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Fusio-Dose Hair Lab

Experience instant hair transformation in the salon or at home.

Bella New York

Bella Magazine talks about fixing stubborn skin issues like a celeb at our BeautyRx Peel Bar!

Refinery29’s Guide To Annoying Hair Problems

Dana with tips on solving issues for frizzy hair and uneven texture...

In Touch Weekly’s Celebrity GPS

Olivia Palermo visits Butterfly for her Kerastase hair fix!

OK Magazine’s A-list Trends

Olivia Palermo spotted at our Kerastase Fusio Dose Hair Lab

Everything You Need to Know About Pre-Shampoo Treatments (The Gloss)

Kattia weighs in to help us get "pre-poo savvy..."


The Quickest Peels and Facials In NYC

The Bar Method NYC’s Exclusive June Offer

An irresistible promotion that gives Butterfly Babes a new reason to look and feel their best!

Quick Skin Fix: The Peel Bar on New York Live!

Lilliana Vazquez checks out the new treatment that will leave your skin glowing and gorgeous in a New York minute.

Pretty Connected

How to Get Ready For a Trip

New Chronologiste – An Exceptional Hair Treatment Range

Why the new formulation makes this the finest haircare treatment ever created by Kérastase!

The Two-Minute Beauty Peel (Yahoo! Beauty)

"The real surprise though, was that there was absolutely no redness. It just looked as if I had washed my face. And pleasantly, the excellent results continued for the next few days. My husband noted my skin was “glowier...”

Gym Hair: 4 Easy Post-Workout Styles

Time-saving tips for perfecting your look after breaking a sweat!

Wellness Bazaar Event: Healthy Choices and Solutions

Learn how to live better with our favorite health and wellness brands...

The Peel Bar: Are You Man Enough? (New York Times)

Men make up about 20 percent of the clientele for the peel, Dr. Schultz’s most popular office procedure, and the number has been rising. They tend to come for the roughly five-minute, $39 treatment after work, usually at the prodding of a significant other. “It’s…

Yahoo! Beauty

7 Common Workout Beauty Mistakes

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