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#TransformationTuesday: Effortless Butterfly Waves

To kick off the spring season, we partnered with our chic friends at Hooked Up Shapewear for a make-under event, where stylish babes flaunted their feminine shapes and healthy, sculpted hair waves! Special thanks to our VIP guests, beauty editors and bloggers for making the fabulous day a blast!


Top: Dawn Davis, Total Beauty
Middle: Liz Black, Refinery29


Top: Syden Abrenica, Family Circle
Bottom: Victoria Lincoln, Real Simple | Julia Fawal, Woman’s Day | Adrianna Barrionuevo, The Fashion Spot


Top: Katie, Bridal Guide
Bottom: Elaine Vaun, Vaun’s View | Pandora & Kayla, OK! Mag | Dory Larrabee, Hollywood Life


Top: Samantha Shelton, Redbook
Bottom: Caitlin Miller, Style Bistro | Julie Ricevuto, You Beauty | Soelis + Vicglamar + Milena, Mamas Latinas


Photo Booth via Digisnaps.

Girls With Curls: Why You’ll Love Balayage

If you’re looking for a way to define your ringlets and make your curls shine, it doesn’t get more beautiful, more fun, or even more customizable than balayage highlights. This versatile method of coloring is a match for enhancing the look of curly hair for hair lengths short, medium, and long. In fact, it’s a great alternative for trying something new in the middle of a grow out – or when you just want to freshen up a specific style or haircut you’re already happy with. (It also offers a way to reinvent yourself when you don’t have the inches of hair to loose!) Color expert Faye Coronado explains, “When you create a look with balayage on curly or wavy hair, it becomes all about playing with the curls to accentuate the cut and natural texture as much as possible with the color.” By adding dimension to any hairstyle, balayage better shapes the look of your curls.


“I chose to frame the face and brighten Cortney up for the winter by adding hues of gold and honey throughout her curls,” says Faye. “These warm tones highlight her skin and draw attention to her gorgeous blue eyes.” If your curls are ready for a glam makeover, pick warm and toasty or go for more towards an icy, platinum touch. There’s also the new Ecaille trend which pairs sun-kissed ends in gold and caramel tones with darker, more natural looking roots. “Balayage becomes the most customized accessory for a woman, which she can continue evolving into the tastes and trends of the new year. Or, you can opt for not much upkeep at all since it’s one of the most low maintenance hair color choices out there!” Balayage can even benefit the gals who prefer to tame their curls by wearing the hair up and away from the face. Whether you choose loose, full, cropped, twisted, braided, wrapped or pinned hair – the addition of balayage adds extra shimmer and flair to make a style more unique. The results glisten when the light hits your strands so even the most simple looks are never boring!


New ‘Do: Above The Shoulders Crop Haircut

If you’re looking for a way out of mundane hair styling days, there’s just one simple (yet surprising) solution: Lose the length. From the long list of short hair debuts on celebrities to the many customized ways shorter styles are evolving recently, it’s hard not to opt for the crop!

Color expert Aneesa Dial before and during the chop!

Color expert Aneesa Dial before – and during – the chop!

“Short hair is really hot right now, complimenting women of all ages,” says master stylist Kattia Solano, “The short look of today is classic yet modern – and the style has a simplicity that I love!” Most people find themselves gravitating towards cleaner, shorter hairstyles than ever before – even if the length is somewhat out of their comfort zone. Kattia says, “Make no mistake about it, a short haircut is a very striking look that will turns heads. Women will notice it and wish they can have it, or just wish they would have the guts to do it!”


The lines of a short crop are simple but very powerful because it exposes your neck – a very sexy part of a woman! Cropped hair also opens up your face to show off your sexiest facial features, such as the jaw bone. Will you have your crop moment in early 2015? We say the cold season is by far the best for trying something on the shorter side… After all, short hair is a fabulous accessory for all those chunky sweaters and bulky scarfs we’re wearing now! The absence of humid, frizzy hair days that come with warmer weather is also a styling plus. A shorter length is easy to maintain and comes with a versatility that’s hard not to love.

