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Hit record and become your own blow dry master or learn how to get that coveted hair look from a menu of trends with a One-on-One Lesson in our private room.

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Ace it at being a total hair pro alongside all of your friends at our Butterfly Academy Workshops - where you “rent” the chair and the experts!
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To perfect your look anywhere, anytime - dive into our ever-growing online collection of step-by-step photos and video how-to's below,  hosted by Team Butterfly’s educators, personalities, and featuring special guests!

Tutorial Vault
Shaping Your Eyebrows
Brow definition - our expert guide for the best shape.
Sleek Sidepart + Ponytail
Tips for perfecting a deep sidepart with a side ponytail by master stylist Kattia Solano.
Braided Romantic Updo
Kattia Solano's step-by-step for achieving a whimsical Frida Kahlo inspired hairstyle at home. Plus, how to accessorize the "gold trend" using hair pins!
Ways To Naturally Treat Dry Hair & Scalp
The best treatments for fighting seasonal dryness and flaking in the hair/scalp with natural ingredients and products - at home and in the salon.
Day-to-Night Makeup
Kattia shares a few simple ways to freshen up your look after work with some of her personal tricks and product essentials.
Soft, Loose Waves (Without the Work)
The "Lazy Girl's Guide" for creating texture fast - and getting easy, natural-looking waves without the use of styling tools in just 20 minutes!
Polished Pony + Middle Part
Tips for pulling together a sophisticated hair part and ponytail style.
Messy, Sexy Ponytail
An effortless updo in just 10 easy steps!

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