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How To Get Summer’s Slick Wet Look

This year’s wet look has finally made the trend a lot more wearable. It’s the classic wet hair concept we’ve always seen on the catwalk without being too extreme or pushed back. What makes it new is the combination of wet on top with a gradually less dry texture through the ends. This part-grunge, part-glossy, part- dry look gives it more of a modern, carefree feeling that is perfect for the low-maintenance season. We love how it creates a wide range of versatility to play up both hard and soft appearances. It’s also great not to have to have to worry about keeping the ends too straight or having to wear a style that feels stiff all day, which means it opens up the door for an easy day-to-night transition!

how to wet look

Getting The Sleek Look Down – by master stylist Nicole Descoteaux

For a simple slicked back look (and not necessarily a really wet look), blow it back while keeping some movement in the hair. Then apply a light gel like Forme Fatal by Kérastase for some hold and work back the product with your hands. Start with a smaller amount and experiment with adding more until you’ve reached your desired look. Note that you do want the product to be visible in the hair to add a nice sheen throughout. Follow with a lightweight styling spray like Oribe’s Supershine Light to make the hair more piecey. Use a rat tail comb to define the pleats and add more detail.

slicked back hair tips

For a step up and some variation for a different day, choose from a range of texture – from a beachy style to sleek, easy waves or straighter hair with some bend to it. Starting at the bottom and working up, slightly “wet” down your hair by spraying each section with Foundation Mist from Oribe. Then layer the next product – go over the same section in the same way but a little more heavily with Oribe’s Royal Blowout. This product is ideal because it has the ability to re-wet hair with an oil base. It also facilitates drying time, so when it is sprayed in hair alone, it will dry. Then use Gold Lust by Oribe and work through the same way. This layering will create the perfect wet look. I like to finish the front and side with Supershine Light spray to help keep it off of the face.

Kattia’s New Look: The Curly Side

Did you catch the sleek new haircut Kattia Solano has been sporting lately? As it turns out, the chic cut looks just as good with some texture! Here are Kattia’s easy steps for embracing sexy curls…

To ensure the best results of your style, the first step is to choose the right shampoo and conditioner. Wavy and curly hair (like mine) is always easier to manage when hydrated, so it’s imperative to use a moisturizing haircare line. When you want to embrace more of a flirty look with a full mane of fun curls, be careful not to choose the same products as you would for a sleek look. Instead, cleanse and condition with a lighter formula that’s not as smoothing. I love using Rahua, which gives the right amount of shine and control while promoting natural texture. Make sure to leave a dime size of conditioner in your hair for softness – I know it sounds strange, but it will benefit your curly look!


After the shower, comb through wet hair with a detangling brush (this is where the small dollop of conditioner comes in). The Tangle Teezer is my favorite for detangling strands wet and dry because the teeth are extra gentle on the hair. (This makes it an incredible option for pain-free brushing on kid’s hair, too!) Then, wrap towel around hair to absorb excess moisture for about 10 minutes. Next, gently apply a leave-in conditioner such as Shu Uemura “Essence Absolue Cream” to help nourish and protect hair long after drying.

kattia curly hair

Follow with a styling product that will give a little hold. My go-to for a wavy look is Oribe’s “Cream for Style” to give curls definition and structure. Set with pins to create waves and a huge pin curl. Allow to dry as long as you can naturally. If not, use a hair dryer on the lowest setting. Next comes the fun step! Create a hair part as desired and use a texturizing spray generously from roots to ends. For me, it’s all about “Après Beach” spray by Oribe! Don’t forget to flip your head over and spray the underneath area. Last step is to gently shake your waves out to create more volume. Done!

(PS – I snagged that gorgeous gold necklace over at Jaline Design!)

Cocktail-Ready Crown Braid Ponytail

When you need a polished, put-together look before date night, brunch, or even your next business meeting, the good news is that you can still opt for a playful braid. In order to pull off a braided style with something dressy, or to make braids more professional, choose the size and type of braid as if it were an accessory. Make sure it serves as more of an embellishment to your hairstyle, rather than the main focal point. Remember the face-framing braid Emma Stone wore to her movie premiere recently? Her minimal braid was placed perfectly – adding both an element of surprise and creating a nice balance to Emma’s extra smooth texture and relaxed waves.