Short Hair

“You can style it straight and sleek or a little messy and wavy. Wearing it straight is more classic. Wavy tells a whole different story…” Whether you choose just a little bit of bend in your styling, “cool” and relaxed waves, or defined party waves – the look can transform from fashion forward and feminine to playful and trendy. From “model” to “new mom,” this haircut will leave you bold babes out there beaming with confidence and major sex appeal! A short cropped look such as the one pictured here by Kattia, best compliments fine to medium thickness and textures ranging from straight to wavy hair types. For the best results, try Kattia’s pro trick: “I like to cut the back with a razor to create a very soft line that blends and gives the look of perfect movement. Then I finish the sides with my shears to give a more defined line.”

The “Fall-Back” Style For Every Hair Type

Hair & Quotes by Jason J Dougherty | Butterfly Studio Stylist

When Daylight Savings Time ends on Sunday, November 2nd, you might gain an extra hour of sleep, but you still won’t have time to rock a time-lengthy style. This simple chic knot is the perfect go-to when you can’t spend more than a few minutes on a polished look, but you’re still looking for a classic hairstyle with a twist.

fall hair bun

FallBack Bun.

Textured, loose “ballerina during down-time” hairstyle to wear with 90’s Plaid, Office Chic, or Folk/Traditional inspired patterns.

WHAT: Dress up and add sophistication in a time-sensitive, low-maintenance way.

BEST FOR: Girls on the go – who don’t have a lot of time for a complex style, but still want to rock a trend. The Assistant – always concentrating on the boss, but needs to pull a sophisticated look together quickly. The college-girl – leaving for class last minute, or early in the am. The single ladies – when you want to look sexy but not too done for that first date.

fall trends

The “Fallback” bun is an alternative to the classic bun because of its loose texture and effortlessness. The less prefect the better, which makes it great the working woman and full calendar girls.

TRY IT: Brush out the hair and apply a light oil such as Gold Lust by Orive to add moisture and shine, and help with styling ease. Bring hair back to create a low ponytail. Keep it loose on top to keep the texture. Now take sections and work through all of the hair, anchoring with bobby pins. For a more polished look or something different for another day, add some pomade to the hair to make it more sleek. Finish with a little hairspray like Oribe’s Superfine to seal the deal.

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Makeup – Cristina Marroquin // Photography – Edwin Pabon

Balayage Highlights… The Hair Color Trend For Everyone! [Video]

Before haircuts & post-color styling: Vanessa Fernandez
Highlights and hair color: Min Kim
Makeup: Francesca Roman

Balayage is…
the art of hair color
unique to every hair type
a customized technique
soft – or bold
for blondes, reds, & brunettes
playful and fun
like blush or bronzer for the hair
a way to try “Sombré”
a way to send your hair on a “FAKE-ation” with “Bronde”
a start to your fall style

Expert to Expert: New Haircut, Big Decision!

Butterfly Studio founder and master stylist Kattia Solano explains how she finally decided on the style of her new haircut (a question we all battle ourselves over from time to time) and how she chooses a stylist that will make sure her sexy haircut vision comes to life.

kattia's new haircut

I’m not sure whether being a stylist myself makes it harder or easier to find the right stylist, but I do know this… When I search for someone to execute the perfect look, there are two important qualities that I look for in a hair artist. The first is someone that will really listen to me – a stylist who asks questions, takes the time to understand what I’m going for, and even helps me connect better with what it is I really want. The process is full of struggling thoughts, and trusting someone with the responsibility of something so precious can be intimidating. That’s why the second key trait I look for in a stylist is that they aren’t afraid of change. I find this level of confidence very reassuring. Naturally, this is why I sought out fellow Butterfly Vanessa Fernandez for my next cut!

vanessa and kattia

Nine weeks after my pregnancy, I found that I was still getting used to my newfound curly texture and noticeably thicker hair. To “solve” the problem, I had been living in a ponytail. The truth was, I was in serious need of a cut that would remove weight and angle my face with a flattering shape. I’ve always felt that springtime is one of the best opportunities to reinvent yourself and I was all about a polished new look for the season. I also wanted a style that would feel fun and light. Vanessa recommended soft layers that had the versatility of being worn straight or curly…

