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Butterfly’s Back on 5th!

Starting Monday, October 9th, you can find us opening a new chapter at our original address at 149 5th Ave, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about coming home to a recharged and ready-to-inspire space that we are truly proud to share!

While we won’t be quite ready for that big reveal just yet, we are really excited about showing off the progress we’ve made with the salon’s shape-up so far. On behalf of our entire team, we’d like to say THANK YOU to our amazing clients for their patience and support through the entire process. We love you so much, Butterfly Babes!

As we dust ourselves off and put the finishing touches on our shiny new studio, we invite you to stop in for a tour and partake in our limited-time promotions!  XOXO



Fall’s product perk is a small token of appreciation for embarking on this journey with us. Pick up the essentials you love from Kerastase, Oribe and Shu Uemura, or make way for a transformation of your own by requesting our recommendation for fall’s best beauty must-haves.


Enter our favorite gifting method: beauty therapy! Treat your special someone to post-pampering bliss with a Butterfly Gift Card and we’ll give you a BONUS VALUE CARD to show yourself love any way you like. Beauty is meant to be shared and that’s why you’ll GET when you GIVE thru November.



Instagram Contest Alert!

Calling all Instagrammers! Join us on Instagram (@butterflystudiosalon) for a chance to score complimentary services and win luxury beauty swag from your favorite brands! Starting 7/23, we are launching a two week sweepstakes on Instagram and sharing our favorite ways to protect and revive summer hair. Butterfly Babes will have multiple opportunities to snag a prize!

Instagram Contest

Stay tuned for posts about Butterfly’s favorite solutions for treating and maintaining healthy tresses for a chance to win. We will be offering our lucky winners glam prizes to keep hair in the very best shape through the season. Ready to play? Take the following steps to enter the contest… Participation Rules:

  • Follow @butterflystudiosalon
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  • “Double tap” or “Tag a Friend” for a chance to win!

Date Style: Ideas For Rocking A Little Black Dress

(Image: Daily Look)

No Valentine’s Day, romantic date, or special occasion is ever complete without the perfect evening outfit. That’s why we turned to the fabulous Tisa Monét – Butterfly’s education/business development manager and fashionista (known as The Gold Curve) – who gave us all the right advice with an easy fashion guide for date night! “The Little Black Dress is synonymous with chic and sexy,” says Tisa. “It’s the one statement piece that works for any Butterfly babe – and it also makes the man in your life feel extremely special when he sees you in a LBD!”

Here are her flirty outfit ideas featuring LBDs and other items chosen from….

“The perfect look for a classic Valentine’s Day night, including a romantic dinner in the city!”

Look #1:
Sultry Mesh Panel Bodycon Dress
Giles & Brother Mini Pied De Biche Bracelet
Chinese Laundry Lace Jeopardy Heels
Classic Leatherette Clutch

“A textured and chic LBD, finished with a red lip is sure to give your man butterflies!”

Look #2:
BB Dakota Branson Dress
Kapowski Vegan Leather Shoulder Bag
Finely Contoured Midi Ring Set
Everyday Bangle Bracelet Set
Chinese Laundry Jinxy Booties

“Classic will always be in style, but sometimes it’s good to change it up. Flaunt your curves in a fashionable romper! Perfect for your next all-girls night, when you’re going out for cocktails and dancing.”

Look #3,4,5…
(and so on when you mix and match!)

Three Of Something Tidal Playsuit
STYLESTALKER Love Story Jumpsuit
Lovers + Friends My Way Jumpsuit
Modern Vice Ghillie Heels
Heart Soul Patricia Heel
Chinese Laundry Jinxy Booties

“Heidi To Hollywood…” Milkmaid Braid How-To

Hair: Jill Engelsen; Makeup: Cristina Marroquin; Photos: Caroline Voagen Nelson.


How to Get the Milkmaid Braid Right Off the Golden Globes Red Carpet via PopSugar:

Update your plait with a glamorous milkmaid style braid and get yourself on the best dressed list at your next event! Senior stylist Jill Engelsen shows us how to achieve a trendy braided updo inspired by Golden Globe winner Joanne Froggatt at home…


Step 1: Blow-Dry
Begin by applying dry texturizing spray to the hair from roots to midshaft, and blow-dry the product into the hair for a smooth finish. Using a round brush, give the crown of the hair extra volume. To prevent tangles, Engelsen recommends putting the blow dryer down altogether.