Butterfly stylist and braids expert, Dana Tizzio, recently incorporated a similar idea when one of her clients mentioned she was heading out to a wine tasting. “The client wanted to wear her hair up, so we went for a chic yet easy-going dry style that would be pretty and comfortable without looking overdone.”

side ponytail braid

Dana started with a corn row braid at the top of the hair part and worked her way down. “Make sure to keep the braid clean and tight, and stay as close to the forehead as you can.” Bring the sections towards the hairline and fill in around your head shape on both sides. When you finish with the first side, secure the end of the braid with a hair band so it doesn’t get loose. Do the same on the opposite side and then tie both braids into a ponytail. “It’s really helpful to use small plastic elastics because they won’t add bulk.” Leave out a small amount of hair underneath the ponytail and apply hair spray to the section until wet. Wrap loose hair over hairbands and around the base of your pony then pin underneath. For a little extra shine, Dana used Shu Uemura’s Touch of Gloss pomade directly on the braid. “We wanted to keep the pony low to compliment a flirty, over-the-shoulder style.” To create textured ends, quickly work through a 1 inch curling wand. “It’s easier to achieve softer waves with a clipless iron.”

3 Ways To Rock The Top Knot [Video]

Beauty blog According To Dawn turned to Butterfly pro and top stylist Jill Engelsen for the easiest options to perfect this trendy, low-maintenance look. Watch below and give it a try at home!

The Top Knot, Three Ways | Butterfly Studio Salon, New York City from Kissi Media.

Jill Engelsen is a stylist and L'Oreal Professionel Artist currently based at New York City's Butterfly Studio Salon. Jill is known for her unique yet on-trend styles and frequently works with Oribe styling products for the texture and shine the products produce.

Jill has coined three styles for the "top-knot", a classic and effortless style that works well on nearly all hair types. According to Jill, a top-knot is a "great style for the summer". In our second video filmed on location at Butterfly Studio Salon, Jill works with her favorite Oribe stylers and shows us how to create the "perfect" top-knot style to suit the weather, the occasion or one's mood.

Blow Out Trend – The “Undone” Look

By expert stylist Amanda Colihan

We’re seeing a no-fuss, messy theme in hair of today. Although pretty and polished is a classic look that we will always turn to for that special hair occasion – modern cool demands more of a cutting edge style and encourages a care-free look. What makes this blow dry the best is that you don’t have to stress over perfect styling with the right method or technique. The hair pieces are randomly picked and blown out in all directions, so it’s easy for anyone to achieve. As long as your hair is long enough to curl, you can embrace an undone blow out. The result is a nice balance of a done, but “not too done” wavy hairstyle that you can wear daily. It will even look better as time goes on, so it can buy you some time before your next shampoo. Who doesn’t love low maintenance?!


Start with a styling cream that will give hold to a style while giving smoothing benefits to the hair. You can always cocktail a creamy product with a little hair oil like Essence Absolue by Shu Uemura. Rough dry the hair to about 80% while twisting hair sections with your fingers as you do so to create some movement. Using smaller, zig-zag sections around the head, take random pieces and twist hair with a brush. Blow out some pieces towards the face and some away. For a tighter, messier look use a smaller brush. A larger brush will give you softer, more natural waves. Do not disturb the curls until you’re completely done with the blowout. Finally, shake out your hair and mess it up with your hands a bit. Allow some pieces to do their thing, even if it “feels” crazy or weird. Follow with a texturizing spray to add more volume and complete the style. My favorite is Oribe’s Apres Beach spray.

Natural Makeup: Create Eyes That Pop

Eyes are the #1 feature that people first notice on someone else’s face. When you’re trying to get away with less makeup, Butterfly Studio’s master makeup artist Francesca Roman says it’s all about creating subtle yet defined eyes. “To awaken the face in all of the right ways, your eye area is key.” Here are her tricks for faking that fresh, no-make-up look and getting big, bright eyes down.


