create the perfect wet look. I like to finish the front and side with Supershine Light spray to help keep it off of the face.

HAIRCHALK “No Worry” Hair Color Is Here!

L’Oreal’s hair chalk is awesome for people who want to try something new or fun without the commitment – and without the disappointment of immediate loss of vibrant color after the first time you shampoo. While porosity and number of shampoos will play a part in how the color lasts, I have jet black hair and even after a few washes with a foamy cleansing shampoo, it’s STILL visible in my hair! It’s slightly lighter but still totally noticeable…and my hair feels normal. That’s really amazing for a non-permanent, cosmetic color product.” – Hair Model/Stylist Amanda Colihan

hair chalk

By Master Color Specialist Min Kim

How many women wear the same pair of shoes or hair style every day? For those who like endless options and perhaps bore easily, L’Oreal Professionnel’s HAIRCHALK is the answer! With five fashion and three natural shades offered, think of it as makeup for your hair…

Did you want to add a pop of color into your ponytail, as seen on the runway for Herve Leger, or a bold streak to make an updo more unique? Maybe you’re feeling indecisive about trying an ombre service or you are completely new to color? Hair Chalk can be applied onto the ends to mimic that look and give you the ability to try it out without the commitment of chemicals. And best of all – it washes out after up to ten shampoos! On pre-lightened hair, the perk is that it can last even MORE than that.

hair color chalk

The options are endless with HAIRCHALK and it can be layered on to make the tones more vibrant. Don’t worry about sweating or an unexpected rain shower as there is zero transfer with this product. You can rest assured that clothing, skin, and bedding will not be harmed! Fashionistas on the go, curious color virgins and those who like to try new things will be amazed by this fast and easy service.

If you’re the type to make hair decisions last minute or when you’re in a rush, your splash of color can be added on in as little as 15 minutes. Another thing to love about it is you can go as natural or bold as you want. Clients love having a say in how many pieces they are comfortable with and we price the service out accordingly. So you can try it once without risk or a high budget, and if you love it, come back and change it up each time by adding more pigment to your fun color, mixing a few different tones, or trying a playful placement according to your new cut or how you plan on styling your hair. Looking for inspiration? We are in love with these amazing looks by James Alvin for L’Oreal UK!

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3 Ways To Rock The Top Knot [Video]

Beauty blog According To Dawn turned to Butterfly pro and top stylist Jill Engelsen for the easiest options to perfect this trendy, low-maintenance look. Watch below and give it a try at home!

The Top Knot, Three Ways | Butterfly Studio Salon, New York City from Kissi Media.

Jill Engelsen is a stylist and L'Oreal Professionel Artist currently based at New York City's Butterfly Studio Salon. Jill is known for her unique yet on-trend styles and frequently works with Oribe styling products for the texture and shine the products produce.

Jill has coined three styles for the "top-knot", a classic and effortless style that works well on nearly all hair types. According to Jill, a top-knot is a "great style for the summer". In our second video filmed on location at Butterfly Studio Salon, Jill works with her favorite Oribe stylers and shows us how to create the "perfect" top-knot style to suit the weather, the occasion or one's mood.

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Pin It And Win It (With Short Hair Or A Ponytail)

We’ve got to give it up for Zac Posen. During Fashion Week last year, his runway models unveiled the most brilliantly simple idea for hair accessories. Bobby pins! That’s right – your run-of-the-mill, inexpensive, pharmacy-bought hair pins are now the only thing you’ll need to turn a basic hair style into a glamorous night out look. And what makes this 2014 hair trend even better is that it will only cost you about $3!

sac posen pins

Butterfly senior stylist Nicole Descoteaux says the biggest benefit of working in a few basic bobbies into your look takes all of the fuss out of perfecting your actual ‘do. “The pins save any lack of a styling touch, so you don’t have to worry about the actual look of the hair.” As you can imagine, this is exactly why it’s been a popular pairing for this year’s cropped cuts and shorter hair trends. Be random and playful with your placement or try criss-crossing the pins to create a unique design. Whether you stick to a pack of basic black bobby pins, or spend a little extra for a few embellished options, it’s the easiest to go glam. One of Nicole’s favorite ways to wear this fun hair idea is to pair it with a sleek ponytail, as pictured below.

nicole descoteaux

“This is essentially a sexy pulled back pony where the pins take all of the pressure off of keeping the sides perfect.” Nicole also styled it her pinned ponytail with a chic middle part and a slightly wet look hair texture for an extra cool, sultry look. Here are her tips to recreate it…

Blow dry your hair with body and concentrate mainly on the lengths of the hair. Don’t worry about volume at the roots. Use a gel like “Forme Fatal” by Kerastase and apply the product from roots to about mid-shaft. Spread your fingers apart and literally rake your hair back and away from the face with your hand. Keeping some texture in the hair, pull it back into a low ponytail and fasten. Take your choice of fun bobby pins (Nicole loves shiny black or bronze for a more sophisticated, subdued style) and place, starting above the ears and working all the way back to the beginning of the ponytail. You can create your own design by criss-crossing pins or by using a few oversized pins for a more minimal look. Follow up with a spray like Oribe’s “Shine” light reflecting spray for luster, using it generously to give hair a more mirror-like, wet look finish. The combination creates a style that you can dress up or down and wear out anywhere!