“Set the blow dryer down, take a section at the top of your head where you want the volume, and place your round brush into the base of the hair, going away from your face,” she explained. “Then pick up the blow dryer and move the nozzle with the brush all the way to the ends.”


Step 2: Tease
Create a middle part, but don’t worry if it’s not quite straight. Follow the natural flow of your hair to get a less-than-formal fringe. Use a fine-tooth comb to create a zigzaggy part half an inch from the hairline on both sides of the center part. Pin away these bangs.

Back-comb hair starting at the hairline and working back to the nape in an alternating pattern, as if you were laying tile. “[Teasing] creates volume and a grip for the bobby pins when you put the braid on top,” Engelsen said. Once you’ve teased the entire back section, smooth all the hair back using a bristle brush.


Step 3: Pigtails
Make a diagonal part from the top right to the bottom left of the larger section using just your fingers. You eventually want this part to disappear, so using a comb would make it too stark. Secure two separate pigtails with an elastic that matches your hair color.


Step 4: Plait
Apply more dry texture spray to the lengths of each pony, and then braid. As you go, pause periodically to loosen the plait to get a fuller, more textured milkmaid. Secure the ends with an elastic.


Step 5: Smooth
Using the long end of a rattail comb, lift the hair at the crown to make sure the lifted portion is even and the part is invisible. Then, smooth the section down and apply a wax to tame flyaways. This section should be sleek in comparison to the mussed-up braids.


Step 6: Pin
Flip the left braid up and cross it over the base of the right braid. Use bobby pins to secure the braid above the ear and over the hairline. Repeat on the other side. Where the ends meet front and center, tuck the elastics underneath the braid to create a seamless crown.


Makeup artist Cristina Marroquin recommends pairing your braided updo with a makeup look that places a bold focus on just one feature. For our shoot, Cristina chose the eyes. She kept it simple with classic black liquid liner, taupe gloss, and fresh, even skin to match. Enhancing the eyebrows is also an important touch when wearing you hair up. Fill in color with a brow pencil then brush to give your brows a deeper, natural-looking definition.


Pinot Noir Ombre…The Red You Have To Try In 2015!

Master color specialist Min Kim has recently created a new shade of wine-inspired crimson that’s just to die for! Below, Min explains how to transition old highlights and achieve a red ombre that will warm up your winter locks and make your personal sense of style all the rage in the new year… Make this balayage hair idea your own with a customized red wine hue and shine on!


A beautiful red is the perfect choice to warm up your insides AND your summery highlights…As the weather chills out many turn to richer more vibrant colors to warm up their pale wintery skin. Those with hair on the lighter side (your ends turn golden in the sun) should stick to copper and lighter shades of red vs. their darker cousins (your ends turn shades of red- chestnut, copper, auburn) that should stick with deeper versions of red (picture the different types of red wines- some are redder and some have a deeper violety tone).


To refresh old summer highlights or overdue color, the chosen shade of red can be painted on using the Balayage method of highlighting to connect the regrowth and create a subtle transition from new to old. The ends are then saturated with the same red color or a slightly lighter shade to create a Pinot Noir inspired Ombre. Follow up with another visit in 3 weeks to maintain the vibrancy as red has a tendency to fade out, especially in previously highlighted hair.


And a word to the wise.. put away your new or white towels and grab your older darker ones in case some of the dye should bleed out (it happens!). Don’t forget to use a color safe shampoo that isn’t going to strip away your investment! I’m obsessed with Shu Uemura’s Color Lustre. Not only is it sulfate free, it also leaves hair feeling silky and super shiny!