· One of the most important (but not always thought about) tips for making eyes stand out is to define your brows. Make sure to keep stray hairs tidy as needed with regular waxing or tweezing. For daily grooming, brush your brow hair up and outward. Then fill in the shape with a pencil, brow powder, or eye shadow to match your brow’s hue. If your hair color is warmer than your brows, choose a shade that also has a hint of warmth, and so forth. The trick to natural looking brows is to use a brow brush for control as you’re filling in to diffuse the line of pigment and to blend into the skin and spaces between brow hair. Finish with a brow gel, like the one from Anastasia, to enhance definition and help with hold.

eye primer

· Even out your eyelids with a light layer of creamy, crease-proof shadow or primer such as MAC’s Prep and Prime Eye – or the primer from Paula Dorf. Francis says, “It’s one of the most perfect makeup products ever made!” A small amount goes a long way for creating a nice, clean canvas for eyes.

· Line the inner rim of your waterline on your upper lid with a soft, waterproof brown pencil. This will define your eyes without a harsh line.

chanel pencil

· To get the effect of brighter, bigger eyes, line your lower waterline and inner eye with a beige waterproof pencil – and always a pencil to protect eyes from powder flecks. It’s especially important for contact wearers. For a more natural everyday look, avoid the commonly recommended white pencil which is actually more noticeable. Choose a flesh toned shade that closely matches your skin color.

· Unless you have black hair and lashes naturally, don’t go with a jet-black mascara. Instead, try a dark brown shade for a more natural look. To get convincingly long, lush lashes, wiggle the mascara brush in the roots of your lashes (top only) and separate immediately using a clean mascara wand or eyelash comb.

Video: “American Hustle” Inspired 70’s Curls

We love BIG hair – so we’ve been extra obsessed with the amazing volume of the seventies and eighties since watching American Hustle! From all of the expressive fashion to the fun and lively hairstyles, the movie is a reminder of just how sexy styles were during the decade of all things groovy. That’s why Kattia decided to take it back and recreate the stunning spirals (which alone are Oscar-worthy!) seen on Amy Adams in the film. To achieve an award-winning look, try the two different curling techniques we use to get a full, bouncy disco ‘do that’s ready to take on the dance floor!

1. This look works best with day-old hair, unless you already have a very oily hair type.
2. Combine Supershine Moisturizing Cream and Rock Hard Gel in your hands and apply to the hair in zig-zag sections.
3. To create the look, you’ll need a 1/4-inch iron to do a traditional spiral set and a 1/3-inch iron to create a rope set. Alternate between the traditional spiral set and rope set until the entire head is curled. “Incorporating two different curl types will create the illusion of natural, slightly imperfect curls,” Kattia says.
4. Let the hair cool.
5. Spray each curl with Après Beach and then break it up with your hands. Repeat for all curls.
6. Gently brush the set out.
7. Use your hands to create your desired shape and level of exaggeration. Finish by adding a comb to one side for a fun and flirty finish.

Getting Dreamy at Oribe’s Hair Workshop

Have you been waiting for a reason to bring a little fantasy into styling? Time to have some fun! Ramona Eschbach, editorial stylist and lead educator for Oribe Haircare, taught us how to take hair to a place of dreams and extremes at the brand’s last pro workshop. To show us the range of what hair can do with the right products, Butterfly stylist Jason Dougherty let his imagination run, and produced two fashion-forward looks that are ready for the pages of a high fashion magazine spread. So if you’re feeling daring enough, follow Jason’s pointers and get experimental by recreating one or both of these bold, on-trend styles for spring.

Runways and red carpets have opened the doors for embracing grunge with glamour this year via the wet look. Start by prepping hair with a priming product combination of Royal Blowout and Foundation Mist. Section hair in front of the ear and apply generously – spraying to literally get hair wet. Sculpt the hair to contour the face, and then very closely spray with Superfine hairspray for a sexy, “piecey” look. In the back, slick your hair smooth. Now for the surprising step. Take a sewing needle with elastic thread and anchor hair sections to the head. This allows you to create a more constructed, wet-looking style. Finish with hairspray all over for hold.

