How You Wear 70s Icon Beauty Looks (StyleCaster)
70s icon vs 70s Runway: Jill tells us how to pull off the hairstyles in real life!

Bang Maintenance 101 with Nicole Descoteaux

Video: Ask an expert - tips from our senior stylist for how to trim, style, and keep a fringe looking awesome.

Shaping Your Eyebrows

Brow definition - our expert guide for the best shape.

How To: Fake a French Twist On Short Hair

Easy steps for dressing up a short hairstyle with a gorgeous faux French twist.

Ways To Naturally Treat Dry Hair & Scalp

The best treatments for fighting seasonal dryness and flaking in the hair/scalp with natural ingredients and products - at home and in the salon.

Fun Idea: Gold Hair + Braided Chignon

A creative way to introduce wearing gold in your hair this year and make an updo more fancy with lux shimmer and playful loops.

Polished Pony + Middle Part

Tips for pulling together a sophisticated hair part and ponytail style.

Messy, Sexy Ponytail

An effortless updo in just 10 easy steps!

Take Hair from Day to Night with an Updo

How to transform gorgeous waves into a stunning textured updo in just six simple steps.

Oribe Style – Amping Up the French Twist Updo

At our last styling class with Oribe's artists, we learned about how to turn up the volume on the traditional updo staple.

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