Before, during, and after…

The 10 Minute (No Brush!) Festive Braid

If you’ve made last minute plans to attend a holiday party but find your hair a mess, or if you’re stressing over how to leave the office for a hair appointment in the middle of your crazy holiday schedule…You can still get fancy and fabulous in a flash! Expert stylist and braid specialist Dana Tizzio  suggests a “face forward” DIY ‘do and accent braid to dress up your look for an elegant occasion. What better way to accessorize than with a pretty plait – especially when there’s no time needed to prep your hair for the look? Dana’s life-saving holiday styling tip is something we all need to carry in our back pocket. It’s just as simple to achieve as it is stunning!

Dana Holiday Braid 1ed

Even if the winter weather has made your hair dry, frizzy, or flat – or when you’ve skipped a day since your last shampoo – there’s no reason to let your hair’s condition stop you from getting glam on your time. This quick upstyle is ideal for “last minute” or on-the-go emergencies because you don’t even need a hairbrush to complete this look! All that is required to go from boring-to-black-tie can be placed at the bottom of your bag or clutch: a few pins, hair ties, and a mini/travel-sized version of your favorite dry shampoo/texturizing spray (something we never ever leave the house without anyway!)… And if you’re lucky, a fabulous pair of earrings or a shiny choker necklace is also in your reach to top off the look! (All jewelry on Dana by NYC’s Jaline Design.)

1. Section 1/4 hair from side part to ear, and add Shu Uemura “Texture Wave” spray for volume.
2. Start braid at part, focusing braid at the very front of forehead. Secure end with elastic.
3. Spritz more “Texture Wave” spray throughout hair. This helps enhance texture for easier styling and will keep everything in place better for the long haul.
4. Without brushing, twist all of hair to the side of braid and secure with elastic to create a ponytail.
5. Braid ponytail, including the front braid, and secure ends with an elastic. (It does not need to be tight.)
6. Hold one piece of the braid at the end with one hand. With the other hand, push entire braid upward from the bottom with your fingers to create “rouge” effect. Wrap braid and shape into a knot. Nestle it off to one side for the best look. (You want this to be a focal point!)
7. Secure with bobby pins, and use the hair pins to manage any loose ends. You can either embrace the bobby pins by creating a design to compliment your style, or make sure to place them strategically so that they are hidden.
8. Loosen the front of the braid and work your way back. For results that will beautifully frame your face, widen from the start of the braid and continue to pull hair apart gently on each section. This will create a softer and more romantic, evening-ready braided look.

Dana Holiday Braid 3ed

Give a Nod To Mod With This Simple, Chic Style [Video]

If you’re all for adding a vintage touch to your layered winter look, or if you’ve got your heart set on going retro glam for the holidays, then you will be excited to try this easy hair idea from stylist Amanda Colihan, which will bring a touch of mod and a whole lot of chic to your styling game!

When we want to add flair, we add volume… But it’s not always easy to determine if we’ve done it right – or if we’ve gone too far into the sixties! Follow these steps to create a sexy style that will give your hair a boost while keeping your look modern and minimalistic. If you can’t get enough of wearing your hair down, the good news is you can stick to your lengths and sexy blow out for this look because this sultry ‘do embraces loose, long strands. All you will need is just a few pins, a little product, and hello, Brigitte Bardot!

Via Butterfly Studio showcases an easy, stylish hair look for the holiday season straight off the runway.

Runway Trend: DIY Blue Mascara & Holographic Eye Makeup

Master makeup artist Francesca Roman teamed up with PopSugar Beauty to show us how to make blue mascara at home, and how to apply glitter makeup on our eyes to recreate Christian Siriano’s runway look from NYFW! Try this backstage beauty trend before Spring 2015 by wearing fun, sparkly eyes to your next party – or make it the secret to your glitzy holiday look! (Don’t miss Francesca’s trick for easy glitter removal below.)

Model hair: Senior stylist Jill Engelsen// Photography: Caroline Voagen Nelson.


Mix Your Glitter 

To get a similar look to the holographic discs used on the Christian Siriano runway, we used a large glitter from the craft store mixed with MAC Reflects Purple Duo glitter ($21). While it’s hard to find chunky cosmetic-grade glitter, it’s better to use something with a circular shape so that the jagged edges won’t injure your eyes (just take our word for it — it’s painful). Contact lens wearers should be extra careful.