Straight out of fairyland, full curls were fantastically frizzed out for an ethereal look. Prep the hair with Foundation Mist, a weightless primer that conditions strands while providing thermal protection, and create a center part. Next, remove some of the hair’s mass and make a French braid along the occipital bone. Apply a hairspray or styling spray like Impermeable on the remaining hair sections and create figure-eights inside large hair pins around the head. Set with a flatiron to heat and seal the curl. Take out pins and slowly brush up and out using Dry texture spray. Back-comb anywhere you want some tease to achieve a textured afro and use a little bit of a light control spray to hold it all together. Now that’s volume!

Oribe Look – Create Classic, Romantic Waves

Be a total “Betty!” Create soft, sexy waves for your date with a little help from Butterfly Studio founder Kattia Solano, Oribe products, and some hot rollers. Yes, hot rollers! Trust us – they make it very easy to nail the right kind of curl for that really glamorous, classic look.

What You’ll Need:

Oribe Products
Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse
Soft Lacquer
Dry Texturizing Spray
Superfine Hair Spray
Côte d’Azur (for a little something extra)

Flat Brush
Hot Rollers

Follow These Steps:

1. Wash hair with a lightweight yet moisturizing shampoo and conditioner (Kattia suggests Oribe Signature Shampoo and Conditioner).

2. Apply Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse at the root and work towards the end. Use a comb to distribute evenly.

3. Rough dry the hair with your hands.

4. Create a side part and then separate hair into five sections with clips: top, sides (taken from 1 inch behind the ear) and two in the back.

5. Spray each section with Soft Lacquer, concentrating on the ends, then start rolling the hair. Use two to three rollers in each section. On the heavier hair side, roll forward. On the oppsosite side, roll back.

6. Let cool and do makeup. Give lips and cheeks a pop of color.

7. Take rollers out and spray Dry Texturizing Spray on each curl for texture and to maintain shape.

8. Use a flat boar bristle brush to gently brush out curls.

9. Use Superfine Hair Spray where needed for hold.

10. Spray a little Côte d’Azur for a sexy scent to carry you through your Valentine’s Day date.

Hair Tips for Valentine’s Day – Or Before Any Date Night

balayage by min kim colorist ny

WHAT TO DO FOR YOUR HAIR COLOR – by master color specialist Min Kim

Got a hot date? Every woman feels sexier with some subtle highlights enhancing her haircut or style… Balayage is a super easy, low maintenance way to soften up a drab hue and infuse your hair color – such as that dull brown with a gorgeous caramel to make sure you shine all day and sparkle at night. Add a few soft highlights around your face to brighten up the winter blues and keep your date wondering why you’re glowing.

One of the most important things people don’t think of planning for is remembering to cover up those pesky white hairs! Touch up grays with a single process using L’oreal’s INOA – an oil-based permanent hair color product that can actually improve texture and make styling a snap. You walk away with hair that is soft to the touch and has a very pretty, mirror-like shine. The color choices in the line are gorgeous, and especially a wonder for red heads!

If you’re short on time, ask for Butterfly’s signature Photo Finish service. This is an express color treatment (similar to a gloss application) that enhances shine, and can add a subtle tone boost to your hair color that gradually washes away. It has an instant conditioning effect on the hair, making it silky, sleek, and very touch-worthy.

(Pictured work by Min Kim)

Last Minute Ideas for Valentine’s Day Hair

Still need a look for Valentine’s Day?