Hottest Hair Color for Redheads, Blondes, & Brunettes

Expert colorist Faye Goodwin on how to refresh every shade with this year’s color trends and tips for complementing your type to make sure your mane shimmers on…

rachel rose gold
Ravishing Rose & Radiant Reds
Redheads have been seriously downplayed for the past few seasons, but 2014 is making room for all hues of red to make their comeback. If you’re looking for a change but are unsure of where to turn, you can safely default to a red shade to keep you in style throughout the year. Red is always a strong hair color, but that doesn’t mean the actual shade of it has to be. Take rose gold for example. We’ve been seeing it everywhere in fashion, and just like a mirror to a wall – fashion and hair color trends also go hand in hand. Rose gold makes a bold and beautiful hair statement without going overboard. It’s no wonder that we are seeing more and more tastemakers sporting the trend, and why celebrities like Molly Sims and Rachel McAdams are currently wearing this hot, summery hue. To find the right kind of red, keep your skin tone in mind. Stray away from warmth and think cooler and deeper shades if you have a naturally darker base. For lighter hair or more pale complexions, go warmer with coppery, golden reds to really rock your color in 2014.

Icy Hot Blonde
Blondes are cooling it down and bringing back vibrant ice tones with silvery hues. Paving the road for white hot hair color are Hollywood babes like Julianne Hough, Carmen Diaz and Cara Delevigne – who have shown us why it’s the way to go this year. To make this look work for you, ask your hair expert for a customized color combination. That means absolutely no store-bought box color, please! I recommend balayage highlights to achieve the best look. In this case, the freehand coloring technique allows us to get that blend of bright and icy blonde just right – resulting in a perfect mix of color that can flatter even the most pale skin tones. I like to finish the service off with a Dialite Photo Finish (similar to a color gloss) to really “ice” the cake. I say blonde hair isn’t at its best unless it is unique.

Dark With Just A Splash
Brunettes have the most room to experiment and still stay on trend for 2014. We are seeing extremely versatile color options for dark hair. You have everything from iced latte and cappuccino browns (think Mila Kunis) to mahogany based brunettes and everything in between. Then there’s the new ombré -like look that is sweeping the hair color world – it’s called “Sombré.” This effect tones down the former more drastic ombré to a much more subtle ombré, where there is a gradual fluidity from a darker base to brighter ends. Recently, we’ve seen the Kardashian girls variating the look, having predominantly darker hair with subtle light pieces on the ends. Kudos also go out to Natalie Portman, who is totally rocking one of the best sombré looks right now.

What is Balayage? Min Kim Explains! [Video]

Butterfly master color specialist & L’Oreal Professionnel artist Min Kim (@minkimcolorist on social) says balayage is a popular hair color service that is “definitely for everybody,” allowing colorists such as herself to “step outside of the box” and “paint the town happy” with their technique! Dating back a few decades, balayage takes on an artistic approach to highlighting hair of all types and styles – creating “natural movement” and enhancing looks with a more modern, “less is more” effect. Watch Min talk about why balayage is not just a celebrity-powered, chic trend but a customized highlighting method that will NOT be going anywhere…

[UPDATE: Click here to fast forward to over six months later!]

Thank you to Kissi Media/According to Dawn for the great video story!

Bad Weather, Great Hat Tips

Hat season is in full effect. Hats shield our hair from inclement weather, and help us preserve our hair color longer by protecting our processed locks from fading fast. They are, of course, an accessory staple. A cute hat is a great starting point for pulling an outfit together, and our favorite hat will always be the first thing we turn to in case of an emergency. Bad hair days aside let’s not forget that a hat can also be an easy styling solution for a cool look anytime. With the right tips, you can use a hat to control your hair and even prep it for a better style later. Whether you’re a snow bunny, floppy hat fan, fedora girl, or a top hat babe – our tips are coming to rescue you from the cold, in style!

winter beanie

Basic hat trick.
The perfect simple hat covers your ears and keeps you warm. To make it more stylish, take your hair to one side and create a loose braid. Apply a light hold hairspray on the braided section to set it. If you have a favorite beach spray, that will work, too. When you take off the hat, loosen the braid to reveal a slight wave in your hair with a nice texture and body.

