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Products to Maintain Brunette Hair Color (Popsugar)

Colorist Faye Coronado on the Shu Uemura haircare products great for enhancing and upkeeping color-treated brunettes...

Color Me Courtney’s NYFW Prep

Expert colorist Faye Goodwin-Coronado helps blogger Courtney Quinn achieve "that natural, Gisele Bundchen look" with balayage!

Color Me Rad: Rainbow Color

Thinking of taking the plunge? Butterfly's color experts help break down the different levels of color and commitment at Beauty News NYC...

Girls With Curls: Why You’ll Love Balayage

How our colorist Faye used balayage to accessorize texture and curly hair...

Winter Hair Color Idea: Rich Chocolate Brunette

Color expert Faye gives her tips on going dark with a deliciously deep shade of brown...

Harper’s Bazaar: Haute Highlights

Fall hair color tips from expert colorist Faye Goodwin Coronado featured!

The Prettiest Hair Colors for Fall

Transformed! Rock & Roll Red Color

An inside look into what it takes to go from jet black to rocking red!


Color By Numbers

Mommies Playground

Newest Hair Color Trends
Hottest Hair Color for Redheads, Blondes, & Brunettes

Hottest Hair Color for Redheads, Blondes, & Brunettes

Color expert Faye Goodwin on how to refresh your color and get your hair up to speed with this year's trends.

Beauty STAT

Spring Summer 2014 Hairstyle & Trends

Pulling Together Your Wedding Look – By Colorist Faye Goodwin

Bridal season is just around the corner, and being a bride myself, I understand the many factors we need to consider for pulling that dream look together in time. First and foremost, you need to...

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