Here are some quick and easy tips for pulling together a last minute style.

blake lively ponytail
Start with a messy or natural wavy hair texture. Make the look more romantic by clipping the sides into a loose twist and pin. Use a large curling iron to set the hair. Then apply a styling spray like Oribe’s Dry for hold with a little extra texture and volume. Taking the sides, twist back and downward. Secure with pins. Spray a light hair spray to keep the sides tamed.

volume side part
This romantic and sophisticated style is super simple. Start with a voluminous blow dry using products that give hair more fullness, such as a volumizing spray, or apply a mousse from roots to ends. Then, simply create a low hair part on one side and pull the hair back. Tuck the section behind the ears and secure with one bobby pin right behind the ear so that it is unseen. Then, push all of your hair to one side and secure the very bottom with another hair pin near the lower hairline.

jessica alba updo
Start with the most texture you can for this very soft, loose twist. We don’t recommend recently washed hair because you don’t want to work with hair that’s too soft. The first step is to tease your entire mane with a brush. Then, go over every section from roots to ends with hair spray. Using your hands, begin to create your shape by pulling hair back as if you were doing a ponytail. Instead, complete the process by making a loose bun or classic twist. Secure with poppy pins. To give the style more detail, separate hair with your fingers and spray to achieve that effortless look.

The classic – romantic waves! Watch Kattia Solano demostrate how to create the best waves for a sexy date night out in our Oribe hair tutorial.

Shaping Your Eyebrows


Before: Uneven, unruly brows




Align downward to find the inner starting point for your shape

Angle to determine end point for your outer brow

Use shadow and a brush for softer definition

Or try a pencil for thicker, more defined brows. Fill in lightly from the inside out.

Then, use a brush to blend the shadow in for a more natural look.

We love that this pencil by Kevyn Aucoin is a two-in-one!


Notice the difference between the two? Just don’t try both at once!

Photos by Amelia Alpaugh

Products Used

“The Precision” Brow Pencil by Kevyn Aucoin, “Angle Liner” by Paula Dorf,  Kevyn Aucoin Eyeshadow Single in “Coffee Bean,” and steel tweezers.

How To: Fake a French Twist On Short Hair

Photos by: Rolando Robínson || Makeup: Butterfly artist Francesca Roman

The shorter the hair, the less maintenance. On the flip side, there are less options when it comes to jazzing up your pixie… We’ve admired celebs’ use of styling products—from Jennifer Lawrence‘s rough texture to Anne Hathaway‘s slicked back style—but if you really want to dress it up, it takes a little more creativity. We sought the help of Kattia Solano, hair stylist at NYC’s Butterfly Studio Salon, who showed us how to recreate this gorgeous faux French twist in the Butterfly Studio tutorial room (open to the public in Spring 2014).

Shannon Farrell // Daily Makeover



Step 1:
For a full look, start with texture. Those with fine straight hair can add movement with a curling iron, creating loose ringlets on two-inch sections of hair. Then spray each two-inch section with Oribe Texturizing Spray to build height. For thicker hair, curling isn’t required.

“This style is best on dirty hair or with some texture,” says Solano.

Step 2:
Backcomb each section of hair, holding each piece at the ends between the fingers. By holding the tip, the comb is able to hit the sides as well as tease straight up.

Step 3:
Lightly comb the hair out with fingers or a thin comb.

Step 4:
Place the headband over the head, leaving it along the neck like a necklace. (Solano used the L. Erickson Rock Goddess Headwrap) Start to stretch out the headband, placing it directly on the hairline. Then pull each chain back individually.

Step 5:
Use Oribe Superfine Hairspray on the sides of hair (just below the ears) to make them super sleek. The sleeker the sides, the more exaggerated the “faux French twist.”

Fun Idea: Gold Hair + Braided Chignon

Hair: Kattia Solano  |  Photos: Amelia Alpaugh

Is “sparkle” the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a party or the holidays? Okay, we know it’s really “drinks” or “sweets,” but who doesn’t love a little glitter to evoke the spirit of the season?! We’ve got a festive and creative way to introduce wearing gold in your hair this year and make an updo more fancy with lux shimmer and playful loops…



Start with hair that is not so clean and has some body to it… Ask any stylist and we’ll all tell you that we prefer working with a dirty mane when styling hair for a special event. That way, you get the most out of your hair products plus lasting structure. A sleek look (like the one we’re creating here) is always a great option for managing next day hair when you’ve got somewhere to be but no time for a salon visit. With the right style, you can really make hair shine by using days of product and natural hair oil to your advantage.