Prime-LidsPrime Lids

First, you want to create a clean and even base for this glittery eye makeup look. Roman primed the lids with concealer (or you can use a nude shadow at home). Then cover the area from lash line to crease with Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream ($21).

Apply Glitter

You don’t need to use any tools to apply the glitter. Your finger is enough to grab the flecks, but you can also use a small ball of wax to pick up the tiny product and place them on your lids. Roman recommends staying away from the inner corners of the eye and tear duct (as a safety precaution).


You’re sure to get glitter where you don’t want it with this look, so use a dry mascara wand to get rid of any excess sparkle.

Add More Glitter

Keep layering on the glitter until you get the density you desire.

Make Your Own Mascara

Now on to making that colored mascara! First, blend the dry MAC Pigment ($21) in Marine Ultra and Hi-Def Cyan on a piece of foil. Roman’s bold blue hue used two parts of the bright cyan to one part of the darker navy color.

Dip a mascara wand saturated with MAC Prep + Primer Lash Primer ($17) in the powder and stir on a clean section of foil. Keep adding more powder until all the bristles are covered in blue. Apply to lashes the same as you would apply your favorite black mascara.

Add Blush

To balance out the disco-ball eye makeup, Roman added a soft pink blush on the cheeks called Shadore by Kevyn Aucoin ($37).

Apply Lipstick

Although the lip was neutral on the Christian Siriano runway, Roman gave this look added oomph with a bubblegum-pink, glossy lip hue. She mixed three shades to get the perfect color: Kevyn Aucoin Matte Lip Color ($33) in Tenacious and Kevyn Aucoin Lip Gloss ($30) in Cloudaine and Janelline.

Finished Look

The Removal Process
This is important: DO NOT remove glitter with soap and water. That is a sure way to get tiny product particles in your eyes. Instead use a piece of scotch tape to remove all the eye makeup. Just be sure to keep the sharp edges away from your sensitive retinas.

Hair To Wear For NYFW: The Dead-Ringer Ponytail

Hair & Quotes by Jason J Dougherty | Butterfly Studio Stylist

Hit Your fall fashion targets and knock your toughest critics dead with this quick ponytail – highlighted with a twisted ring of hair…


Dead-Ringer Ponytail.

Kill two birds (Function and Fashion) with one stone (The Ponytail)

WHAT: A side-part slicked pony with some texture and twist for the Fashion Forward Girl who has “a lot on her shoulders,” and is being pulled in all directions at once.

WHEN TO WEAR: Perfect for an opening night, gala exhibit or just a night out!

WHY IT’S HOT: It allows the rounded architecture of high-shouldered garments to be featured, yet also gives a unique look to the ponytail with a design that could stand on its own.

Source: Vogue

Source: Vogue

This ponytail is a great compliment to the large “Rounded Shoulders” that are a hot fashion trend in women’s clothing this fall. By pulling your hair back and away from the face and body frame, you are able to create a balance between positive and negative space by accentuating the unique high-rounded architectural shape of this high-shoulder trend and make any onlooker look back twice with adding a unique twist of hair that rings around the pony.

TRY IT: On the bottom half, twist the right and then twist the left into a tight pony. With the top portion, first add volume and then wrap it into a twist around the pony. Tease and spray the pony for texture and volume.

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Makeup – Cristina Marroquin // Photography – Edwin Pabon

Trend 101 – Time To Get BRONDE!

Trend Report by master color specialist Min Kim
We may still be in the middle of summer (and in case you forgot, just step outside and feel all that wonderful humid air ruining that lovely blowout) but, alas, all good things must come to an end. That’s why it’s never too early to start thinking about your fall hair, which really means thinking about one thing… Balayage! It’s the hair color option that’s truly for everyone. There is no doubting balayage and all of the reasons why it’s the way to go now or next season. Choose from the placement of a few accent pieces, a softer overall result, or something more fun like…(drum roll please)…the BRONDE!
bronde balayage

For the ever-changing #butterflybabes out there (or the ladies who want to be), a BRONDE look is an easy way to try a completely different color while still keeping what you were born with. Or not! Because the lightest pieces are on the ends, you can push the limits with color while still maintaining the natural tones closest to your face. For most of us who are always at work, our hair color doesn’t even come close to looking any different than it did in February. (Even after that weekend in Fire Island.) Thankfully, we now have the BRONDE technique… It’s a great way to lighten up those ends and give your strands a FAKE-a-tion with that sun-kissed look you’ve longed for since you had summers off.


