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Fusio-Dose Hair Lab

Concentrated active ingredients freshly fuse to create a customized in-salon treatment for your specific hair needs. Capable of resolving all of your hair concerns, Fusio-Dose™ Hair Lab fundamentally treats your hair and immediately transforms for lasting results.

Find Your Perfect Match
Create your tailor-made solution based on your hair concerns. THE CONCENTRÉS target your primary hair need: Nutrition, Shine, Strength, Density. THE BOOSTERS target your secondary hair need: Nutrition, Brilliance, Reconstruction, Density, Discipline. Twenty combinations are possible — find yours!

With the introduction of Fusio-Dose® Homelab™, you can experience personalized instant hair transformation treatment at home. Receive an in salon hair diagnosis and take home a customized Fusio-Dose Homelab box for a complete personalized treatment from the salon to your home. At-home treatments include 4 at-home treatments, giving your hair beautiful salon results. Each kit contains four concentres and four boosters prescribed by your stylist.

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New Chronologiste – An Exceptional Hair Treatment Range

Words from Taylor Brock, stylist and treatment specialist:
With new additions to Chronologiste’s in-salon caviar pearl ritual and the introduction of an at-home regimen, “the finest haircare treatment ever created by Kérastase” has just gone up another level…


Chronologiste is considered to be the ultimate deep-conditioning treatment for all hair types because it contains the most active ingredients ever offered by Kérastase. The new and improved version now offers a renewing pre-shampoo hair treatment that targets the scalp to receive specialized stabilization and repair. A healthy scalp allows hair follicles to produce easier, therefore resulting in faster hair growth. But the science doesn’t stop there – the product also works as a super hair primer, opening up your hair to grab as much of the treatment as possible to enable top notch revitalization. Also new to the line is the nutrient-packed shampoo and conditioner, directly inspired by the transformative treatment we’ve come to know and love. And don’t forget the nourishing Chronologiste oil fragrance, your last step styler for adding shine and softness. Regardless of the vitamins, moisture, strength and antioxidant properties found in this complete treatment system – the scent alone is enough to get you hooked. It will leave you asking, “Why can’t everything smell like this?” The bottom line is, when hair gets compromised on any level, there’s nothing better at reviving it than Chronologiste. The results were amazing before but the new additions will make you a groupie!

Check it out, Chronologiste speaks for itself…

Makeup Obsession: Sensual Skin Fluid Foundation

If you’re set on only one splurge this fall, make it a makeup buy and grab Kevyn Aucoin’s phenomenal new foundation. It’s a game-changer! There’s a reason why everyone is calling Sensual Skin Fluid the “MVP of makeup,” and why we’ve decided it’s our number one fall and winter skin fix. The formula is everything. It feels like cashmere in a bottle, and unlike your traditional foundation, it glides on and stays on like a serum – leaving a lightweight, smooth finish that stands out from the rest. Powered by time-release pigments, it will actually stay put all day and all night without budging…We’re taking 8 hours of continuous, even coverage! The fact that this unique foundation is powder, water, and oil-free must have something to do with that, too. Whatever the secret is, it’s made it an all-time Butterfly fave. Say goodbye to lines and unwanted texture and hello to skin as smooth as liquid!skin fluid Foundation

Ask an expert at your local salon or beauty counter to help match your shade.

Why You Should “Discipline” Your Hair

Whether they have loose curls, tight curls, wavy or straight hair, every woman dreams of the same thing: the perfect blow out and results that last! What we all look for in a smooth and beautiful blow dry is for hair to feel tame, look shiny, and maintain its shape and hold without having a rough texture, or a stiff and rigid appearance. But it’s few and far between that most of us are able to find that perfect balance… Beyond the naturally stubborn nature of most hair types, we regularly subject our hair to all sorts of aggressors. Hair even takes a hit from other harmful environmental effects, making it virtually untamable…Or so we thought!


Finally, with the launch of “Discipline” haircare and in-salon treatment ritual by Kérastase, we have an answer to the common woes and unhappiness that comes with managing the unmanageable – frizzy and undisciplined hair. Unlike most products you’ve heard about before, this newest hair innovation from the offers that long-lasting manageability and control in a chemical-free line that preserves the natural free-flowing movement of your hair. And it doesn’t require hours at the salon or a long-term commitment to try it…nor will it break the bank! It’s a great alternative for those of you who have always been hesitant about keratin smoothing. Last but not least, you get 72 hours of frizz and humidity control with the at home regimen and blow dry time is cut down by a whopping 33% for up to 21 shampoos with the salon treatment service! Who said styling at home should feel like work? Not Kérastase!


To find out more about the line or discuss if this is the right fit for your hair type, call or email us to set up a consultation with a Butterfly expert! 212.253.2100 or

Three Life-changing Joanna Vargas Products for Skin

Butterfly is both proud and thrilled to carry JV skincare’s antioxidant rich brand of skin benefiting products created by top NYC facialist and celebrity esthetician Joanna Vargas. Just one run through of the regimen, and we were hooked on the results from this organic and natural line. Our instantly smooth, even skin and bright, glowy complexion spoke for itself – making clear the reasons for her loyal Hollywood following. Read on to discover the salon’s top three favorites for all skin types and why we now can’t live without them!


