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6 Smart Hairstyles to Protect a Sunburned Scalp (Real Simple)

Kattia is quoted on how to style strategically when you're feeling the burn.

Women’s Health Magazine

Kattia Solano's advice on easy looks that will protect you from summertime damage.

Beauty Banter: Tips for Healthy Scalp

Taylor Brock explains, you need to be proactive when it comes to scalp health. “Anything from dead skin to product build up on the hair follicle can very easily destroy follicle production, and could potentially put a stop to growth permanently.”

New York Post

Top 5 beauty products that never go out of style


2014 Beauty Awards: 15 Best Hair Products

Latest Press – Refinery29

To diagnose exactly what our tresses need this summer, Refinery29 turned to our master stylist Nicole Descoteaux for recommendations on the best fix for every hair type!

Off The Press: Refinery 29

"What Stylists Use On Their 'Dos," featuring Kattia Solano's favorite product picks for her post-baby hair texture.


Top Stylists Weigh In On Deep Conditioning Masks

Hair Smoothing Makeover: Maisha & Taylor Team Up

"I've used relaxers, texturizers, hot combs, press and curls, and used flat irons that have burned my hair in sections. This has been the first product I've used that has actually attempted to improve my hair..."

Ways To Naturally Treat Dry Hair & Scalp

The best treatments for fighting seasonal dryness and flaking in the hair/scalp with natural ingredients and products - at home and in the salon.

Deep Conditioning Treatments (Q&A With Kattia Solano)

Butterfly founder and professional hair guru Kattia Solano sat down with go-to beauty source HOOKED to talk about winter haircare and the benefits of hair treatments.

Men’s Journal

Indoor Winter Skin Care

Kelly Finneran on Winter/2014 Hair Trends

One of our top stylists talks about the hair do's and don't of today.

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