Just take a look at Chrissy Teigen’s hair color evolution recently, or our gorgeous founder Kattia Solano… Total BRONDE Babe Alert! If you are more daring, then you can just as easily pull off the same look with an edge by adjusting your natural base to something darker or more red (such as a dark chocolate or mocha for brunettes), warmer or cooler (strawberry or sand for blondes) – and if you really like to play, try pastels or super vivid toned ends. Always remember that with this extension of the balayage trend, your options are truly endless. Have fun and happy BRONDEing!

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Blow Out Trend – The “Undone” Look

By expert stylist Amanda Colihan

We’re seeing a no-fuss, messy theme in hair of today. Although pretty and polished is a classic look that we will always turn to for that special hair occasion – modern cool demands more of a cutting edge style and encourages a care-free look. What makes this blow dry the best is that you don’t have to stress over perfect styling with the right method or technique. The hair pieces are randomly picked and blown out in all directions, so it’s easy for anyone to achieve. As long as your hair is long enough to curl, you can embrace an undone blow out. The result is a nice balance of a done, but “not too done” wavy hairstyle that you can wear daily. It will even look better as time goes on, so it can buy you some time before your next shampoo. Who doesn’t love low maintenance?!


Start with a styling cream that will give hold to a style while giving smoothing benefits to the hair. You can always cocktail a creamy product with a little hair oil like Essence Absolue by Shu Uemura. Rough dry the hair to about 80% while twisting hair sections with your fingers as you do so to create some movement. Using smaller, zig-zag sections around the head, take random pieces and twist hair with a brush. Blow out some pieces towards the face and some away. For a tighter, messier look use a smaller brush. A larger brush will give you softer, more natural waves. Do not disturb the curls until you’re completely done with the blowout. Finally, shake out your hair and mess it up with your hands a bit. Allow some pieces to do their thing, even if it “feels” crazy or weird. Follow with a texturizing spray to add more volume and complete the style. My favorite is Oribe’s Apres Beach spray.

Makeup Inspiration: Sexy, “Spring Fling” Skin

Make “Spring Fling” your beauty inspiration this season! If you’re shopping for some sexy new makeup, Butterfly expert artist Francesca Roman recommends choosing a flirty range of pinks and bold orange tones – as illustrated in the image of her handmade mood board below. Mix and match hot and pastel pinks for a pretty palette – or make a splash with an accent of juicy or burnt orange, with or without a hint of pink blended in. The key is to create the perfect balance of sweet and spicy shades, so have some fun with different color combinations on your lips, cheeks, and eyelids. To really nail this flirtatious look, add in a little spice by pairing your accented features with slightly bronzed, warm honey skin. Try a dusting of coppery orange shadow or sweep baked bronzer onto areas that would naturally be kissed by the sun.


“Clients always want to know what I do to maintain my youthful appearance… The answer is beauty spring cleaning, which is what I like to call the process of regularly detoxing the skin from the inside out. My go-tos for the upkeep of fresh, dewy skin are drinking green juices (at least weekly, but once a day is best if possible), ginger tonic shots, and at-home facials once to twice a week using the complete skincare system by esthetician Joanna Vargas. She’s got a huge following from NYC to Hollywood, and her products are my absolute favorite secret to share with anyone looking to go from drab to glowy and beautiful quickly.” -Francis (@soniaestelle on Instagram)

francesca roman

Introducing: Sujean Rim – An Illustrative Stylist

“ Birdie’s Big Girl Hair, like both other books, have all come from random personal memories and once I knew I was going to tackle Hair, I knew I would include Butterfly in some way. The whole salon spread is completely inspired by the studio’s space! ” – Sujean on the idea behind the adorable interior layout of the hair salon featured in her newest children’s book.
Sujean Rim_Author Photo


We believe that there is a difference between a hair “dresser” and a hair “stylist.” A stylist sees hair as an art that’s directly tied to fashion, expression, and the individual. Every hair session – having its own unique canvas, story and emotion – requires as much heart in the details of the technique as it does talent. In that way, brilliant artist Sujean Rim is an absolute stylist in her field. When she spoke to us about how her drawings materialized into a series of books for kids, she shared a similar spirit about her approach to creativity.