Always on demand amongst A-list clients like Michelle Williams, this light gel serum is known as the “green juice for the skin!” We’re obsessed because it firms and tightens right away while bringing out a visible glow in your skin. Supplying high levels of vitamins without an oily texture, this revitalizing elixir will nourish the skin on a long-term basis and increase its ability to regenerate and stay youthful. Apply this refreshing chlorophyl-powered gel on irritated skin, and you’ll see inflammation disappear just as fast as you’ll feel the cooling effect. It’s your instant fix for brighter skin, smoother lines, and mega nourishment. Apply a thin layer on cleansed skin day and night before anything else. This stuff’s so good, you can even skip the eye cream!

Two Awesome New Products for Dry Hair by Kérastase

With the relaunch of the new and improved Nutritive line by Kérastase, come two new products to stop the feeling of “2nd day hair.” Have you noticed the feeling of dryness reappear “too soon” after your beauty routine? Well, your hair deserves to shine for more than a few hours… Now there’s something you can use to make sure your strands stays hydrated – whether you’re getting a blow out at the salon or styling at home. We always like to say that the perfect blow dry is one that makes hair look even better the next day. Here’s why these just-launched products, using the “Iris Royal Complex,” can help you get there.


TOUCHE PERFECTION – “The most addictive addition”

The first on-the-go nourishment for dry ends, that’s not meant to be left at home. Apply on wet hair to give hair nutrition from roots to ends before styling. As a finishing touch on dry hair, it shields the ends of the hair any time of the day, just like a lip balm. Its formula combines the “Iris Royal Complex” with a polymer to enhance manageability and keep ends under control. As a bonus, it contains UV-filters against sun exposure. (You always want to make sure your leave-in conditioner offers protection!)

Technique: Warm up a small amount between your fingers. Gently apply to ends, allowing the natural heat from your hands to soften and smooth hair whenever, wherever. Repeat anytime to wrap hair with nourishment and tame ends for instant strand-satisfaction.


IMMERSION NUTRITIVE: “The most replenishing nutrition”

Extreme dryness now has a new enemy – a pre-shampoo treatment to replenish dry, parched hair. Pre-cleansing your hair before the shampoo is a new ritual to try in your regimen for fast, effective nourishing care. This product pre-treats the hair, preparing it to be more “receptive,” and therefore makes products that follow work better. We recommend choosing a moisturizing haircare line for best results.

Technique: Apply on dry or slightly damp hair only. Use your hands to gently apply the product onto the entire length of the hair and saturate. You will feel the infusion melt onto the fiber of your hair – as though hugging it, and giving it that much needed TLC! Rinse off and shampoo (apply a little conditioner on the ends, only if needed to help brush through). With its sorbet-like texture, your strands will feel relaxed, supple, and replenished.

New in Styling: Short Mania & Gloss Appeal

Earlier this year, Kérastase launched their Couture Styling collection, introducing a luxurious new way to style our hair. Well, the fun and creativity isn’t over just yet because they’ve topped off the line by adding two final products to the mix. Here’s the scoop on new Short Mania and Gloss Appeal for you to continue playing with and obsessing over these high fashion, high quality products that we can’t get enough of, either!

This strong and flexible sculpting paste – ideal for short haircuts and men’s hair – spreads easily to give a clean, semi-matte structured style with finish. To define a look on short styles, use a chestnut sized amount of product and warm up with your hands before applying throughout the hair and focusing on tips. For longer pixie hair inspired by Jennifer Lawrence or Miley Cyrus, pair with a blow dry that is lifted at the root and style upward with your fingers. We love that Short Mania allows re-workable shaping and offers UV, heat, anti-frizz and humidity protection.


Giving amazing shine instantly to smooth looks, this topcoat spray delivers for all hair types! The ultra-fine mist technology lightly adds that glossy appearance and radiance to hair while controlling frizz, and leaves no oily residue. Its UV filters make it a great product to use before flat ironing to protect and perfect mirror-like straight strands. It will even help keep humidity away. Spray all over dry hair as a finisher anytime to give locks a glossy top coat and even luster with a lightweight, couture finish. It doesn’t get easier than this!

Celestial Skin Liquid by Kevyn Aucoin


Based on the pro-artist beauty essential and Kevyn Aucoin hero product, The Celestial Powder – Candlelight is now available in an innovative liquid. This unique illuminating emulsion multi-tasks as a wear-alone product, skin treatment primer and foundation developer.


• Paraben-free & Silicone-free

• The formula is a hybrid between a gel and a creamy weightless fluid that glides on the skin effortlessly.

• Innovative technology promises wear up to 12 hours!

• Exclusive Raspberry Stem Cell Extract and Bearberry Complex act as potent age defense agents, which protect skin from damage due to

• Ultra-fine pearl combined with micronized spheres creates the look of healthy and candlelit skin.

• Never looks shimmery, glittery or greasy, gives skin the “glow from within” look.

• The lustrous formula offers a boost of shaping light.


• Use over moisturized skin. Adds radiance and a delicate highlight wherever it is placed. The highlights created are never harsh; the look is as if you are glowing from within!

• As a highlighter: Lightly apply to cheeks, brow bone, and décolleté and blend with fingertips.

• As a developer: Mix in with your favorite Kevyn Aucoin foundation to add a subtle hint of shimmer to the skin.