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Today Show Asks Pros About Box Dye (For emergency touch-ups only)

The L'Oreal at-home hair color Maisha Cogle would use for emergency grey coverage.

Preggonista’s Awesome Color Guide for Moms-to-Be

If you’re looking for a perfect low maintenance hair color for pregnancy, it really doesn’t get better than highlights.

Style Cartel

Cezanne Keratin Treatment at Butterfly Studio

Cezanne Smooth! (Before & After Gallery)

Sleek transformations by way of Butterfly's new Cezanne Perfect Finish Smoothing keratin service.

Team Butterfly’s Newest Rock Star Talent

A feature on some of the creative faces we're thrilled to have behind our chairs.


Why a blogger with poker straight hair says our new Cezanne Smoothing Treatment is "Definitely worth going out in the cold for! "

Hair Smoothing Makeover: Maisha & Taylor Team Up

"I've used relaxers, texturizers, hot combs, press and curls, and used flat irons that have burned my hair in sections. This has been the first product I've used that has actually attempted to improve my hair..."

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