” I don’t consider myself an author. I’m really just an illustrator who can write a little something about things I know, whether it’s from a personal experience or just something I’m passionate about. “


You might have noticed Sujean’s signature watercolor art without knowing it. From doodling the most gorgeous Butterfly girls ever (images we are eternally in love with and grateful for!) to her commissioned illustrations for numerous high profile clients (a seriously impressive list that covers pretty much everything from Barney’s NY to Daily Candy) – Sujean always delivers a stylish, charming vision with equal parts fun and sophistication. These days, she’s thrilled about having just released Birdie’s Big-Girl Hair, the third delightful addition to her splendid reading adventure for kids.

It all started with Birdie’s Big-Girl Shoes – a simple but personal little story that came from Sujean’s history of being a shoe designer for 10 years and having many of her own memories with shoes growing up. “I had no idea that Birdie would become a series, but I’m having so much fun with her,” she says. Sujean tells us that her new book about Birdie also pulls from her own past of hair-spirational stories – and even the experiences and styles she’s had at Butterfly over the last decade:

“Hair has always been a big thing with me. From really wanting to have long flipped or feathered hair like Farrah or Heather Locklear to being tortured in my teenage years with a home perm (a very tight home perm) – to now, having a beautiful four year old son who has this amazing head of hair, which Kattia has totally blessed by giving him his first haircut at 4 months. I’ve been going to Butterfly for about 13 years, and I can’t imagine life without all of my genius Butterfly babes!”


Meet Sujean!
Join us for “Styling & Storytime” at Butterfly on March 2nd. image-2

Fall Fashionable Trunk Show – Curated by Jaline Design

This week at Butterfly, Jacqueline Lopez is bringing her fall favorites, vintage finds, and handcrafted treasures from Mexico, by way of NYC’s Jaline Design Showroom. Stop by the salon and join us this Friday and Saturday to view exclusive collections and shop unique seasonal accessories you won’t find anywhere else!

Oct 3rd, 11am-7pm
Oct 4th, 9am-5pm

Featured Designers: Avocet, Olga Prieto, Family Heirloom by Claudio Concato, Jaline Vintage and more surprises. Introducing collections by Camille Tauss and Jerarda Lake.
jd fall trunk show

Exclusive first showing of…

Jerarda Lake jewelry line was established in 2013 in Mexico City by Jerarda Lake – Native New Yorker, raised in Mexico. Jerarda’s collection and designs are handcrafted organic pieces, forged in bronze, white bronze, silver 925, and other metal combinations created by artisans in the magical town of Taxco, Mexico.

On the rooftop of her house she improvised her first workshop. She began working with different metals and techniques to create unique jewels. The journey of her first collection Metal Melt resulted in a powerful series of handcrafted pieces that stand by themselves emanating their impact and exquisite organic beauty breathing out a touch of sorcerous charm. Her work made a runway appearance at NYC’s Fashion Week and has been featured in renown magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, InStyle, and Grazia to name a few.

The jewels of Camille Tauss are the result of a mixed inspiration from the cosmopolitan Paris, where she comes from, and Mexico, her country of adoption. Shortly after settling in Mexico DF, she became fascinated by the culture, the local art craft, the Mexican savoir-faire, and she started studying the art of jewelry making. Curious and enriched with memories from her travels, she has a keen interest in esthetics and design. Jewelry making is for her a way to express her creativity and her deep taste for line purity and richness of materials.

Camille’s jewels are meticulously hand-made, and the stones are chosen one by one and carefully assembled. The preciousness of the materials – silver 925, gold and gold-plated, fine gems, natural and semi-precious stones, gives a subtle richness to this fusion.