winter hat

Go with the flow.
Flowing locks with an “undone” effect will spruce up your look on a dry, cold day. We love this choice because all you have to do is apply a dry shampoo or texturizing spray on unwashed hair to create texture. We’re hooked on “Dry” by Oribe because it offers hold while giving all hair types that sexy, texturized appearance. Remember that you want your ends a little messy, and not so perfect. Put on your choice of pommed, print, floppy, or slightly accented hat option to add in a little bit of fun while protecting your head and ears – and you’re out the door!

slouchy hat

We vouch for the slouch.
The over-sized beanie is best for thick, long hair or a curly texture. It helps to choose a hat made from a thicker, more chunky material. Take a little conditioning cream or nourishing oil to hydrate the ends before tucking the hair loosely into the hat. You can loosely scrunch your curls when placing them inside, or twist long hair in loosely for straight and wavy hair types. Once you remove the hat, simply shake out to get the fullness back.

hat and bangs

Rock out with your fringe out.
This is a great style for a wet, wintery day. Make one or two loose buns with your hair and tuck under the hat to keep the volume in. Leave your bangs outside of your hat so that the look is softer and more feminine. You can also pull out a few short pieces of hair around your face to maximize your fringe, and feeling more stylish. Those with wavy or curly hair can use a curling iron to enhance their bang look. When you remove the hat, you can easily touch up your fringe to make them lay better. Use your hand and quickly shake your bangs to the right and to the left. Take the buns out then flip your head over and shake for more volume. Always carry a light hairspray in your bag (or pack your favorite Oribe purse size option) to use before and after this step for smoothness and finish. This is the go-to option, sans knots, for pixie cuts and short crops that have some length in the bang area.

nyfw hat trend

2014’s “It” Hat.
If you’re looking to sport this year’s hot brimmed style hat, the same rules and tips above apply. We’re liking this new trend – it’s kind of a hybrid between street or safari top hat with exaggerated fedora. The large rim on these hats can conceal your hair, and give your face a good amount of coverage to protect your skin and makeup. This hat is also fabulous if you want to show off your lengths! For ways to wear the “It” hat, browse the latest collection from Kenneth Cole.


Magic under the hat.
To avoid “hat hair” and promote even prettier hair post-hat, our best secret is to spray the inside of your hat with hair spray. This prevents frizz, static, and will keep hair smooth and shaped. We recommend a product with flexible hold, and if it has the added feature of anti-humidity protection built in, it’s a keeper! For all of your hat-wearing purposes (and beyond), our pick is Oribe’s “Impermeable.” It’s an ideal substitute whenever a step calls for hairspray, such as for the braided look we mentioned. Another important tip is to apply this type of spray onto your scarf, whenever you’re wearing one. It will give hair protection and anti-static benefits. Besides, you never know when your scarf will come in handy and save you from a stormy day.

Pulling Together Your Wedding Look – By Colorist Faye Goodwin

Bridal season is just around the corner, and being a bride myself, I understand the many factors we need to consider for pulling that dream look together in time. First and foremost, you need to say “Yes to the dress!” Once you have found the perfect dress, everything else will fall into place. I suggest checking out Jenny Packham’s gowns at Mark Ingram Atelier in Manhattan, which is who I chose for the big day. My number one rule for selecting your dress is to make sure the gown compliments your venue and the time of year. For example, I am getting married in June, inside of a yoga temple in the Dominican Republic. The ideal dress for me had to balance elegance with a lightweight fabric – so that I would not melt away in the heat of the tropical oasis!


When it comes to accessories, a bold dress is best accented by going more subtle with your adornments. On the other hand, a simple dress can really be embellished by playing up a few statement pieces. I chose simple diamond stud earrings and an extremely bold Jenny Packham headpiece to compliment my completely embellished gown (pictured above). As for hair and makeup, be YOU – just a more elegant version. You want to choose a look you will feel comfortable wearing all day, without having to think about it. But don’t settle! Speak up and make sure your beauty team knows exactly what you are going for. I am bringing my Butterflies along with me for my destination wedding – a dream team of Francesca Roman for flawless makeup and bridal hair expert Vanessa Fernandez to create my gorgeous style. As a colorist, my biggest recommendation for any bride is not to do anything drastic before the big day. Thirty years from now, no bride wants to look back and ask herself, “What was I thinking?” To ensure a radiant, glowing look on your big day, try subtle face framing highlights. For me, a plan for natural balayage is in order. Congratulations fellow brides!