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The Peel Bar at Butterfly Studio gets featured in the April issue of Manhattan Magazine!

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How to Get Ready For a Trip

Time Out NY

Flawless, Radiant Complexion - Without Perfect Genes or Needles

The Right Way to Apply Bronzer for Your Wedding (Brides)

"Focus on your temples, cheekbones, and jaw line, then very lightly dust just a hint across your forehead, the bridge of your nose, and your chin," says Francesca.

Woman Madame Figaro

Viaje Beauty: lo mejor de Nueva York

The Two-Minute Beauty Peel (Yahoo! Beauty)

"The real surprise though, was that there was absolutely no redness. It just looked as if I had washed my face. And pleasantly, the excellent results continued for the next few days. My husband noted my skin was “glowier...”

The Peel Bar: Are You Man Enough? (New York Times)

Men make up about 20 percent of the clientele for the peel, Dr. Schultz’s most popular office procedure, and the number has been rising. They tend to come for the roughly five-minute, $39 treatment after work, usually at the prodding of a significant other. “It’s…

Skip Your Regular Routine – Make 2015 More Beautiful!

Ten ways to enhance beauty inside and out this year!

10 Steps for a New Year, New You (Harper’s Bazaar)

Revamp and update your look with these recommendations by Harper's Bazaar...

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Harper’s Bazaar


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5 Little Beauty Indulgences In Which To Partake Pre-holiday Parties

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Are Peel Bars the New Blow Dry Bars?

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Get Glowing Skin at NYC's BeautyRx Peel Bar

ABC 7 (Eyewitness News)

New Beauty Bars Offer Quick, Affordable Treatments In New York City

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Quicker Picker Uppers: Are Face Bars the New Blowout Bars?

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