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New Year, New Hair

Stylist Dana Tizzio talks simplifying your smoothing routine in Real Simple's January issue!

Vogue Japan

Editor Jennifer Berk on her summer hair must-haves.

Frizz is in, says Women’s Health

Embrace your frizz! Danielle Allyson on 5 easy ways to rock the look...

Refinery29’s Guide To Annoying Hair Problems

Dana with tips on solving issues for frizzy hair and uneven texture...

Banish Frizz Forever (Harper’s Bazaar)

Salon Solutions: "While some still do contain formaldehyde—particularly those that promise to squelch curls along with frizz—the ones that are purely frizz-focused are usually free of the chemical. The Cezanne Perfect Finish treatment opens the cuticle and envelops each strand in a silk protein..."

The Fashion Spot

"It’s been a month and I’m hoping this love fest with my new healthy hair never ends — seriously. Maintenance is at an all-time low and my hair looks better than ever."

The Hair-Straightening Treatment That Won’t Ruin Your Hair

Refinery 29: "This is also a lifestyle change. For, as fastidious as I am with my treatments and routines, wrestling with a curling wand for 20 minutes is not on my ideal to-do list. Now, my hair takes me five minutes to style."

Yahoo! Beauty

3 Damage-Free Ways to Straighten Your Hair

Introducing the Cezanne Perfect Finish Treatment

The revolutionary new Keratin treatment that creates smoother, frizz-free hair and restores natural shine for EVERY hair type. It's safe and 100% formaldehyde free!

Why You Should “Discipline” Your Hair

Kérastase masterfully tackles women’s distress over undisciplined, frizzy hair and invents smooth-in-motion care!


2014 Beauty Awards: 15 Best Hair Products

Macaroni Kid

Beat Summer Frizz with Cezanne's Perfect Finish Hair Treatment!


Love your hair again (or for the first time ever)

Salon Today

SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Cezanne Smoothing @ Butterfly Studio Salon NYC

Daily Makeover

Quick Fixes for Wedding Day Beauty Emergencies

(Press) Vanity Fair – A Butterfly Studio Salon Keratin Treatment

Featuring stylist & Cezanne expert Amanda Colihan - - "Looking in the mirror the morning after, my hair still feels my own, but mine on my best hair day."

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