Yahoo! Beauty #CopyThat: Lady Gaga’s Grammys Cat Eye
Tedrick's tutorial for getting Gaga's gothic Grammys eye makeup!

How To: Fake a French Twist On Short Hair

Easy steps for dressing up a short hairstyle with a gorgeous faux French twist.

Ways To Naturally Treat Dry Hair & Scalp

The best treatments for fighting seasonal dryness and flaking in the hair/scalp with natural ingredients and products - at home and in the salon.

Fun Idea: Gold Hair + Braided Chignon

A creative way to introduce wearing gold in your hair this year and make an updo more fancy with lux shimmer and playful loops.

Polished Pony + Middle Part

Tips for pulling together a sophisticated hair part and ponytail style.

Messy, Sexy Ponytail

An effortless updo in just 10 easy steps!
Smoky eye makeup

Get the Look: Metallic Sparkle Smokey Eye

  GET THE LOOK This metallic sparkle smokey eye look is the perfect blend of dramatic and fun for a sexy night out. It’s a classic…

Take Hair from Day to Night with an Updo

How to transform gorgeous waves into a stunning textured updo in just six simple steps.

Oribe Style – Amping Up the French Twist Updo

At our last styling class with Oribe's artists, we learned about how to turn up the volume on the traditional updo staple.

Party Hair: Soft Updo & DIY Bobby Pin Design

We appreciate a classic and clean look as much as the next girl – but doesn’t elegant hair deserve an update, too? That’s exactly why we…

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